6 Peppy Ways you can Save Mucho Money


Here’s a peekaboo with those peppy ways you can Spend Less, Save more! 🙂

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Peppy Saving on… Mister Joe

We’re all familiar with the latte principle. You know, stopping by the coffee shop every morning before work to buy that giant cup of cappuccino and picking another one up in the afternoon when the day begins to get dreary. But here’s what you probably don’t know— your coffee habit at an estimated 100 bucks a day can set you back a whopping Rs 36,000 a year— money you can put to productive use elsewhere. A better solution: Get yourself some good quality coffee beans and a grinder and make your coffee at home to be taken along in a flask. Your coffee will taste better and you’ll save dough.

Peppy Saving on… Hair Dressers

Fact: A good haircut/color/straightening job can put a serious dent in your wallet. A clever way to look hot for free: Sign up as a model for your salon— all salons need to train their stylists and are always looking for people who they can train on. Worried a scissor-wielding student will ruin your hair? Don’t be. Supervisors are always present, so there’s a little chance that the stylist-in-training will over-process your highlights or give you that cocker spaniel look.

Peppy Saving on… A New Car

Although the actual hit varies according to the make, model and options, on an average, your car loses about 20 per cent of its value the moment you drive it off the lot, say experts. Protect yourself from that hit by buying a used car from a recent model year. The best picks are ones that are five years old at the most; many of them will be under warranty. Do your research and look for a reliable model.

Peppy Saving on… Car Repairs

To avoid costly car repairs, it’s smart to take care of your ride as soon as problems arise. Speak to your mechanic about the things you need to look out for, but as a general rule, check your tyre pressure to ensure better mileage, change your oil and air filters at the recommended times and don’t postpone any servicing appointments.

Peppy Saving on… Cell Phone Bills

Cellular providers bring out new, money-saving schemes every month to lure new customers in. Speak to a customer care executive at your cell phone company and ask him/her to help you choose the best plan for your lifestyle. You might find that you can do away with that expensive international roaming facility because you rarely travel or would like to apply for a free SMS scheme because you spend large amounts of money texting.

Peppy Saving on… Shopping

A recent study found that women who went shopping to a department store without a list ended up spending more on unnecessary purchases than those who came with a to-buy list. You see, store count on you making emotional, impulsive purchases. Counter that by not leaving home without a list and sticking only to what’s on it. You’ll end up saving time and money.

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