1920 London Movie Review: Nothing Spooky, Just a Comedy Play

1920 London

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1920 London is the sequel of 1920 titled movies from the Bhatt’s camp after 1920 and 1920: The Evil Returns.

It had been so long since I couldn’t find any Bollywood horror movie, so I was much excited to watch 1920 London. I must say it’s entirely Sharman’s movie, because I don’t see any other lead casts who have done justice with their roles. Let me first reveal the star cast of the movie and then shall I let you know about the plot of the movie.

Star Cast of 1920 London

  • Sharman Joshi
  • Meera Chopra
  • Vishal Karwal

Story By

  • Vikram Bhatt

Directed By

  • Tinu Suresh Desai


  • Romantic, Thriller, Action, Horror (Oops… sorry, don’t you think that’s too much? :p )

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Avinash Mishra for 1920 London
TSS Movie Reviewer: Avinash Mishra

Movie Plot

Shivangi (Meera Chopra), a princess of Royal family of Sikar and her husband Kunwar Veer Singh (Vishal Karwal) were living happily in London. One day, Shivangi discovered that her husband’s health was deteriorating  and even the doctors were unable to determine the symptoms of his disease and they declared it to be incurable.

1920 London

A worried Shivangi returned back to her home and then suddenly she, along with her home maid, (Kesar Maa) observed some evil changes appearing on the pictures which were hanged on the wall. Kesar Maa called it black magic and also made a guess that it was sent by Veer’s stepmom who wanted to remove Veer to place her own son as the royal heir.

Shivangi got puzzled and returned back to her home town- Sikar, Rajasthan where she narrated the entire incident to her family. Her family consulted baba (a wizard – One who is expert to control evil souls and negative energy) and even baba was unable to control the ghost because she was very powerful and he suggested getting in touch with Mewar’s baba to control the ghost. That was Jai (Sharman Joshi) who was famous as Mewar’s baba. He had learnt black magic while he was in jail.

1920 London

Shivangi’s family was feeling awkward to consult Jai because he was sent behind the bars because of them only. Once upon a time, Jai & Shivangi were in love, but they couldn’t make it together because of the difference between the social status of their families. Shivangi gave wrong statement in the court against Jai, though she loved him, and he got imprisonment for 5 years.

After that unpleasant incident in the past, Shivangi still requested Jai to help her and took him to London along.

Later, Jai got to know that somebody from India gifted a locket to Veer and he figured out that the ghost who had captured the body of Veer was sent by creating that locket as a medium. Jai tried all the possible black magic rituals to control the ghost.  He threw the locket to Thames River (Like Ganga of London).

1920 London

By this point of the story, the movie nears to its interval and before the interval itself it was revealed that Jai himself gifted the locket to Veer and sent the ghost to kill him. He did all because Shivangi betrayed him, which lead to his imprisonment so he wanted to teach her a lesson; but here the movie takes a twist where it is revealed that Shivangi did so to save the life of Jai.

Now Jai realizes his fault and wants to correct it by saving the happiness of Shivangi, i.e., Veer.

Jai performs various rituals to get that locket back from the ghost because he needed to burn the locket to destroy the ghost from the root; though he was trying a lot but was not getting success so he contacted his master who suggested him that the ghost will take life of any one person so Jai determined to sacrifice his life for the happiness of Shivangi and then the movie comes to a tragic end.

Final Verdict from TSS

It is only a one time watch and not as scary as is shown in its trailer. You can easily predict the next step of the story in the movie. Storyline is too basic and poor. The audience was rather taking it as a comedy movie and were instead laughing on the acts than getting scared.

This movie is standing because of Sharman Joshi. Meera has to learn a lot about acting from her cousins Priyanka Chopra & Parineeti Chopra. Vishal also needs to work a lot more on his acting skills.

Music is above average. However, the storyline is quite similar to its prequels (1920 & 1920: The Evil Returns).

                                           TSS Rating: 2/5

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  • this movie has ruined the success of earlier 1920 franchise , even its music is too bad no song to remember

    • Avinash Mishra

      You are correct..last two movies were awesome and songs were fantastic.

      Current version lost its luster.

  • Nice review. You saved my time. It’s difficult to watch a horror movie that has more comedy in it.

    • Avinash Mishra

      lols….many best movies are coming…this weekend you can go for Azhar.

  • First I thought it was an English flick… so wanted to watch… now no way… hamare 20$ bach gaye :-p

    • Avinash Mishra

      😛 hahaha….This is the business only by keeping name in English to attract English genre lover and showing movie in Hindi.

      You can go for Azhar this weekend.

  • Good review. Will watch on TV when it comes in 5-6 months.

    • Avinash Mishra

      Cool…that’s the good idea 😉

  • Chandresh Jain

    In short …. PVR ka 300 ka ticket ka paise bach gaye 🙂

    • Avinash Mishra

      Hahahha… don’t worry in coming weeks we will have good movies on silver screens.

      Btw, you can grab free pvr ticket :p

      • Chandresh Jain

        Free PVR ticket ??? Kaise ?? Can use to watch Captain America 🙂

        • Avinash Mishra

          You can get such offer directly when you open BMS app.. They are giving away.

  • Well, I kind of knew that it wasn’t getting any better…

    • Avinash Mishra

      Yupp…wait …many good movies are yet to come like MSD, Sachin, sarabjit, Azhar, etc

  • Not eager to watch it!…Sounds so clichéd…

    • Avinash Mishra

      Yes…You can go for Traffic movie, instead of 1920 London

  • Thanks for the warning… not keen to watch anymore.

    • Avinash Mishra


      Thanks for stopping by.

      Stay tuned