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Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Scrub

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful, so I am no exception! Like all other girls I, too, want flawless complexion to exhibit my ever glowing aura. But I am fed up of those frequent break-outs that occur on my forehead due to my combination skin and oily T-zone. Every day when I go to my office, my morning starts with trying to conceal those tiny bumps on my forehead and those stubborn blackheads on both sides of nose. Then, I ... Read More »

How to look like a million bucks? Style Tips for the Modern Woman!

Wonder how to look like a million bucks without actually spending a fraction of it? The Style Symphony brings you the chicest style tips for that head-to-toe look for every occasion that will blow them away! WHEN PICKING UP THE KIDS: Keep it simple! Pants and churidaars work well. Combine variously with other pieces for a new look each day. Accessories should be kept to a minimum— you know how kids can be. A large handbag is great for carrying ... Read More »

The Eternal Retaliation: Haiku

the holy ganges gangotri

The picture of Gangotri (the origin of the holy Ganga) was clicked during my last Kedarnath (Uttarakhand) visit. ~ Haiku ~                                                              ~ Haiku ~ Swift waves, savage rocks Surf sways with cosmic glory Stones melt with fury — Sangeeta Mishra A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in ... Read More »

How to wear sheer fabrics: Summer Fashion Trends 2016

sheer fashion

Transparent fabrics are the coolest trend of the season, is an unforgiving one and if ever you needed a gym membership and a fit body, it’s now. Be it international designers like Fendi, Marc, Jacobs or Galliano or our own Rocky S, Gayatri Khanna or Raakesh Agarwal, transparency ruled everywhere. Dresses, blouses, pants and skirts appear in sheer fabrics like chiffon and organza that skim the body. You can wear them as they are, in breezy whites, blues or neon ... Read More »

The Cactus Flowers

cactus flowers

~ Haiku ~                                                                               ~ Haiku ~ Withstanding outrage, Tiny coral blooms traversed the furious thorns. Charles Darwin called it the ‘Survival of the fittest’. We, either Call it the ‘Fighter Spirit’ or ‘Never-Say-Die’ spirit, it’s all about standing against all odds. ... Read More »

6 Makeup and Beauty myths busted

beauty myths busted

Do you believe makeup damages the skin? Convinced your hair grows back thicker when you shave it? We, at The Style Symphony separate facts from fiction and bust some common beauty myths. MYTH 1: It’s not necessary to wear sunscreen in winter. BUSTED: Just because the heat doesn’t feel harsh on your skin during winter, it doesn’t mean your skin is safe from damage. Harmful UV-A and B rays can penetrate through clouds and even windowpanes, which means that not ... Read More »

7 Tips on how to fight with Bad Breath

bad breath

Summer is the time to socialize as undesirable as bad breath to stop you from attending the most happening dos. Embarrassed by bad breath? You need not go to a dentist but can fix it yourself at home. So, here’s The Style Symphony dishing out some quick fixes to cure bad breath in the comfort of your home without the help of experts! Bad breath or halitosis affects a lot of people and the way to combat this stinky issue ... Read More »

Avalanche: Haiku

broken tree

We often pray for a splash of relief when the sun gets harsh. Whenever I saw the soiled trees in my garden, I prayed for rains. I always wished it could rain cats and dogs to see the real green of those dust coated leaves and of course, for a cool escape from the scorching heat. That day too, I wished for rains and it happened. But before the trees could be washed away for their glory, one of the ... Read More »

A Rejuvenating holiday to Leonia Holistic Destinations, Hyderabad

Leonia Resort holiday

Life gets mundane no matter how hard you try to make it fascinating, if you practice all work and no play. But it was my life and I believed in work, work and work only as I was not used to enjoy holidays then. All I felt holidaying was a waste of time and that resulted in a complete void in my mind as well as in my life. So, I planned a rejuvenating vacation to bring back that avidity ... Read More »

RIDRESS CONTEST: Redesign the diva in you!

Ridress #pairplay contest

Congrats to Adwiti Pandey & Geetika Kapoor for winning showstopper dresses and  Kashifah, Ankita Aggarwal, Stuti Tiwari, Kavita Negandhi, @geet_16 (insta) for grabbing the Ridress hampers! 🙂 Kindly send your details on within 48 hrs to claim your prizes.  Hola fashionistas! We are back again with another exciting contest for you gorgeous divas and this time it’s in association with none other than an uber-chic fashion clothing brand, Ridress! Endorsed by a young entrepreneur Ridhika Khanna, Ridress optimizes the young brigade of fashionistas with a ... Read More »

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Kiss Review

Maybelline baby lips

Come summers with dry west winds resulting in chapped lips. The scorching heat is here and it’s time to pamper and moisten the damage of your lip skin caused by dry weather! And who doesn’t wish for those soft, supple and luscious lips? Nothing could do justice to your pucker pouts than the talk-of-the-town from none other than Maybelline New York. Maybelline Baby Lips is that innovative product which has brought a revolution in the care and beautification of your ... Read More »

1920 London Movie Review: Nothing Spooky, Just a Comedy Play

1920 London

1920 London is the sequel of 1920 titled movies from the Bhatt’s camp after 1920 and 1920: The Evil Returns. It had been so long since I couldn’t find any Bollywood horror movie, so I was much excited to watch 1920 London. I must say it’s entirely Sharman’s movie, because I don’t see any other lead casts who have done justice with their roles. Let me first reveal the star cast of the movie and then shall I let you know ... Read More »

Vintage Desi & The Novice Muse of The Style Symphony

vintage desi the style symphony

“It is easily overlooked that what is now called vintage was once brand new.”— Tony Visconti Vintage is all about quality and class and today for a change, the face of The Style Symphony is not me but someone who is as classy as Vintage Desi. Vintage Desi, the top-of-the-line online shopping portal, curates Hi fashion stuff from esteemed designers across the nation, that too, at unbelievably affordable prices. The Style Symphony has collaborated with Vintage Desi in the past ... Read More »

&pictures Presents Kiddies Express!

&tv kiddies express

Summers are finally here, so are you excited Symphonites? Research has shown how much stressful lives kids lead during school with regards to the peer pressure of academics, homework, the social scene, and all sorts of activities that keep them busy. Thus, time to chill and relax is much needed for them as the summer vacations calls for dollops of fun with family and friends along with outdoor activities. And, after all those exciting activities including picnics on beaches, swimming in ... Read More »

Bblunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream Review

Bblunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream

Being blessed with healthy, long, shiny black hair, I feel myself on top of the world when my hair is appreciated. But, as every rose comes with thorns, long hair has its drawbacks too and the biggest one being the care. Due to the length, my hair gets tangled easily. It really gets difficult to detangle them after a hair wash no matter they are wet or semi-dry, so the role of a nourishing and impactful conditioning cream is really ... Read More »

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