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Women Wizards of Words with an Impact !!!

women writers

‘A woman of very few words’ is often appreciated conventionally but a few of them are praised for creating castles of words in multitude. Today, The Style Symphony is going to talk about such wizards from all around the world whose words spell sheer proficiency. They created their most powerful impact with their writing and the world praised them for their work created on paper with pen. Writers, authors, philosophers, poets from teens to matured ones, there are umpteen of ... Read More »

Fantastico Facts about the New Age Man

fantastico man

Who doesn’t like giving and receiving gifts. It’s the most fantastico fact about humans that makes one feel special and enhances the bonds. But when it comes to gifting women, it’s easy to buy presents; anything wearable, fragrant, or expensive fits the bill. But men are so difficult to buy fantastico gifts for. The Style Symphony has a scientific way about it! First: Indentify your man. They are a weird species. And with so many sub-species, they can be tricky ... Read More » Ease of business round the globe!

In today’s era of digitalization and globalization, online shopping plays a key role in time consumption. Everyone wants to have everything at the reach of their fingers tips, that too, in the comfort of their living room. What could be better than the news of one’s own business expansion as well at your couch by the grace of technology? makes it happen at no extra cost! 🙂 About is a widespread platform where you can create online ... Read More »

Impact of Feminism on our Society!


‘I am yet to understand what the exact meaning of feminism is. But I have noticed that every time I have tried to extend my identity beyond that of a doormat, I have been branded a feminist.’ — These are the famous words of the earliest feminists of Europe, Rebecca West. And yet they ring true even today. To those women of honor who chose to disagree with this, we at The Style Symphony, wish to say, peek into homes ... Read More »

Inspirational Indian Women from the Past who still Impact Us

The Style Symphony

They are the makers, the movers, the marvelous women of the bygone era! They still impact our lives peeping from years of history, drama, achievements and a thousand of other genres. They have the most of their impact still on us, but it seems we are forgetting those unsung heroes (heroines), be it— saints and bitches, queens and commoners, the beautiful and the heroic. Some delved in the era of science, finance, industry and some were creative. Others lead the ... Read More »

Fantastico tips to pick the right gifts that please!

fantastico gifts

Special occasion or not, gifts are always welcome. But gifting a present is not an easy task. It entails a lot of imagination to choose the fantastico thing at the right time for the right person. Birthday, Wedding day, Diwali, New Year — occasion or no occasion — fantastico gifts would be always loved! If a gift gladdens the heart, and brightens up the face and evokes a wide smile from the receiver, then the giver also discovers a joy ... Read More »

The Impact of Gems for a Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Life!


They add glitter to our lives, put a smile on our lips and generally are a great source of happiness for the women round the globe. But gems are not solely about adornment but their impact on humans cannot be overlooked. In fact, gems are the storehouses of cosmic energies that can impact our health, wealth and state of mind. In ancient times, people wore stones to ward off evil spirits and usher in good luck and peace. Even today, ... Read More »

Fantastico ways to boost your body’s Detox system!

fantastico detoxification

Our lymph system is the Cinderella of the body. Ignored and abused, we generally leave our lymph to its own devices. Yet we neglect it at our peril. For just an unhappy lymphatic system spells an unhealthy body, a well-functioning lymph system makes the whole body look brighter and heathier. Skin appears clear and unblemished; eyes are bright and shiny; wounds heal quickly and easily, and colds are rare and easily overcome. Even cellulite finds it hard to get a ... Read More »

The Justice with an Impact!

Prabha Shankar Mishra

“A great man is made up of qualities that meet or make great occasions”— James Russel Lowell. He was indeed a man of great qualities who created a niche of his own and made a lasting impact on many who came across him. He was my uncle, my father’s elder brother, Late Justice Prabha Shankar Mishra, the former Chief justice of Hyderabad and Kolkatta High Courts. Though he was a public figure and an inspiration for many, for me he was ... Read More »

Peppy Jewels to Bling it on!

peppy jewels

They look sensational and make some financial sense. So how many more excuses do you need to splash out on classic pieces that will last you a lifetime? Peppy Investment 1: SOLITAIRE DIAMONDS Be it on a ring or a pendant, a solitaire quietly glitters luxury. It adds a dash of exuberance, prosperity and audacity to your looks without being too garish. It makes that subtle statement which never speaks loud but spells class. Wear With: Anything! Peppy Investment 2: ... Read More »

Fantastico Facts about Finance & Investment


You got the extra dough, now all you need is some advice on what to do with it! The Style Symphony rummages through layers and layers of financial jargon and merges barely alive, yet sound enough to give you a crash course on taking Fantastico care of your cash with proper investment tactics. Tax-saving investments? Tell me more! There’s a whole bunch of them. Your salary slip shows a bit of your money ending up as Provident Fund. That counts ... Read More »

6 Peppy Ways you can Save Mucho Money


Here’s a peekaboo with those peppy ways you can Spend Less, Save more! 🙂 Peppy Saving on… Mister Joe We’re all familiar with the latte principle. You know, stopping by the coffee shop every morning before work to buy that giant cup of cappuccino and picking another one up in the afternoon when the day begins to get dreary. But here’s what you probably don’t know— your coffee habit at an estimated 100 bucks a day can set you back ... Read More »

Add some zing and make your life peppy!

peppy life

A life less blue… we’re not just talking Monday Blues. Rising stress levels give us ‘everyday blues’— something that is fast becoming a matter of concern. Forget adults, even children seem more and more prone to mood swings. While depression attacks every one in 15 people studies show that woman are more susceptible to the listlessness, general apathy, irritability and lack of appetite and self-esteem that are common symptoms of depression. Chase away blues with simple advices to make your ... Read More »

The SOS with the Impact of Sun!

sun girl

Yes, soon it’s gonna be that time of year again when there’s quite a ray of Vitamin-D laden sunshine, which is great for the complexion. But, it’s associated impact damages far exceeds the pleasures! Though the sun’s rays are filtered by the earth’s protective ozone layer, the harmful UV rays aren’t. The UV rays, namely UVA and UVB, are known for their harmful impact. While UVA rays were previously presumed innocent because these so-called ‘tanning rays’ don’t burn, they still ... Read More »

Sonam’s Transition: From Monotonous Maiden to Peppy Princess!


Sonam Kapoor, the ultimate fashion icon of most of the girls in current times, is the peppy princess of poise and panache. Whether admit or not, most of the fashionists learn fashion from Sonam, who radiates oomph with her chic style and peppy persona. Being one of the feisty actors from the young-and-striking Bollywood brigade, Sonam’s style sense is being recognized with her unique dressing and bold accessorization. Her transition from real to reel— ‘Saawariya’ was dark, and Sonam’s character ... Read More »

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