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A Haiku on Haiku!


What to write? My mind is completely drained out! My brain is cluttered with thoughts, but I have no time to transform them into black and white! We are running short of offers for sponsored posts! Social media, WhatsApp kill creativity! I have a very nice and detailed story framed in my mind but I’m losing track on the narration part! There are multiple reasons for a blogger for not to blog, and then a little one comes to the ... Read More »

Interlude: Haiku

River Ganges haiku

This picture was clicked by my sister from a bridge over River Ganges, a couple of days back. Though it’s just spring season and summers are yet to come, still Ganga is partially dry and a bit lifeless. Despite the river being deficient in water, boats were still sailing. That’s the ‘never say die’ spirit of life. ~ Haiku ~                                         ... Read More »

Breathless: Five Sentence Fiction

five sentence fiction

“Take a deep breath, hold it for a while, release it slowly and let me examine you to find the cause of your spasmodic griping pain”— the doctor told to her. “Let my husband go out of your chamber, then only I could do this breathing exercise”— she replied to the doctor with an irritated gesture. The doctor smiled and asked her about her food habits, after sending her husband out of the room. “My husband and in-laws have made ... Read More »

Crocs: From Clogs to Class


Crocs footwear— casual, comfortable, funky, wearable, lightweight yet de-classy, distasteful, boring and bumptious— gone are the days when fashion fanatics neither could live without crocs nor could they live in them for long. Reason, their being design deprived! Crocs were then available only as clogs— the most wearer-friendly, comfy shoes that were light as air but tight on style quotient. Crocs clogs, the vivacious shoes that turned out to be monotonous at the end now are graduated into hap shoes ... Read More »

Hues of Holi: Haiku


The colors of Holi give me more reasons to be happy when painted on their joy-drenched faces! ~ Haiku ~                                                                         ~ Haiku ~ Vivid shades of joy With the paroxysm of love Cascading delight — Sangeeta Mishra A *Haiku* is a Japanese poem traditionally ... Read More »

Matryoshka Dolls: Tanka

matryoshka dolls

Ever since my childhood, I have been fascinated towards Russia. It was my dream to visit Russia (USSR or Soviet Union at the then time). But despite being married to a navigation officer and travelling to many parts of the world in merchant ships, my dream to visit Russia never came true. My love for Russian nestable dolls is equally archaic. I read about them in a Russian magazine called ‘Sputnik’, which I subscribed as a kid. I always wanted ... Read More »

Celebrate Holi with the Colors of Holii

holii bags

Holi is round the corner and what else we can do today than to celebrate it with fun colors! But we, at The Style Symphony are celebrating the joy with little of colors and more of fun to ease the loads of work. Holi reminds us of colors, festivity and celebrations but when we add an extra ‘i’ with the festivity, the dose of celebration and colors get doubled up. Holii — a brand that caters in the geuine leather ... Read More »

Queen of Gems: Celebrate the lustre of pearls

string of pearls

Pearls are indeed the queen of all gemstones as they are the purest, the simplest yet the most gorgeous of them all. Being a Cancerian, pearl is my birth stone but my love for it, is more than that! Every time my jewellery shopping spree ends up in buying those lovely dew-drops. They  quench my thirst for aesthetics and I love showing them off in almost every quality, color, shape and size. Today, The Style Symphony presents all about pearls— ... Read More »

Subdued Sun: Tanka

tanka subdued sun

This is my first attempt of writing a Tanka! The inspirations behind are the complexities and adversities of modern life. This picture was clicked by my daughter Anindhya through the car window, during a recent road trip. Despite all her efforts to click a complete view of the sun, what she could get is, the disturbed vision of the evening sun, slashed by electric cables running across the roadside. The irony is, how nature gets hampered with development. But despite all ... Read More »

Bloggers, beware of the hackers: it can happen with you too!


32 hours of terror, agony, distress and dismay— we experienced the hell that day! Very few of you might be knowing that The Style Symphony was hacked on 11th March, early morning at around 2 a.m. I was online and thought it was due to net problem as I was not able to login the dashboard and the homepage was not getting refreshed for quite some time. Later, I was able to see the homepage but got shocked as there ... Read More »

Mortal Women: Immortal Jewellery with PNG Boutique


Precious glittering nuggets Throwing a glow of light, Nay a care about their value, But stirring in a woman’s deep emotions About possessing it! A woman’s love for jewellery is unparalleled. No matter what clothes she wears, she hardly could resist the temptation of wearing a fabulous jewel to her adornment. If all that glitters is real, it becomes all time favorite of a woman. And if that jewellery piece is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece which comes with optimum purity, ... Read More »

Ushering the Moon🌛

girl and moon

Today is International Women’s day and being a woman, that too, a mother of two grown-up girls, I wish to express my feelings and concern for all the daughters of India who are trying hard to make their mark in this man’s world. Every girl is an achiever in her special way, but it hurts when she is being stopped in her way to achieve. I wish all the young women and both my daughters the moon of their share. ... Read More »

She is Countless, He is One; A Woman on Woman’s Day!


They say, “A woman can multitask better than a man”, but if I say, a woman’s heart can accommodate innumerable relationships as she can perform multiple roles of love and life simultaneously, I wouldn’t be wrong. She can be a daughter, a sister, a beloved, a friend, a wife, a mother or even a grandmother concomitantly. But when it comes to a man, he remains a man, no matter what happens. And the woman gets scattered in pieces. On the ... Read More »

Women’s Day Contest powered by House This & Jabong!

house this contest

Congrats to Aamna Ameen for winning this Giveaway! Hola my lovely ladies! Women’s day is around the corner and we couldn’t cease to amaze you with yet another exciting contest on the special occasion. Women’s day is a day that evokes the spirit of womanhood and a day to feel proud of being a woman of substance. On this occasion, how could we miss our homemaker-Symphonites who have been juggling up with daily chores to beautify their homes. Thus, we ... Read More »

Fushcia by vKare Women’s Day Giveaway

fushcia by vkare contest

Congratulations to Nishika Manira, Sumita Kapoor & Priyanka Aggarwal for winning this Giveaway! 🙂 Kindly send across your details to our Facebook page to claim your hampers. Hola ladies! As you know women’s day is round the corner and it’s the time to celebrate the essence of womanhood to the core. On this eve, what could be better than an association with India’s top of the line skincare brand Fushcia by vKare biosciences to come up with an exciting Giveaway ... Read More »

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