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Monsoons made Magical with Manners Magnificent!

monsoon mania

Monsoons are come! And like every other girl, it revamps the mood of romance in me too. When it drizzles on my face, my spirits are simply rejuvenated and drenches my body, mind and soul. 🙂 Here’s a walk through the ways in which monsoons can be lived up to the core!  When it’s raining outside then you have ample time to stir up an extra special treat. You can bake yourself up a whole bunch of treats or  sweets ... Read More »

Picpal App to pamper the selfie obsessed in you!


Hola selfie-o-holic Symphonites! In today’s ‘App’tastic era selfies have become hot cup cakes when it comes to fashionistas’ ‘flaunt’ factor. Any and everybody around, has been crazy all the way for the love of selfies. Today, we’re here to let you have a peek-a-boo with an App called Picpal that has pepped up the whole concept of selfies. We’re sure, you must be loving to be part of a groupfie with your ‘wow’some gang with heights of fun and frolic ... Read More »

The King, Pixie and their Modern Day Fairy Tale!

Jabong #dandydad contest

The day pixie was born, the king felt like the proudest dad of the universe. ‘Twas a celebration time for both her paternal and maternal families as she was the first baby of her generation. Declared the princess of the kingdom, she had got all the pampering, patronage and possessions a princess could get and was the ‘apple of the eyes’ of her parents. Unlike other princesses, she was not fully dependent on the menials but was given proper attendance, ... Read More »

Blogmint: A Big Boost to Blogging-Vlogging Bandwagon


The Style Symphony’s association with Blogmint is only a few months old but nevertheless merrier beyond words can say. A while back we were invited to join this bloggers network through email before which we weren’t ever sure enough Blogmint would take us to new heights and give our painstaking work a new meaning.  And yes… it did! 😀 For all of our fellow bloggers, aspiring ones and bloggers in the making, if you aren’t aware of what wonders Blogmint ... Read More »

When Pixie met Cupid, the monotony flung by #MaxFreshMove


Ever since Pixie met Cupid, her life turned out to be full of complexities— mobile app launches, fashion shows, new trends, reviews, new assignments, meetings, office… ufff…! All was not well even at personal fronts— angry dad, nagging mom, brilliants and beautiful sis (quite a strong reason for her to get jealous), roadside romeos, not-to-be-considered boyfriends and unwanted marriage proposals. She was literally fed up of her life. Even had she lost her beauty sleep and stressed enough to be ... Read More »

#MaxFreshMove to Tame the Medusa Mane towards Fame!


‘Twas neither morning nor evening, neither day nor night, neither dawn nor dusk, as there couldn’t be any. For it was a place beyond time-zone and above gravity! She was getting absolutely bored and extremely jaded. After a tiresome hour of juggling and struggling with her hair, she got fed up of as she couldn’t manage them well. It was neither her fault nor it was a bad hair day but the atmosphere was culpable. Aah! No no… I can’t ... Read More »

The top 5 websites to buy health products from!

Buying health products and supplements were never an option until health websites hit the internet. They made our lives easier than ever as now we could order any health supplement that we are not able to find on our nearby drug store online, and get health benefits. While shopping online, you will find a number of sites dealing into health products, but you need to make sure you are buying health products from a legitimate website.  You must have a ... Read More »

All Things Natural: Feed your Face from the Kitchen Shelf

kitchen skin remedies

Ever since our childhood, we’ve seen our Grannies and mothers with glowing skin and their secret lies in the kitchen shelves. In today’s busy life no one has that time to curate beauty tips from kitchen ingredients including fruits, veggies and spices. So, very easily we switch over to chemicals and preservatives for the quick fix solutions for our skin problems. But, in course of time, our skin starts reacting against those tortures we humans make towards nature. That leads ... Read More »

An Unusual Saree drape to feel #SpecialWithSabya!

saree draping styles

A Sabyasachi saree is indeed every girl’s obsession! I’ve grown up seeing Bollywood divas like Sri Devi, Madhuri Dixit, Bipasha Basu, Vidya Balan, Anushka Sharma and many more in Sabya creations. Though, wearing a saree at all situations is not my cup of tea as no girl would like to add that monotonous mood to her looks. But as I like to go out of the box to experiment with my looks, I like to wear a saree as I ... Read More »

Transformation of a Dusky Girl into a YRF Dream Bride!

Diva'ni YRF dream bride

Ever since my childhood I believed in fairy tales and dream weddings where princes used to come on white horses, brides wore shimmery outfits and bridesmaids sang bridal chorus. In my Cinderella dreams when fairy God mother adorned me a blue gown and glass shoes, I used to wear a white sequined chiffon veil along with them, as I was so very fascinated about the concept of the Big Indian Wedding. That little dreamer in me was always keen in ... Read More »

Fuschia By Vkare: Natural Handmade Soaps, Spearmint & Cinnamon Review

fushcia by vkare

Fuschia, it’s not a shade or a hue of hot pink but ‘pink of health’ for your glowing skin. Yes! It’s a natural handmade soap range formulated by Vkare biosciences. Fuschia claims you optimum skincare the most natural way. Made with natural ingredients, Vkare fuschia handmade soaps and skincare range infuses essential aroma oils with soft and lingering fragrances. A box full of fuschia fervor which speaks the Vkare verdict! A box full of surprises was sent to The Style ... Read More »

Recipes Granny cooked for me: All-time drool-worthy!

kebab recipes

Gone are the days when I used to make paper boats to travel the seven seas of rain ponds and drool over those yummy recipes (especially, those onion pakodas) cooked by my Granny. Time passed by and as we grew up, my Granny improvised her cooking skills and graduated into a self-proclaimed chef. All what she wanted was that her grand children should remember her recipes for their lifetime. Though her onion pakodas and aaloo bhajias were quite yummy, she ... Read More »

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