A Haiku on Haiku!

What to write? My mind is completely drained out! My brain is cluttered with thoughts, but I have no time to transform them into black and white! We are running short of offers for sponsored posts! Social media, WhatsApp kill creativity! I have a very nice and detailed story framed...Read More
River Ganges haiku

Interlude: Haiku

This picture was clicked by my sister from a bridge over River Ganges, a couple of days back. Though it's just spring season and summers are yet to come, still Ganga is partially dry and a bit lifeless. Despite the river being deficient in water, boats were still sailing. That's...Read More

Crocs: From Clogs to Class

Crocs footwear— casual, comfortable, funky, wearable, lightweight yet de-classy, distasteful, boring and bumptious— gone are the days when fashion fanatics neither could live without crocs nor could they live in them for long. Reason, their being design deprived! Crocs were then available only as clogs— the most wearer-friendly, comfy shoes...Read More
tanka subdued sun

Subdued Sun: Tanka

This is my first attempt of writing a Tanka! The inspirations behind are the complexities and adversities of modern life. This picture was clicked by my daughter Anindhya through the car window, during a recent road trip. Despite all her efforts to click a complete view of the sun, what...Read More