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Tata Sky Transfer: Where dreams & doubts get transferred

Tata Sky Transfer

This post was declared the runner up in the #TataSkyTransfer contest by Indiblogger! 🙂 Was Shakespeare really Shakespeare? Did he really write those immortal comedies, tragedies and sonnets? Or, was he mere a shield to hide a great literary mind’s identity and authenticity? Was the ‘Baconian theory’ of doubting Shakespeare’s authorship true or simply hearsay to create literary chaos? Being a literature student, these questions often jolted my mind with a wild thrust in brains. I always wanted to know ... Read More »

Talvar Movie Review: The untold truth !!!

Talvar Movie

It’s humane to wish and watch the whole world happy yet it’s cathartic to see the mighty fall. That’s why the protagonists in Shakespearean plays reached to a fatal end in the climax (in plays like Othello, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Romeo & Juliet and many more). But seeing common people suffering on stage or celluloid isn’t a cathartic experience at all for us. When real life stories are portrayed on screen and we relate them to the original ones it’s ... Read More »

The Dance Bible: Your Dancing Drive to Divinity

The Dance Bible

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”— Alan Watts said it right. And this dance of life drives us towards the ultimate satisfaction and that is living life to the fullest. Such are the dreams of dancers that are infused in #TheDanceBible. What is The Dance Bible all about? The Dance Bible is a one of its kind platform that brings all dance fanatics round the ... Read More »

Weaving wings out of words with #SachchiAdvice

Life is full of complexities and people who come up clean out of those complex situations are the real survivors. My life, too, was quite perplexed when I had that fire in my thoughts but was too shy to express them. Being born in an orthodox Brahmin family and that too as the eldest girl amidst all siblings and cousins, I had to make my ways of my own and those paths were filled with thorns. I was a teen ... Read More »

Chetan Bhagat is threatened by a “lovely” lady. Can you believe it?

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, a person with over 5.4 million fans on Twitter is threatened by an imaginary situation. Guess he didn’t comprehend of chose the words written by Bhaavna Arora, an author like him selectively. His tweet definitely says that. “and trust me will ask al-qaeda to bomb ur house first” this lovely lady writes to me.Why? Coz i expressed my views. — Chetan Bhagat (@chetan_bhagat) September 21, 2015 And what does Bhaavna Arora blog say? Check out: After the ... Read More »

Saree— the coolest attire with Triveni Ethnics!

The Style Symphony Maitreni Mishra Triveni Ethnics

It’s considered to be the most beautiful attire a woman adorns as it brings out the best of beauty out of her. Today, The Style Symphony has come up with yet another OOTD, i.e., a sensuous saree from a traditional wear website called Triveni Ethnics. In our last saree outfit post, we discussed about the sensual aspect of the drape which makes a woman seductive yet stylish and traditional yet contemporary. In today’s OOTD we present a saree from Triveni ... Read More » Makes you stay Fit the Fun way!

The Style Symphony in funatic tee

A fabulous brand to flatter fitness freaks, specializes in quirky motivational one-liner T-shirts for your workouts! Some of their innovative and quite popular slogans include “Know Pain Know Gain”, “When in Doubt, Work Out”, “Your Workout is my Warmup”! is an online workout retail therapy which amalgamates fun elements in their products meant for the true fitness loyalists. Conceptualized for the sports enthusiasts across the nation, was started in mid 2011 to envisage a supreme sense of ... Read More »

Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review !!!

barever natural hair inhibitor

Wherever they are, they cause you shame; whichever way they go, they cause you pain and whenever they come back, they cause you panic. Yes! We are talking about unwanted hair— the greatest enemy of women and to some extent, of men. Everyone, in today’s glossy world, wants a clean, fuss-free, hair-free and care-free skin and while achieving it, life becomes quite a mess. Foul smelling bleaches, skin burning hot waxes, cut and bruise caused by having blades and skin-irritating ... Read More »

