End is always saddening but it always leaves behind an enriching experience and hope for a new beginning. The year has come to an end but I am not left empty handed, I'm not sad as loads of wisdom is what I have obtained. [caption id="attachment_3139" align="aligncenter" width="564"] PC:[/caption]...Read More
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Denounced : Haiku

The poet, the free-bird in me wants to fly high in the sky of hopes and opportunities. But, responsibilities and criticism chop her wings. [caption id="attachment_2960" align="aligncenter" width="608"] PC: Maitreni's Goa trip album[/caption] Haiku                                ...Read More
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Paradise lost: Haiku

A Haiku on love, changing it's meaning with changing times! It's quite saddening when love becomes lewd, for transcendence turns transient.  [caption id="attachment_2936" align="aligncenter" width="588"] The Temptation of Eve Painting by Michelangelo[/caption] Haiku                                      ...Read More