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Maitreni Mishra 

A techie, a bratty & a true fashion fanatic in fine fettle! Amid being a die-hard music lover with an on- the-move-all-the-way spirit and a hard core fitness freak with a distinct style of her own, she has that fire of fashion in her. From the wink of workouts to the sync of style, fashion and fitness are the  genres that can provide wings to the resting feathers of that passionate writer in her. Striving to unleash the stylista in her, she’s exploring further avenues to live fashion with her own flair in order to revamp her ordinary living into a lifestyle ‘extraordinaire’! 🙂

Sangeeta Mishra

Sangeeta Mishra


Having a Master’s Degree in English literature, she’s a journo and a true woman of substance with an intrinsic style sense apart from being a trained classical singer. Her keen eye gives her a flair for fashion writing as well along with other serious social issues. With her vast knowledge about fabrics, silhouettes, bags, makeup and jewellery, she’ll be writing in-depth fashion posts regularly, along with her main forte ie., creative writing such as stories, poetry etc., to share her experiences with the younger brigade. 🙂