TSS Blogiversary Contest with Jolen India


Hola Symphonites, Team TSS is back with an interesting contest for all of you and this time, the cherry on the cake is our very own Blog anniversary. The Style Symphony turns one today and nothing could be merrier than to celebrate this occasion with a gala contest. 😀 About Jolen India: Our association with Jolen dates back to the late 80’s and early 90’s when Jolen was not even available in India. Jolen bleach had remained the top choice ... Read More »

Savor the Stand-Up Comedy with Live In Style!

stand up comedy hunt

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-short”— Charlie Chaplin said it right! The best way to deal with life’s problems is to get detached from them and watch them with a new outlook. This unfastening from realism is called comedy and is quite cathartic in its way. Comedy seems simple, funny but it amalgamates loads of wit and intellect, thus needs lots of brains and expertise to commemorate. That’s why, a ‘Shakespearean Fool’ is ... Read More »

धुरी और परिपथ

धुरी और परिपथ

पृथ्वी का घूमना अपनी धुरी पर या फिर एक निश्चित परिपथ में परिक्रमा सूर्य की, — विज्ञान के इस सत्य को जीने की नियति है मेरी भी निरंतर…. अपनी अस्मिता की तलाश में आत्मकेन्द्रित होकर स्वयं की धुरी पर घूमना और कर्तव्यों की आकाशगंगा में नियति द्वारा तय एक अज्ञात, अबूझ परिपथ पर एक नियोजित सूर्य की यंत्रवत परिक्रमा सूर्य के प्रचंड और उद्विग्न ताप में झुलसने की विवशता तथा धुरी और परिपथ की दोहरी दौड़ में अपने आंसुओं तक ... Read More »

A Dance to glory, my true story! 👰

Opera Mini dance contest winner

Twas a chilling February night, I heard the cricket whistling in my garden and wanted to dance on those looney tunes. But, my feet didn’t want a restraint as I wanted to dance my sweat out on that mundane evening. Suddenly, my ears started quivering with the patriotic Bhangda playing loudly in my neighborhood and I danced like never before! “You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching…”— William W. Purkey. The proverb itself invigorates your senses and elevates your spirits. Much motivated by ... Read More »

Plum Cosmetics Review Part II: Enriched with the Goodness of Nature

plum cosmetics review

Beautiful skin is healthy, blemish-free and radiant – not just “fair”, how beautifully quoted by Plum! 🙂 With a one-stop beauty solution brand that is conceptualized to restore your skin’s nourishment next to the goodness of nature, Plum is indeed that safe, natural and scientific way to beautify the youth of today. After reviewing the Plum Grape Seed & Sea Buck thorn Renaissance Face Mask, we are back with a peek-a-boo of two more plum products in our kitty. 2. Hello ... Read More »

Plum Cosmetics Review Part I: Enriched with the Goodness of Nature

plum cosmetics review

The Style Symphony present’s India’s first online-only beauty brand, Plum with their range of top-of-the-line cosmetics. Their beauty products composition refrain from the usage of harmful toxic agents like SLS, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Para-amino benzoic acid, Diethanolamine, etc without having to cause skin irritations. The best feature attributed to is the guiding principles of the brand with regards to skin-friendly ingredients incorporated in their beauty products. They are confident about their services in lieu of which they offer 100% money back ... Read More »

ममता का आँचल

ममता का आँचल

ममता के आँचल से सींचा है किनारा, मृदुल जल के दर्पण में मिला है सहारा | उन्नति पर अग्रसर वो राह डगमगाती थी, डाँट से जब डरकर हर रूह काँप जाती थी, संध्या में दिया जलाकर किया जीवन जगमग सारा| पक्षियों के पर लगाकर दिया व्योम को स्वर्णिम तारा || कहता है सूरज से सागर का सवेरा, तुम हर क्षण ऊर्जा से साथ देना मेरा | टूटी-बिखरी किश्तों में ह्रास होती ज़िन्दगी, स्वप्न टूटे, ख्वाब छूटे, मरणासन्न पड़ी | आक्रोश ... Read More »

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