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Necklace Sets from 9to9 shopee to glam you up on a friend’s wedding

kasu mala necklace sets 9to9 shopee

The moment a girl decides to get married, the scariest thing that ever strikes her mind is the kind of jewellery she is supposed to wear on her D-day. Reason? There are abundant of choices in gold, diamonds, precious stones, kundan, enamelling and what not when it comes to wedding necklace sets! Wedding season is round the corner and all the brides-to-be are ready to pay a million bucks on their wedding jewellery. But what about their friends, neither they’re ... Read More »

How to style your long kurta during winters: OOTD with Brijraj Fashion

brijraj fashion maitreni mishra the style symphony

The chilling North India winters are still killing, but delaying this OOTD post for the last 3 months is all the more annoying thing for us. We received this beautiful black long resham-embroidered kurta from Brijraj Fashion on the onset of winters, but this OOTD got delayed because we ordered a wrong size in haste. In fact, this classic black kurta was so fascinating because of its chic quotient and functionality that we ordered size ‘L’ instead of size ‘S’ ... Read More »

Beam Interactive Projector Technology assists in Grooming Kids Mentally

Beam Interactive Projector Technology

In today’s era of the modern technology the world has progressed to a great amount. One such technology which has drawn attention is interactive projector for kids, which you can use to provide your child with a wonderful environment that can allow your kid to enhance his abilities, learn to interact socially and stay creative! World is progressing rapidly, to keep up with this modern world of interactive technology you need your child to be involved in an activity that ... Read More »

Ambrosia: Haiku

flood haiku

~ Haiku ~                                                                  ~ Haiku ~ Iceberg melted, I found ambrosia of thoughts from flood of emotions — Sangeeta Mishra Shared with Haiku Horizons, Prompt: ‘flood’ A Haiku is a Japanese poem traditionally comprising of seventeen syllables, in three lines of ‘five’, ‘seven’, and ‘five’, which evokes natural images. Read More »

तलाश: Nazm

Chrysanthemum flower ghazal

    परत दर परत उधेड़ा खुद को पंखुड़ियों की तरह तमाम हो गई कागज़ पे लिखे हर्फ़ों में ढूँढा ख़ुद को मग़र कहानी मेरी आज सरेआम हो गई कुछ तो बात थी ज़माने की तानाकशी में ख़ुद को ढूंढने की कोशिश सुबहो-शाम हो गई बस दो ही क़दम तो चली तुम्हारे साथ शुरुआत ही मेरी अंजाम हो गई तुम्हें अख़बारों की सुर्खियाँ देकर मैं तो ख़ुद-ब-ख़ुद ग़ुमनाम हो गई! Parat dar parat udheda khud ko Pankhudiyon ki tarah tamam ... Read More »

The Look: Haiku

Jesus look

~ Haiku ~                                                            ~ Haiku ~ She looked at his face, His woulds pierced her soul deep Volcano ensued Volcano ensued Mother lived a thousand deaths Mankind was abashed! Mankind was abashed For Motherhood crucified And life beheld truth. A mother held her child’s corpse and the entire mankind witnessed the ... Read More »

Cheering runners at Mumbai Marathon SCMM powered by Jet Airways

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon SCMM 15 January CST Mumbai Jet Airways Maitreni with John Abraham

They say, “All good things are worth the wait”… and I did wait so long to see my childhood dream get fulfilled. And the realm turned into real in front of my eyes! As a kid, I always used to watch the Mumbai Marathon every year and the most attractive thing that time was to see celebs running with the commoners. But later I realized that the greatest ethos of the marathon was the nil-desperandum spirit of Mumbai. Being a ... Read More »

62nd FILMFARE AWARDS 2017:A fan’s encounter with celebs at pre-party

Aditya Kittur at 62nd Filmfare Awards 2017 pre party

And then SRK looked at me and said “Ohh!!.. so you a JABRAA..!!..” and my eyes glittered with joyy…. and I wanted to freeze that moment forever!!.. OH WAITTT.. let me put in some perspective to how this happened.. So, I was invited to the FILMFARE nomination night/pre-party that happened on the 9th Jan 2017.. elated that I was, I reached the venue half an hour late (Mumbai traffic you see) and collected my “All area Access Invite” for the ... Read More »

My Chip ‘n’ Dale & the mystery behind the stolen Terra Chips!

terra chips the style symphony

It was a slightly cold morning of 14th November and my Chip ‘n’ dale, (my nephews) were demanding for a kids’ party as it was International Children’s day. I call my two naughty nephews with the names of various cartoon characters, sometimes ‘Tom and Jerry’ and at times, Chip ‘n’ Dale. Though they fight with each other most of the time, yet it’s difficult to keep them apart. So, to please them, I planned a theme kids’ party for my ... Read More »

SEREIN, the Luxury Township at the lush Malabar Hill of Thane

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe!”— and that nursery rhyme came true when I visited the hanging gardens and Kamla Nehru Park of Malabar Hills years back and entered into the ‘Boot-Shoe House’. I was not an old woman then, but wanted a similar house for me, amidst the very same greenery when I’d grow old. ‘A middle-class person residing in Malabar Hills’— would sound a shaggy-dog story for many but Serein has made it possible ... Read More »

Freezing Winters: Haiku Poem


~ Haiku ~                                                         ~ Haiku ~ A misty morning, The sun emerged from the murk Better late than ne’er! Better late than ne’er, Siberian crane migrates With widened winters. With widened winters, I need to knit more sweaters Out of words-of-warmth. Out of words-of-warmth, I built a castle of love You buried ... Read More »

Indian Gifts Portal (IGP): The Best New Year Gifting Bonanza

Gifting is an art, showcase it and explore love! 🙂 It is raining gifts this New Year with the festive fervor brimming in the air. Like all would, I was wondering about breaking the winter chill with the warmth of a gift! And there I came across this website called Indian Gifts Portal (IGP) which manifests to be India’s online gifting hub. To be honest, their extensive range of gifting options has left me dumbstruck and here’s why! From gifts for ... Read More »

Sansui Colors Stardust Awards 2017: I walked the red carpet with stars

the style symphony at sansui colors stardust awards

“The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”— We all have dreams and lucky are the ones who get a chance to grab that limelight of their dreams. Like all, I too have wished to always steal the show and ever since childhood, I used to dream like those of the fairytale characters like Cindrellas, Rapunzels, Snow Whites and more wearing glass stilettos, flowing gowns, etc. Gradually, those childhood dreams started transforming into walking hands in hands ... Read More »

Wish You A Happy New Year 2017: A Poetic Tribute to My Readers

happy new year 2017 the style symphony

The sun rises and then sets A lamp lightens up and fades, Moments arise and then die Falls edify to give life a try. A year begins and then ends But life sustains it’s existence. Old Blossoms shed, but birds still chirp new songs Fresh breeze survives over all fouls and wrongs. Let the light of life glisten over dark, And our souls shine with a luminous spark. Here arrives Janus, the god of all new beginnings, It’s time to ... Read More »

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