Ridress #pairplay contest

RIDRESS CONTEST: Redesign the diva in you!

Congrats to Adwiti Pandey & Geetika Kapoor for winning [highlight]showstopper dresses[/highlight] and  Kashifah, Ankita Aggarwal, Stuti Tiwari, Kavita Negandhi, @geet_16 (insta) for grabbing the [highlight]Ridress hampers[/highlight]! :) Kindly send your details on maitreni@thestylesymphony.com within 48 hrs to claim your prizes.  Hola fashionistas! We are back again with another exciting contest for you gorgeous divas...Read More
radha krishna painting

यात्रा (Yatra)

[caption id="attachment_4318" align="aligncenter" width="648"] 'Radha Krishna' by Maitreni Mishra[/caption] मेरी यात्रा अविरल, हर पल मैं चली छोड़ ऐश्वर्य, महल मुड़कर देखा बस एक बार कुछ टूटा था, जो छूटा था मैं आहत थी और शब्दहीन, तुम मुखर बड़े और प्रखर खड़े | कुछ कहा-अनकहा बाकी था मैं कह न सकी,...Read More
seasons of love

Seasons of Love

Here's sharing the 5th poem of my poetic fiction series with my very own graphics and soundcloud song in my voice after; Hallucinations: Because it all began with a bet Betrayal & Love's no more That one rendezvous Rhapsody of Romance; A New Love Story When the sudden storm gushes...Read More
The Style Symphony

एक शिकायत: Ghazal

हर सितम हम सह गए, पर सिसकियों की भी इजाज़त ना मिली, अश्कों का दरिया मिला, दामन भिगोने की नज़ाकत ना मिली | आज हर चेहरा यहाँ ओढ़े हुए, मासूमियत का है नक़ाब, यह शरीफों का जहाँ, पर देखने को भी शराफ़त न मिली | कोई नाउम्मीदगी भी दे ना...Read More
bipasha karan marriage

Karan Singh Grover marries Bipasha Basu as a ladder to success

Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover got married yesterday on 30th April. The news spread like fire in the woods about Karan’s third marriage being a key to crave new milestones of success. #bipasha #bipashabasu #karansinghgrover #happilyeverafter #bengali #indian #2016 #weddingtime #indianwedding #wedding #weddingbells #red #awesome #instalike #awesomesauce #instacool #instagood...Read More