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My Red Letter Day of Love in a Heartfelt Way with Cupid Games 2015!

letters of love

The most daring way to pronounce love is speaking the words of Love through heart which could pierce the clouds. It is believed that girls are quite subtle and understated in their way of expressing love. With the Love Month approaching near, I pledge to be a part of the Closeup Cupid Games 2015. Here, I step ‘out-of-the-box’  and paint the town RED to convey my feelings through a poem using the red gel close-up as my ink! 😀  I’d take ... Read More »

My Happy Hair Challenge with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Range!

Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition

This post was among the top 10 winning posts in #HappyHairChallenge by Garnier India! Hair, hair, everywhere, but not a single strand in my comb! 😉 Hair loss? Not at all! I’m talking about my crowning glory that covers my world with its luster, length and volume. Thanks to Garnier Fructis for being there at my rescue in my bad hair days with your nutritional properties and soothing solutions. Here I’m all set to have the ‘Happy Hair Challenge’ with ... Read More »

The Little Hills of Despair…

Indiblogger contests

She left her childhood tantrums behind and entered in her teens of traumas! Her puberty brought in lots of pleasure as well as pressure and those sudden blisters were the thorns that came free with that bouquet of roses. That was the first spring of her fifteens when she discovered what first love was. He used to stare at her when she used to study on her terrace and her cheeks turned warm red with each of his gaze. One ... Read More »

How to get that svelte figure with basic workout!

back to basics workout

Is your weighing scale heaving and groaning its way to the truth? Perhaps you need to do a bit of a re-think about your workout routine then. And if you’ve been there and done that with all the fitness fads and latest equipment, how about giving a back-to-basics program a try? What’s that? Well, simply put, you don’t use any fancy or not so fancy gadgets or machines to glamorize or add ‘muscle’ to your workout. Heck! Before you sock ... Read More »

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