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Thyrocare Arogyam Package: Take Thy Care


In this fast pacing world, what’s on stake at the most is our health. No matter how hard our efforts are, our health concerns are always being sidelined less or more. So, the motto to step ahead towards a healthy life should be ‘Prevention, Protection & Care’. Thyrocare, the name is enough when it comes to preventive healthcare labs. Recently, we, at The Style Symphony availed their services when we needed regular diagnostic testing of blood. As they say, ‘Prevention ... Read More »

Music: Haiku


“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”— Plato The Greek philosopher and thinker Plato poured his views on music eras back, which are relevant even today. Music has a power to overpower all that is good as well as bad. Music adds to more happiness when you’re cheerful, similarly it melts the solidity of grief with its warmth and ... Read More »

Explore your Music Quotient with Nirvana City of Music!

music quotient Nirvana

Down the memory lane, when I was a kid, I always dreamt of a separate music room in my dream home. Being a trained vocalist and a great music fanatic, music resides in my mind and soul and is an inseparable part of me. In my childhood, I always wanted to live in a castle which floats on the rhythm, where symphonies echo and musical notes flutter in its foundation. That musical castle from fairy tales was indeed a dream ... Read More »

Yoga Poses to Practice Everyday Part II


In our previous blog post about Yoga, we discussed some difficult yet effective yoga poses to maintain the equilibrium of body, mind and soul. But before we practice those tough yoga poses which need optimum flexibility, we require to practice some basic ones. Following are the next set of easy yoga asanas which you can yourself practice at home without the help of any experts! 🙂 1. PRASARITA PADOTTANASANA It helps in lengthening the spinal column and stretching the legs ... Read More »

Puzzle: Haiku

puzzle rains

It was a clear afternoon yesterday, till we experienced the first downpour of the monsoons. I was out on a drive and it started drizzling. Suddenly, the entire view outside the car window got blurred and the glass seemed like a Croxley puzzle— hazy, complex and unsolved. Life is like that only! At times, it gets incomprehensible even with subtle things or else sometimes, it’s capable of sustaining the most brusque situations. A video posted by The Style Symphony (@maitrenimishra) ... Read More »

Top 10 Yoga Poses to practice everyday!


They say, “Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.” Yoga helps to maintain an adequate balance between the mind, body and soul. Yesterday, 21st June, being the International Yoga Day, we at, The Style Symphony thought of celebrating it in our distinct way. Following are the 10 unique yoga poses to boost your stamina and make you delve into a healthy lifestyle! 🙂 1. NATARAJASANA It helps in improving the balance of the body and concentration ... Read More »

Making Money through Blogmint


India’s very first automated platform, Blogmint builds brand verses bloggers relationship. Through Blogmint, big brands can reach out to interested influencers to promote their products and services on their blog. On the other hand, influencers can contact brands in their respective niches to write and earn. Be it brand awareness or a new product launch, Blogmint is one effective area that can be utilized to the core for engagement between brands and their perspective bloggers for targeted audience. Monetizing through ... Read More »

Fathers Day turns into a Fun Sunday!

fathers day

So much hullabaloo about fathers day! :-O Why the whole world celebrates Fathers Day for just one day? While fathers stand with us like stalwarts throughout the year providing us with all the support and help we need, still we promise to love them back for a single day in the name of fathers day. But when it came to me to celebrate fathers day today, I did it in a fun way, because I believe to respect and love ... Read More »

Shadi Ke Side Effects and My 30th Wedding Anniversary

shadi ke side effects

“Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution?”—Rightly said by Groucho Marx! No wonder a Shadi has thunderous side-effects, too much to tolerate but still people love it! For me, it’s that starter which turns into a chilled dessert in course of time— you can neither swallow it nor spit it, rather it melts gradually in your mouth and gets digested in your systems. The beauty of an Indian Shadi is that whether you like ... Read More »

Hungama World Water Park: your next hangout zone

hungama world water park

Come summers and everyone needs a splash to relish the seasons! So, we, at The Style Symphony decided to hop on to the water park at Bihta because when it gets hotter and hotter, hungama to banta hai. 😀 We were given family passes before hand to attend the special DJ show on either of the days, 10th, 11th or 12th June. The Hungama World Water and Amusement Park has been conceptualized by Dreamline Hospitality Private Limited at Danapur-Bihata Marg, ... Read More »

Time waits for none: Haiku

sands of time

~ Haiku ~                                                                                           ~ Haiku ~ Time leaves all behind, Joys, sorrows of yesterdays, become surpassed by! Time vouchsafes secrets, Reveals forgotten footprints Left on sands of time! Time, the clandestine healer of incurred scratches ... Read More »

7 Style Tips to look and feel good no matter what!

style tips

Who doesn’t want to look gorgeous, so do I. Sometimes I think it’s too difficult to look good but if I explore the ways, I find it quite simple. Just a little tips, a few tit bits, some TLC and viola the feel good factor is all mine! So, here I share some of my tried and tested formulas which you might like as they could add oodles of goodness to your looks as well as your persona. Dying for ... Read More »

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Movie Review: A Tale of Emotions

Do Lafzon ki Kahani

After his mesmerizing performance in Sarbjit, Randeep Hooda hits the theatres with Do Lafzon ki Kahani, today on 10th June, 2016. The movie is an official adaptation of the South Korean flick “Always” which has also been remade in Kannada. Let’s see what this mushy romantic tale of eternal love by Deepak Tijori has in store for the audiences. Star Cast Randeep Hooda as Suraj Kajal Aggarwal as Jenny Mamik Singh as Om Yuri Suri Movie Plot:- A heavily bruised Randeep Hooda ... Read More »

Types of Rangoli Designs through the eyes of The Style Symphony!

Peacock Rangoli

Rangoli— as the name suggests is an arena of myriad colors! Normally, we associate a rangoli with Diwali, but in India it is the celebration of happiness and colors, so it could be associated with almost all festivals, celebrations and occasions. It’s a form of art that needs skillful techniques but if you have that streak of style, you can even create plethora of designs without being perfected in the art. I am not a skilled Rangoli artist but every ... Read More »

A Friend Indeed: Haiku


Life snatches away friends — this is one of the worst adversities of modern day. We have no time for having friends. Sadly, I don’t have any and I try to befriend with my daughters, mother, sister,…. family. But still miss those friends, with whom I used to pour my heart out, to whom I shared all my secrets, dilemmas, frustrations and melancholy. And at times, it feels no one is my confidante but my shadow. ~ Haiku ~   ... Read More »

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