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FSF: The Black Coat, Bare Hands and the Modern-day Gift of Magi


A Five Sentence Fiction… On that scorching hot May morning, he was sweating abruptly in his black lawyer’s coat, so she wiped his face softly with her red glass bangles laden hands and said— “why don’t you buy an air conditioner for your chamber?” “No-no, I’ll rather buy gold bangles for you for which I’ve got Rs. 30,000/- as the fees for 3 criminal cases and I’ve to attend 3 back-to-back hearings in court today”, — he, though, smiled but ... Read More »

Let’s put that McCain-ian Smile on her Face 😊

McCain Smiles

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”— Mother Teresa. 😊 This simple innocent, smile adds that poetic touch when life turns prosaic. Adding smiles to my life is not a difficult task for me as my small world consists of nothing but sheer grin. I very well know how to bring forth those priceless expressions on the faces of my kids. But when I seek the same smile on that face which is around me, ... Read More »

Motherhood: Haiku

broken motherhood

A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes natural images, now a days referred to as #micropoetry. But, my Haiku is a new adaptation of the traditional one as I have portrayed the complex human emotions instead of the beauty of nature.   Thee scratched my soul, pulled the umbilical cord harsh, Motherhood’s broken.  — Sangeeta Mishra  Read More »

Celebrating Dussehra with Heritage & Heirloom

dussehra ootd post

Festivity is proclaimed in the atmosphere and everyone is indulged in the festive fervor infused in the air. Today, being the last day of Navratri, what else one can do than to add that intensity to the festivity and by exploring one’s ethnicity. Our OOTD post is all about celebrating Dussehra with oodles of spirituality, loads of ethnicity along with heaps of heritage and culture. Rather than adorning new clothes, we chose year’s old family heirloom to showcase our religious ... Read More »

Real Togetherness: Celebrating the essence of relationships!

human chain

In this past pacing arena where the whole world is going digital, we often forget to find joy in the little things of life. Everyone is so busy in their mundane lives that they miss out on exploring the goodness of living. Gone are the days when a single idiot-box would act as a medium for the entire family to sit and cherish times well spent watching a show or a phone would connect near and dear ones with each ... Read More »

Scars are good: a mature point of view !


In our previous blog post “A scar on face Vs. scar on soul” written by Maitreni, there started a discussion/debate about how scars are impactful on a person’s body, mind and soul and how they scar your physical and mental well-being. Today, through this post, I want to take the discussion on the next level, that’s through a mature insight (Of course, I’m mature in terms of age and experiences than most of our readers). While I say scars are ... Read More »

A Scar on Face V/S Scar on Soul………


Ever since childhood, I had always been a self-proclaimed princess and I was crowned as one too in those fancy-dress competitions at school. I loved posing in front of the cameras and mirrors whenever and wherever I would get one. Life was much like a fairy tale for me until I had a peek-a-boo with the dark deadly hidden realities of life. Recently I met with a minor accident at home and got a bruise on my left cheekbone. The ... Read More »

Pick Smiles: Delivering smiles at your Doorstep

Blissful is each day when spent with your loved ones and if well spent, every day becomes a celebration. And who doesn’t want their near and dear ones to celebrate the goodness of life with grand gestures and grins. If every occasion in your life is topped up with presents that are packed with passion it becomes a boon in disguise. They pick the choicest of goods and deliver smiles to your doorstep—yes when we say smiles, we mean that ... Read More »



Sometimes she’s being called a deity or sometimes being compared to priceless substances. But, a woman is always considered as an ‘object of desire’ and is expected to sacrifice for the sake of her family and society. She has to pay the price to be called ‘priceless’. This poem portrays the complexities and paradoxes of a woman’s life. आँखों की चकाचौंध, वैभव का प्रतीक, स्वर्ण | शायद अलग-अलग परिस्थितियों में अलग-अलग नियति झेलने को विवश | एक दक्ष जौहरी के ... Read More »

Melancholy: Between Tears & Smiles (Five Sentence Fiction)


Shraddha erupted into tears holding her new born baby in hands, thinking she was the greatest gift of God to her after those stressful struggles, tyrannical traumas and anguished agonies. Seeing her cry the nurse smiled and said, “Seems she wished a boy that’s why she’s unhappy giving birth to this girl.” Everyone, there, misunderstood her tears as she was crying recklessly seeing her dejection being rewarded as a daughter to answer back her gender bias surroundings and to prove ... Read More »

द्वय (Dualism)


Bible says, this mankind is the result of the mistakes made by Eve in the Garden of Eden. When Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, she got tempted and provoked Adam to commit sin, resulting in her punishment of suffering from labour pain. Bible specifies carnal relationships as prohibited sins and states them the weakness of humans. Even in Hindu mythology Lord Shiva is portrayed as Ardhanarishwar (half man and half woman), the most powerful deity of this universe. This poem is ... Read More »

Betrayal & Love’s No More… 💔

love no more

She won’t let it happen all over again… Deeper the love, the bigger the pain. It all started in a world which was, virtual, Though it was worldly, she thought ‘twas spiritual. Though not planned, it was proved pristine, An alliance that turned oh-so-divine. Demure monochrome friendship, far beyond words, Hues struck their lives into destined love birds. Those paths that they lead together at the start, Are still profoundly etched, deep inside her heart. Those cozy places they’ve gathered ... Read More »

#JolenQueen Blogiversary Contest Winners

#JolenQueen Winners

Hola beauties, here’s a heartfelt gratitude to all our lovely readers for your overwhelming participation in the‪ #‎JolenQueen contest in association with Jolen India. Thank you so much for making #JolenQueen a big success. We were thrilled by the response that we received from you guys, every single entry was worth applauds. Love you guys for your glamorous entries and everyone deserves something for being so enthusiastic about the contest. Your support and cooperation to TSS is priceless and seeing your ... Read More »

Festive Giveaway with Triveni Ethnics !!!

triveni ethnics the style symphony maitreni mishra

Congratulations to Shruti Kapoor & Grace D. Cruz for winning our #FestiveGiveaway 🙂 Thank you so much everyone for participating. Stay tuned to TSS for many such upcoming contests & giveaways. Winners kindly drop in your contact details to within 48 hours to claim your prize. Hola Divas, The Style Symphony is blooming with elation in the festive season. And to groove you in our ecstasy we are here delighted to announce our festive Giveaway powered by a promising ... Read More »

अनुभूति और अभिव्यक्ति

tss hindi poetry

कल्पनाओं के पाँखी उड़ गए, संभावनाओं के पंख पसार| बंजर मन की परती में, अंकुरने से, भावनाओं ने किया इन्कार| यथार्थ की दुपहरी, बिखेर गयी, धूप, कर्कश जेठ सी| वर्जनाओं में जकड़ी मैं, बह न सकी, मुठ्ठी में बंद रेत सी| अनुभूति, कोई नागफनी का पौधा नहीं और कांटे हैं नहीं अभिव्यक्तियाँ| अब कहो तुम ही की मेरी कल्पना, कैसे हो साकार ? — संगीता मिश्रा Read More »

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