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A Bitter-Sweet Bond with Brother cherished Forever!

rakhi with brother

This post won the 2nd prize in the Raksha Bandhan contest sponsored by When my brother and I were kids, I remember we being blatantly fighting with each other over petty issues. However whenever i was depressed ,no matter how harsh I would sound, he was the one who always used to bolster me and our’s was a rocking pair in every uneven situation. My brother is my lifeline and I share the most beautiful love-hate relationship with him. ... Read More »

Who says I’m a bad cook? I know my Food Fixes!

Tiny Owl logo

My food tales are indeed those horror stories where a health conscious ‘lady of the house’ imposes her diktats upon her family to eat right and everyone refuses. And there arises the chaotic situation where the clash of opinions turn into a tug of war and my family ends upon tagging me with the bad cook title. Despite being a smart homemaker, I’m entitled as a bad cook and this tag of mine is the by-product of my being over-smart ... Read More »

Garnier White Complete Fairness Range Review+ Giveaway+ Assured Gifts

Garnier White Complete

Though stalking over fair skin is passé, still every girl wants a clear, flawless, glowing and healthy complexion that is protected from pollution and ultraviolet rays. So, the fairness range comes to your rescue no matter now progressive you are and comfortable in your skin. The Style Symphony is excited to receive the Garnier White Complete Speed White Range from Garnier India for review. Yes! We took the #7DayGarnierChallenge and are overwhelmed with the results! 🙂 Here’s our take on ... Read More »

रात की स्याही

tss hindi poetry

बोझिल शामें, ऊंघती रातें……………., आहत आँखों की साज़िश से हर साँस बिखरती है, कतरा-कतरा होकर मेरी आवाज़ बहकती है, रात मुझसे ही होकर हर रात गुज़रती है, फ़िर भी मेरी आँखों में नहीं नींद बसती है |  कानों को बींधता है जब सन्नाटे का शोर, जिस ओर मुझे बुलाता, मैं चल देती उस ओर, सूरज जब अंगड़ाइयाँ लेकर उठता हर अगली भोर, तब जाकर कहीं मेरी आँखों में एक रात पसरती है, फ़िर भी मेरी आँखों में नहीं नींद बसती है ... Read More »

Auspicious Overtures with Flower Aura on Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan Flower Aura

  Every year my Raksha Bandhan celebrations take a toll on me as my shopping experience used to turn a bizarre incident. Despite my busy schedule, I had to hover over various markets to buy rakhis, sweets, rolis and other essentials and ended up exhausted and frustrated. Though the markets remained filled with multitudinous varieties, still I used to get disappointed because of those garish, over-the-top Rakhis which looked too tacky on my brother’s wrist. So, I direly want something ... Read More »

Brothers (by Dharma Productions 2015) Movie Review

brothers movie

With quite a dramatic direction, the 2015 Bollywood movie BROTHERS has received mixed reviews from critics! Here’s The Style Symphony’s take on this action film. 🙂 Inspiration: The American sports drama film, The Warriors (2011) directed by Gavin O’Connor and starring Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton as two brothers and their troubled relationship with their father. Younger one from army and the elder one, a chemistry teacher, both the brothers were into mixed martial arts. “Brothers” is its official remake ... Read More »

Life gets Taazgi Ka Dhamaka With #MaxFreshMove ☺️

Colgate #MaxFreshMove Taazgi Ka Dhamaka

Life is boring – she said and started crying! She shouted over her mom, deleted all the saved files in the word doc. and slept over her workstation. This is the story of Pixie whose life gets pixilated and pixelated every now and then and as a result, she loses her calm very often. No matter how busy she keeps, monotony never leaves her alone as she direly needs some Taazgi Ka Dhamaka in her daily regimen. Similar was the ... Read More »

