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The social networking sites in the current scenario do have the ‘mutual friends’ concept, but ironically, the friends that we add on the basis of those mutual friends hardly have interests similar to that of us. Many a times, it’s quite intimidating to see our news feed flooded with posts and updates from our friends that would interest us hardly. In such circumstances, we simply scroll those posts up in search of those few posts that might be of our influential genre.

In order to avoid such crap on social media, a nextGen social networking platform called Affimity is here at our rescue that connects people with similar passion under one roof. Affimity is a fab networking medium that has flipped the conventional social model and rather centered user interests connecting them to people who share common interests.

I recently came across this site and was mesmerized by the innovative concept on which it functions. When I signed up on Affimity, I rarely knew that I could friend or follow people regardless of their specific interests but a mutual passion in our thoughts, thereby reflecting in our social updates. On Affimity, it’s not just about knowing people otherwise for the heck of it, but for having real conversations with them on the basis of the mutual interests we share.

Affimity is that social network which comprises of numerous channels, each based on a single interest, giving room to all those who heart it. Since, I am a big movie buff, I knew which genre to put fingers on! I opted for Affimity’s specific channels of [highlight]Bollywood, Movies, and TV Shows[/highlight] that are centered across [highlight]Entertainment and Lifestyle[/highlight].

And believe me, I was so delighted to come across my brethren Bollywood fans with whom, I discussed and shared my thoughts via. comments. I had a peek-a-boo with some super cool images and reviews of the most happening Indian movies along with fun facts about actors and actresses in the Bollywood niche.  Not only Bollywood, but the scenario persisted in the Hollywood and T.V. shows niches too.

My profile on Affimity is here and you guys can follow me there too! 😉

So, Affimity is basically a home of your most lovable genre that you bask in, to make the most of, with people who share your passion in the very community. This very strengthening concept of engaging the mass following similar passions as a single entity has aided Affimity in becoming one of the fastest growing social networks in the world.

And here’s how you can dive into the community buzz with Affimity!

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  • Looks interesting! Would try it out soon. Glad you shred your experience with it 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    This looks like a cool site. Thanks for sharing dear. Will check it out asap 🙂

  • Very interesting app!

  • This is really interesting ,will check this out .Thanks for sharing…

  • Great to read about affinity, Thanks for the informative post.

  • Wow! Affimity is simply superb. I always wonder whether i could meet people of similar interests using social networking, i think this network is there for such surprise. Am really excited to dive into Affimity and try it. Very good informative post Maitreni, thank you for sharing :))