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Lock: Haiku

Pablo Picasso lock

~ Haiku ~                                                                               ~ Haiku ~ My sap thought process, Caged in a complex mind, so I locked my instinct. I lock my feelings, Thou art possessing the key, Ah! Please set me free. — Sangeeta Mishra Shared with Haiku Horizons, ... Read More »

YES BANK announces Financial Results : PRESS RELEASE

yes bank logo

Key Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement Highlights Net Profit of INR 8 Crores in Q1FY17; y-o-y growth of 32.8% Total Net Income of INR 2,217.1 Crores in Q1FY17 y-o-y growth of 1% Net Interest Income of INR 1,316.6 Crores for Q1FY17; y-o-y growth of 2% on back of growth in Advances & CASA. NIM expanded to 3.4% in Q1FY17 from 3.3% a year ago RoA stands at 7%, RoE at 20.7% for Q1FY17 Book Value at INR2 per share as ... Read More »


Naaz Joshi

Naaz Joshi has been in news ever since Tehelka featured her as their cover model.  Last year in June 2015 the magazine was looking for an Indian answer to Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox. And they found their quest in 35 year old model, designer and makeover mentor. Her event was broadcasted by CNN IBN news, network 18 production and later Society magazine decided to pay 4 page tribute to the lady. In July 2016 Naaz approached India book of ... Read More »

Tintinnabulation: Haiku

wind chimes

via GIPHY ~ Haiku ~                                                                            ~ Haiku ~ Prayers during new dawn Chanting from the distant land Music of wind chimes Shared with Haiku, Prompt: Wind — Sangeeta Mishra A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines ... Read More »

Unique gift ideas for a sweet Mom

mother's day gift

No matter how old or how young you are, you must admit that your mother is, has been and always will be the most important woman in your life. Every morning when you wake up and get ready for school, college or work, you never which of your things were kept where but your mother can find it in a minute. She knows what you like to eat, what you like to do, what shows you like watching on the ... Read More »

Zee Classic presents ‘India’s Finest Films’ on Saturday at 10 PM

zee classic

Three hours of entertainment. Some songs, dance, action and comedy. Sounds familiar? Bollywood movies have always been the most popular mode of entertainment in India. We are all familiar with the on-screen running around the trees, high-octane action sequences, twins separated at birth reuniting decades later with a sprinkle of romance and lots of mirch masala. We leave the theatres after watching these movies wanting our lives to be a perfect film story with a happy ending. But sometimes, we ... Read More »

Deceit: छल


Deceit, deception, fraud, falsehood — there are numerous synonyms of that bad, we hate a lot. But sometimes, even the most virtuous person has to play deceptive when life turns out to be a mayhem. In the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna played deceptive tricks several times to safeguard the truth. He even forced Yudhishthir to speak a half truth half lie— “Ashvathama hato, naro wa kunjaro wa.” He misguided Guru Dronacharya about his son Ashvathama’s death. Though an elephant, ... Read More »

7 Best Day Trips from Dubai

Dubai offers one of the best sightseeing options within the city as well as out of the city. Take a short break and come out of the world of luxury hotels, world-class malls and experience the beautiful landscapes in the outskirts of Dubai or even beyond. There is so much to explore and hence it is really difficult to collate all these day trips from Dubai in one list. What we have done is to make a short list of ... Read More »

Clock: Haiku

time saving myths

~ Haiku ~                                                                                         ~ Haiku ~ A spirited mind with constant kinetic hands Life is a live clock Life is a live clock, a synchronized clash to win the trial of time The trial of time ... Read More »

Best picks in monochrome dresses to flaunt this season

monochrome midi dress

You know what is the coolest trend of the season in dresses? It is the monochrome trend, undoubtedly! Needless to say, the trend is here to stay. It has been making fashion waves since its inception. Whosoever started it deserves our heartfelt gratitude. The black and white color coordinated trend looks extremely chic and voguish. The best thing is that it is re-inventing style in every outfit and accessory. This easy style can be adorned without much fuss for an ... Read More »

Importance of Water: Sense your dog from suffering these summers!

dog care

Water water everywhere… nor any drop to drink Keep your dog hydrated… do not let it shrink!             If you aren’t aware of this, our dogs just akin to humans are composed of almost 80 percent water. The role of fresh water is extremely vital in order to keep their body running smoothly. Especially, water is a much need for dogs at all times whether be they indoors, or outdoors. As a role of parent for our pets, it’s highly ... Read More »

Waves: Haiku

silent waves

~ Haiku ~                                                                         ~ Haiku ~ The choir of calm wind Silent waves, sapient sea Shushes before storm Timid turmoil of the ripples, tickling the sea Worried for whirlpool — Sangeeta Mishra Shared with Haiku Horizons, Prompt: ‘Waves’ A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising ... Read More »

Denim Dungarees with a Punch of Pink! #OOTD

dungarees jumpsuits

Reigning amidst the ‘Disco Diwane’ generation of ‘80s, Denim Dungarees or jumpsuits are back with a bang in fashion scenario of 2015-16. From Nazia Hassan of ‘80s to Alia Bhatt of today, denim dungarees are considered to add a punch of panache to the looks of teens and 20’s. From ankle length to calf length to mid thighs, the varied hemline sizes are available in the stores to suit the style needs of every fashionista. I have experimented with 2 of ... Read More »

Catch-up on Lost Growth & Get the Sigh of Relief!

horlicks growth +

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”— James Cash Penney Like James Cash Penney said it, the proper growth and development of a child depend upon many socio-familial factors, where nutrition plays the key role. Being a mother of two grown-up kids, I know about all the challenges and fears of a mother raising fussy toddlers. Those were the days when feeding my picky kids was the biggest power-struggle for me, where the ... Read More »

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