मेरे हिस्से का दर्द

tss hindi poetry

  पीड़ा झेलती मेरी अनुभूतियाँ और झेलते हैं दर्द मेरे शब्द भी, तब जाकर कहीं रचित होती है मेरी व्यथा की कविता | घुमड़ते मेघों – आषाढ़ बनकर ही रहो सावन बनकर मत बरसो इन आँखों से, रुपहले तारों से कह दो मत झाकेँ असमय इन श्याम सुनहरी अलकों से | क्यों शोषण करती हैं पंच-इन्द्रियाँ सारी ऊर्जा रहने दो बस एक स्पंदन मात्र मेरे मन के लिए भी | मेरे अंतर्मन पर पड़े निशान, इतना मत टीसो की सारे आँसु ... Read More »

WASH-Coca Cola’s CSR Initiative: Connecting Hydration & Hygiene

sanitation importance

Every drop is vital, to nourish you, to hydrate you and to cleanse you from the core! Life can’t be imagined without water, but what if we lack of it despite having it in abundance— as the 2/3rd of the earth consists of water! All we are short of is the proper usage, storage, conservation and sanitation of water to let our lives go smoothly, happily and healthily. A normal person is considered to be someone who manages good personal ... Read More »

Airtel 4G: Telecom Operator’s Promising Prodigy

Airtel 4G

Hola technocrats! Hope you all are already aware of the breathtaking news of the esteemed telecom operator’s 4 G services discussed in our last blog post. We’re sure all of you might not afford to miss this golden opportunity and must have tweeted to Airtel claiming your share of awesomeness in the form of a 4G Sim. We too did and got ours delivered at our doorstep in no time. 🙂 With the boom already created by this one-of-a-kind offer ... Read More »

Happy Birthday to my Forever Little Baby!

happy birthday baby

Happy Birthday Glimmer!   In that deadly dark sky after that twilight, Then emerged a dimmed delicate light Amidst those congregated emotions,  I held a tiny star, after that endless night. ‘Twas an era of lost hopes As I lost all strength, all support of mine, And was thrown into a deep dead sea of despair And then I saw a feeble shine Yes, she was a little ray of hope A starlet, who was though, not bright She sprinkled ... Read More »

A free tomorrow…

happy independence day

What I could do for my nation as I’m not capable enough for that! But, all I could do is to try my level best! Here I am expressing my efforts to do my bit towards my nation. 🙂     Wish I could grow the wings of fire, with the freedom of a sparrow.   Wish I could grab the sky that is vast, and not at all narrow.   Wish I could pierce the moon with my abilities, ... Read More »

#AskmeFashionMeetup: A Fashion Do to be remembered!

It’s always been fun being a part of a Blogmint event, and #AskemeFashionMeetup was indeed the most stylish affair in the town we have ever been invited to. The event was organized by Askme Bazaar at the Striker’s Pub and Kitchen, Ambiance Mall, Vasant Kunj and Sangeeta represented the event from team TSS. Fashion, being the soul of The Style Symphony, she was the flag bearer of our motto— “spelling fashion through poetry”– and this spirit was revealed in her ... Read More »

RiteBite Nutrition Bars: Staying Healthy being Easy!

RiteBite Nutrition Bar

Hola Health-ok people! Lately we reviewed the RiteBite Max Protein Bars here forth we bring their newly launched Herbal Protein Bars. RiteBite Nutrition bars are on-the-go protein bars for the on-the-move people who are tucked up in their busy mundane lives, and often miss on their food. These bars are the best snacking bet for you if you are constantly roaming around in your work environment and need appropriate diet to retain your energy. Perfectly healthy, herbal yet tasty, RiteBite ... Read More »

Airtel Bliss: Tweet for a 4G SIM using #GetAirtel4G

Airtel 4G

Hola Symphonites! In this past pacing era of technology, the telecom industry acts like a boom in connecting lives on an extensive networking scale. And guess what? The esteemed network service provider like Airtel brings awesomeness in the form of a #GetAirtel4G initiative to keep users across the nation on the move all the way. Now, what could we have asked more? 🙂 To all our technocrat readers, here’s a unique 4G SIM delivery service attributed to none other than ... Read More »

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