What is TSS?

The Style Symphony is an online fashion magazine created with a vision to endow our readers with the best fashion insights and latest style ideas. We, at The Style Symphony, believe in spelling fashion through poetry. Here fashion is not the outer shell but the reflection of a person’s inner aura.

Clothes, shoes, jewellery, makeup, we talk about everything, but the spirit should not be missing! That is how a person reflects his/her intrinsic taste and aesthetic sense by adorning the latest fashion trends. The Style Symphony is a complete package where fashion, is its body, literature is the mind behind, and poetry, the soul.

The creative brigade behind this style venture is an amalgamation of two hard-core fashion fanatics. An independent fashion blogger, Maitreni Mishra with a tech background along with the literary pillar, Sangeeta Mishra, the Style Symphony brings out the best of both brains to bestow you with beauty in every symphony of life.

The Style Symphony logo Keeping the very style mantra in mind, our logo has been created to depict the flair of fashion a woman explores that flares her individuality with her wings of creativity. A woman who’s a creator and a nurturer shows her acumen in whatever she adorns and the manner in which she reflects her persona. The Style Symphony believes to rub shoulders with current trends without having to lose its grip over classic ones.

Our fashion and lifestyle section not only includes the current International trends but also explores our ethnic and traditional wear at their primitive best. The Style Symphony does believe that ethnic is the new chic! Our posts are targeted to enhance your Indianness with contemporary fashion appeal and a touch of ethnicity.

The Style Symphony Offerings!

We regularly provide fashion and style updates with our in-depth articles about style tips for women and to compliment that, our makeup tutorials step by step would also be there to guide you in your journey to look fab. Moreover, our detailed product reviews about skin care products online would help you in picking the right products available in the market with our unbiased opinions expressed along with the “how’s” and “when’s” of uses. With a multitude of beauty tips on skin care and hair care, we try our best to aid you in achieving the radiance you desire.

Another interesting concept of the Style Symphony is the Do-It-Yourself section where we bring to you some uber-cool diy tips and tricks to upgrade your wardrobe with tits and bits. We sometimes even allow our readers to peep into that corner of our hearts which is emotionally filled with sheer poetry through our section of Hindi and English poems.

Well, this is not all! We believe the way to a happy lifestyle begins from a healthier living and an all the more healthy well-being. You could only flaunt it if you’re worth it. In order to manifest our point, we have a separate health and fitness column to not only let you dig into some of the effective fitness tips for weight loss but innumerable nutrition and health benefits as well.

And voila! The fun of fashion is not limited to the trends only. You stand a chance to be rewarded even while exploring them. Love all about contests sweepstakes and giveaways? We certainly have a special column from our lovely sponsors who’d be frequently organizing giveaways with The Style Symphony just for you fashionistas cum contest freaks out there.

So come on fashionistas, hop on to the sizzling hot platter of style served by us for the new wave of fashion has just begun! 