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5 Tips to Perfect your Makeup Routine If you have Dry Skin


Dry skin is a bummer. No kidding. It lands us in such irritable situations that there were times when we were tempted to dump a litre of some facial oil directly on our faces. And yes, those times when we wistfully looked at those well-hydrated skins of other girls and felt unreasonably jealous. And then when it comes to makeup, gah, due to the skin being as dry as a barren land, it looks all cakey and really ugly, but ... Read More »

Euphoria: Haiku


~ Haiku ~                                                                                 ~ Haiku ~ Torpid Clouds traversed frosty peaks, filched Adam’s ale to carry forward! — Sangeeta Mishra A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes natural ... Read More »

अब और नहीं : ग़ज़ल


Her spirit craves to come out of the shell and strives for the sky of her share! My Ghazal portrays the plight of a woman in search of her true self and identity. पथरीली  ज़मीं पे राहतें अब और नहीं, तपिश में जले पाँव, मंज़िल का कहीं ठौर नहीं. धूप में जलके मैंने, छाँव की क्या करली ख़्वाहिश, रेत में जली मग़र नख़लिस्तां में कहीं ठौर नहीं. दो ग़ज़ ज़मीं की थी तलाश, उन रहनुमाओं में, वहां तलक पहुँच हुई ... Read More »

Malabar Gold & Diamonds: Wide range of gold & diamond jewellery

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

‘Smile is a woman’s best adornment, next comes jewellery.’— if you are a woman, you can even miss smiling for a while, but you cannot ever say no to jewellery. Women and jewellery are inseparable. The glimmer of gold and the shine of diamonds are simply irresistible for God’s very special creation called women, whom He created in His leisure to incarnate beauty. For elderly women, it’s told that ‘Jewellery takes people’s mind off your wrinkles’, and for young girls ... Read More »

Long Skirts Online from BIBA: A timeless trend to keep you cool & comfy

girly evening look long skirts BIBA

Though autumn leaves bring in a new change in the atmosphere, yet the air becomes stale, hot and humid. The season demands some refreshing change in your style, but the key is to stay comfy while playing chic. And long skirts online from BIBA are indeed the best way to stick to fashion without having to compromise on comfort. Long Skirts This is one such trend that has proved its worth though all thick and thin of fashion arena and ... Read More »

FROG : Haiku


Haiku 1                                                                                 Haiku 1 On a hunting spree, Slimy tongue, tenacious grip, Feasting on insects!   Haiku 2                                             ... Read More »

Betrayal: Haiku

betrayal mend

~ Haiku ~                                                        ~ Haiku ~ Fragile heart, cripples with a touch of feather but it’s hard to mend! But it’s hard to mend a formidable self, hurt with gossamer stabs — Sangeeta Mishra Shared With: Haiku Horizons, Prompt: ‘mend’ A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ... Read More »

कविता कहूँ या ग़ज़ल


For me, Hindi poetry (kavita) is a way of expressing my soft yet strong emotions. But similar feelings when conveyed through a ghazal, turn more romantic, beautiful and compact. Here’s how I tried to emote in both the ways. कविता मैंने धीमे से कुछ कहा सरसराती पत्तियों से, मेरे शब्द थे अपर्याप्त … चीखें नहीं, बस शब्द थे कुछ क्षीण… मधुर , कुछ उन्नींदे से, क्षण- भंगुर पर नींदें उड़ गयीं कई जब हवाओं ने सुना, और उड़ा ले गयीं ... Read More »

Masks on Mask

masks on mask

This poem is written for #IndiSpire Edition 133 prompt ‘Mask’. Holding it in my hand, the whole night, I hid myself in the masquerade and posed right! Trying to hide my face, I held it tight, The mask was quite apt for that party night! Different people — known or unknown, Smiling, exhibiting etiquettes, mature and all grown! Hidden visages behind glossy, shiny synthetic faces, Concealed blemishes, camouflaged flaws sans any traces! I tried to pretend decorous with poise and ... Read More »

Dhoni ki #No1Yaari: Celebrate Friendship the Mahi-Way!

dhoni ki no.1 yaari

We were Montessori friends! From our broken milk teeth as toddlers to that first pimple in the teenage; from the first trophy in the spelling contest to that hiding of our report cards from parents for those falling grades, we shared all those priceless moments together. We shared all those moments together, sweet or sour, happiness or sorrow. Those were the moments stolen from my true and worth cherishing friendship with my childhood friends. We hardly meet today being apart ... Read More »

TSS Logo Hunt Contest: 2nd Blogiversary Celebrations

The Style Symphony Blogiversary Contest

Congrats to Yogita Amit Joshi, Shweta Murarka & Uttpal Krushna for winning our logo hunt contest. Kindly drop your shipping details at with the subject line ‘Logo Hunt Contest’ within 48 hours to claim your prize. Hola folks! We, at The Style Symphony are much delighted to announce that we are nearing towards our 2nd blogiversary in the coming week. What could be better to organize our next contest than this special occasion! 🙂 We are reminiscing the beginning ... Read More »

Ostracism: Haiku

shooting star

~ Haiku ~                                              ~ Haiku ~ Banned from the cosmos, The shooting star, abandoned for bending the rules! — Sangeeta Mishra Shared with Haiku Horizons, Prompt: ‘bend’ A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes natural images. Read More »

Flower N Cake & Modern Day Janmashtami Celebrations with Lil Krishna

Janmashtami was celebrated on 25th of August this year and this post was meant to be published the very next day. But unfortunately, I became late in framing this cute story about that auspicious day. This story is about the youngest and cutest member of my family, my heart-throb, my nephew Adwik. Like every little baby boy in India, we dress Adwik like Lord Krishna on Janmastami every year. But there came a twist this year which was implemented by ... Read More »

#Dare2Drape with Triveni Ethnics: The Dual Drape Challenge 6

Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

For this week’s #dare2drape challenge, I have explored a new way of wearing sarees. Yes sarees! A couple of sarees together as one outfit! This drape comprises of 2 different sarees in altogether different textures and fabrics, but having similar hues, so that together they could create the impact of one color-coordinated silhouette. For this dual drape challenge, I have used a turquoise blue plain Kathan silk saree along with another linen saree from Triveni Ethnics that has a checkered ... Read More »

Severance: Haiku

court divorce

~ Haiku ~                                                        ~ Haiku ~ In the court of life, Justice, delayed and denied Broken hearts survived! — Sangeeta Mishra Shared with: Haiku Horizons, prompt: ‘court’ A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes natural images. Read More »

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