7 Tips on how to fight with Bad Breath

bad breath

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Summer is the time to socialize as undesirable as bad breath to stop you from attending the most happening dos. Embarrassed by bad breath? You need not go to a dentist but can fix it yourself at home. So, here’s The Style Symphony dishing out some quick fixes to cure bad breath in the comfort of your home without the help of experts!

bad breath
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Bad breath or halitosis affects a lot of people and the way to combat this stinky issue is to understand what causes your breath to smell in the first place. The usual suspects include poor oral hygiene, smoking, alcohol, dehydration and serious conditions like gum disease and diabetes too. Bacteria accumulate between the bits of food between your teeth release sulphur compounds and in your mouth, which makes your breath stink. Also, certain foods, like garlic and onions contain pungent oils, which can contribute to bad breath.

Since, bad breath is caused by odor-producing bacteria that grow in the mouth it is important that you brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist for scaling and polishing your teeth at least once in six months. You could turn vegetarian if you want to avoid bad breath because non-vegetarian food fibres tend to stick in the teeth and excess of non-vegan food also causes gases which can lead to bad breath. Meanwhile, to remain sweet smelling, go through these fast fixes.

  1. Double up your oral hygiene to cure bad breath!

There is no easier way to fight bad breath than making sure that you brush and floss regularly, after every week meal if possible or at least twice a day. The kind of toothpaste you use will not make much of a difference but the way you brush will. Make sure you use the right stroke to get all the food stuck between your teeth out at least for two minutes twice a day. It’s equally important to floss to remove harmful plaque and food particles that stick between your teeth and gums.

  1. Spring clean your tongue to cure bad breath!

Not many of us realize the importance of using a tongue cleaner regularly but it is the fastest way to banish bad breath is to clean your tongue. Digest this: cleaning your tongue is likely to reduce the stinking breath by 85%. Invest in a good tongue cleaner and use it in the morning after you finish brushing your teeth.

  1. Drink lots of water to cure bad breath!

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to stay hydrated. One of the causes of bad breath is lack of adequate saliva in the mouth and this happens when you are dehydrated. When your mouth is dry, bad breath will thrive and it will lead to foul smell emitting from your mouth. Believe it or not, saliva is the best weapon against bad breath. Also, if you drink too much alcohol it can lead to dehydration. So limit the intake of alcohol if you want to remain sweet smelling.

  1. Make friends with parsley to cure bad breath!

The fastest way to get rid of bad breath would be to chew on parsley. This herb releases its sweet smell and stimulates saliva production which rinses the bad bacteria away. Chewing on ‘neem’ leaves or twig also works wonders.

  1. Max up mint to cure bad breath!

Chewing a mint based mouth freshener or sucking on a piece of cardamom or a cinnamon-flavored gum helps to keep bad breath at bay. Herbs like mint have a strong flavor which can override a smelly breath. Keep these fresheners handy if you have hectic socializing schedule. Sugarless gum comes handy because it helps to stimulate the saliva production which washes bacteria down and kills bad breath bacteria.

  1. Tank up on tea to cure bad breath!

Drinking tea, especially ginger tea after a meal helps to keep bad breath at bay. You could also try fennel (sauf) tea or just chew on some fennel seeds to freshen up your mouth instantaneously.

  1. Keep chewing to cure bad breath!

It is believed that staying hungry for too long induces odor. Experts suggest that you nibble between meals to keep bad breath at bay.


Try this self test by licking your wrist, then wait for five seconds and let the saliva dry and now smell it. That’s the way you smell. Or, more precisely, that’s the way the end of your tongue smells. Take a spoon, turn it upside down, and use it to scrape the very back portion of your tongue. Take a look at the material that has been scrapped off, usually it’s a thick whitish material. Take a whiff. The smell is how your breath smells to others.

So Symphonites, let’s fight with bad breath with these 7 easy-breezy tips in your own way, the very Style Symphony way! 🙂

  • I have used these technique in my regular days and found it really useful. Earlier i was suffering from metallic test in mouth and i had followed mentioned link.

    • It’s glad to know you have used these tactics earlier. I am sure they been of great help to you. I would surely give a read to your link. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Saru

    I will try parsley. I am very particular about my oral hygiene but indian spices play havoc for breath.

    Thanks for the tips.

    • You are absolutely right dear, Indian spices do take a toll on breath. But I am glad you are conscious about your oral hygiene. That’s what actually counts! 🙂 Cheers!

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  • the tip to test is much better that trying to blow and suck in your breath to see if it smells.. 😛
    great tips!

    • hahaha… very well said Hargun 😛 Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  • Well, one can also chew basil leaves.

    • Rightly said… this one I missed… thanks for reminding Ravish 🙂

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    Very helpful post.. Lots of people do not pay attention towards bad breath or oral hygiene.. Hope they all will read this post & take action 😉

    • Thank you dear Anjali. Very rightly said… unfortunately people don’t take oral hygiene seriously! 🙁 But It’s high time they should start to do so!

  • Great tips. Unfortunately I know a couple of people whom I would deeply like to share the article, but obviously them may not like that..(you know why 😉 ) but yes, it is also a good read to maintain personal oral care.

    • Thank you Jiggyasa! Yeah I know how embarrassing it turns out to be for us only to make them realize about the oral problem. Duh, anyways thanks for stopping by 🙂

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    • That’s great to know you are not facing this problem Jyotirmoy! 🙂 Cheers to health!