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Rhapsody of Romance: A New Love Story 💑

love story romance Half Girlfriend 2017

Love is like a seed which can sprout even on the rocks! This is the story of a girl who is betrayed and heartbroken and doesn’t believe in the recurrence of love, but the beauty of romance knocks the doors of her heart and she again wants to believe in love, though it’s not love, but sheer, aesthetic romance! I have written my style of poetic fiction after so long with my own graphics and soundcloud song in my voice. ... Read More »

Flintobox – Jr. Colour Scientist: An Experimental Kit of the Month for Preschoolers


Recently, Flintobox has launched its preschooler kit for kids called ‘Jr. Colour Scientist’ for April. Designed to introduce 3-4 year old toddlers, this box contains 6 art activities according to the science of colours and patterns in an innovative manner. ‘Jr. Colour Scientist’ is a child-friendly kit which is loaded with activities and experiments to enhance a child’s interests to discover the manner in which patterns are created and colours are amalgamated! Flintobox reinforces the belief in which each child ... Read More »

Strengthen the athlete in you with Gail- Indian Speed Star


GAIL (India) Limited is an athletics program which is conceived on a grassroots, GAIL-Indian Speedstar that aims to unearth young talents across the entire nation. On 22nd March, 2016, GAIL (India) Limited and National Yuva Cooperative Society (NYCS), has embarked this initiative GAIL Indian Speedstar at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. National Yuva Cooperative Society has collaborated with Anglian Medal Hunt Company as its Technical Partner for The GAIL Indian Speedstar project. The prolonged, significant era attempt earlier ... Read More »

Peacocks in Summer: A Saree-torial story with Sareez India the style symphony

“A sartorial story of style and seduction That drapes the myriad moods of a woman” Saree is indeed the most enticing attire, a woman can adorn as it brings out the beguile beauty of a woman and softens her striking charm simultaneously. When it comes to an Indian woman, she simply can’t resist draping this beautiful piece of clothing called Saree. No matter how modern she is in terms of her clothing, she always gets attracted towards a saree. Whenever ... Read More »

तमाम रात : Ghazal

तमाम रात

It’s bliss for an insomniac like me, to experience the dawn first, before the whole world does. But as all good things come with a price, I pay it with those sleepless nights draped with melancholy; yet the opportunist me craves fame out of that. Here, the bewildered insomniac expresses her gloom through this Ghazal. ~ Ghazal ~                                             ... Read More »

The Style Symphony at Day 4 of Amazon India Fashion Week 2016

Amazon Fashion Week

It was a day full of excitement, preparations, getting bedecked and chaos which ended up with sheer amazement. It was bliss while we explored autumn winter collections at the Amazon India Fashion Week 2016. 19th March, Saturday, day 4 of Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 was the day when our team was about to reach us at the venue, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Lodhi Road and it started raining cats and dogs near Connaught Place. As we were already late for ... Read More »

A Shooting Star: Tanka

shooting star

~ Tanka ~                                                                ~ Tanka ~ Tiny star’s sparkle Lost in the fabled isles Of melancholy In the quest of her true love Perished amidst dejection   Love is the most beautiful, transcendent and mystical feeling one could ever have. But this beautiful emotion turns weird when someone fails ... Read More »

Fan (2016) Movie Review

fan movie

‘FAN’- SRK’s first movie in 2016 which is fully packed with Action, Thrill, Emotion, Love & Passion. Stay tuned with me for the next 5 minutes then you will get to know the real verdict of the movie. Fan Star Cast: Shahrukh Khan, IN and AS Aryan Khanna & Gaurav Chandna Deepika Amin Walusca De Sousa Director: Maneesh Sharma I got FAN movie ticket from my boss which was booked for the First Day First Show at RDB Cinema, Salt ... Read More »

Haywards 5000 launches the second season of “Haywards 5000 Hauslay Ki Udaan”

haywards 5000

Provides mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs across the country and a start-up funding of Rs. 15 Lac for the best business idea Mumbai, April 14, 2016: With an aim to fuel the dreams of India’s aspiring entrepreneurs, Haywards 5000 has launched “Haywards 5000 Hauslay Ki Udaan”- country’s first start up reality program. The initiative, launched earlier by the Haywards 5000 Hausla Buland Academy, encourages the spirit of those who have an innate resolve to succeed in spite of challenges. The first ... Read More »

#dare2drape Challenge: The Denim Drape

saree denim drape

#dare2drape is a unique blogging concept by the noted ethnic wear brand Triveni Sarees, who called fashion bloggers and fashionistas to accept the challenge of draping a saree in innovative manners. We, at The Style Symphony accepted this challenge and dared to drape a saree in 7 unique ways in 7 weeks. In our #dare2drape challenge series, today we’ll discuss one of our most innovative styles. Till date, we have posted 5 unique draping styles on Triveni as well as ... Read More »

The Day Will Come!

daughters day

I thought it was the doom’s day and I was lying on my death bed. But, when I open my eyes, I saw the doctor smiling and saying in distorted voice— “You are the bravest woman I have ever seen !” I tried to smile, but couldn’t. He was calling me a brave woman, a woman who was weak, underweight and anemic, who was not even able to ask “why me?”. My doctor said— “while the whole world cries before ... Read More »

#dare2drape challenge: The Apsara Drape

#dare2drape is a unique blogging concept by the noted ethnic wear brand Triveni Sarees, who called fashion bloggers and fashionistas to accept the challenge of draping a saree in innovative manners. We, at The Style Symphony accepted this challenge and dared to drape a saree in 7 unique ways in 7 weeks. It’s our fifth week of accepting the challenge and we have posted 5 experimental styles of wearing a saree till date on Triveni Ethnics. We are delighted to ... Read More »

The Holy Ganga: Haiku


The capture of the Holy Gangotri clicked from the valleys of Uttarakhand— the divinity of the Ganga transcends all the conceptual sphere and commemorates the continuous flow of life. ~ Haiku ~                                                                                              ~ Haiku ~ Celestial delight ... Read More »

गुमराह: Ghazal

I have written this Hindi poem after a long gap. When the pain is inevitable, my feelings get intense and expressions commemorate in a way, that’s obviously Hindi poetry. कुछ शोख़ रंग बदरंग हुए, कुछ सुर्ख़ ख़्वाब भी ख़ाक हुए, रचकर जोड़े जो रिश्ते ख़ास, हर आह तले वो राख हुए |  अपने बनकर गैरों ने, तोड़े हर आशियाने, अपनेपन की खाल ओढ़, जो आये घर बनाने | रातें तो रौशन  न हुईं, चटकीले दिन भी स्याह हुए. मंज़िल,… ढूंढें न मिली, हम ... Read More »

Eternal Bliss : Haiku


This picture is of one of the highest peaks of Himalayas. It was clicked four years ago from the valleys of Kedarnath. We were fortunate enough to visit the Himalayan valleys a year before the disaster and destruction of the Uttarakhand Himalayan region. It is one of those memorable clicks, my family will always cherish. ~ Haiku ~                                             ... Read More »

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