खुली बसंत बयार हूँ मैं
ठहरे से तुम हो क्यों?
उन्मत्त नदी की धार हूँ मैं
सहमे से तुम हो क्यों?

बह जाना संग तुम्हारे अब
जलधार भले विपरीत बहे,
निकलो न अब पतवार बनो
मंझधार फंसे हो क्यों?

मैं सुर हूँ, तुम संगीत मेरे
गाऊं हर पल वो गीत मेरे,
मैं वीणा, तो तुम तार मेरे
पुरजोर खिंचे हो क्यों?

ठहरी सी थी, अब बहती हूँ
गहरी सी थी, अब उड़ती हूँ
ये गति-प्रगति देने वाले
सिखला, भूले हो क्यों ?

काले बादल के छाने से
हर रात अमावस होती नहीं,
ऐ धवल चाँद मेरे नभ के,
तुम आज छुपे हो क्यों?

It’s the saga of the Moon, the Sea and the moving Tides— a tale of celestial romance! The moon ignites vehement desires in waves’ heart. They uprise and uproar, moving despite their intrinsic calm, going beyond the natural equanimity of water. On a full moon night, a little wave tried to touch her beloved moon proving her predominance over all her sistren waves. But the moon was agonized and tormented, as it was a night of total eclipse, hard on him and harder on the waves. The moon was shadowed under gloom, so the waves forgot their superlunary dance, missing those moonlit tunes.

My poem portrays the plea of a tiny wave to her beloved moon. She reminds him of their Elysian romance and invokes him to come out of despair and shower bliss upon all the waves. Today, it’s again a night of lunar eclipse, when the Lord of Cancer, Moon is in his home sign.  Being a Cancerian, I was always enamoured by the Moon. That’s why, I  connect with the plight of the Moon and, being a water woman, can feel the pain of those waves too… Isn’t this romantic Hindi poem relevant to this cosmic event?


आह्वान: Invocation,                                                      बसंत: Spring,                                                     बयार: Zephyr, Breeze

उन्मत्त: Ecstatic, Frantic                                             जलधार: Stream,                                                पतवार: Helm, Propeller

मंझधार: Lurch, Midstream                                        पुरजोर: Strongly                                                   गति: Speed

प्रगति: Development                                                    अमावस: No moon night                                    धवल चाँद: Bright Moon

PS: The picture of today’s lunar eclipse is clicked by my daughter Anindhya 


  • Rakesh Pandey

    Don’t really know where to begin, though, let’s try…

    As a selenophile, I was struck with the beauty of that mildly golden orb hanging in the havens, which so affects the minds of lovers and lunatics, who both are synonyms, incidentally. Kudos to your daughter for such a brilliant image of a phenomenon, which occurs once in a Blue Moon, and no pun intended.

    When we come to the poetry, I have a lot to say, which I’m unable to write here, due to space constraint. What if I write a story based on this, with your due permission? I’ve never been a minimalist, ma’am, and don’t wish to try to be one at this advanced age. I prefer a larger canvas to express myself!

    Then I will be able to do justice with this beautiful poem, which sings ballads to my name!

    After all, I’m proud of my name and take credit for anything written for that Dreamy Silvery Orb hanging in the sky! 😁

    • As usual I’m too glad and awestruck with your comment Rakeshji! I always feel, your comments are a reason for me to reread my poems and think, ‘Are they really good’? Nah! Not worth such words of appreciation.

      Your comments remind me of that shiny gold ring, glistening and clustering a worthless pebble of unknown astrological value, making it an object of art worth cherishing! Means a lot, really!

      Now coming to ‘writing a story on my poems’ part…as I said earlier too, it would be the biggest pleasure for any creator to be featured in your stories and I felt really privileged when you promised me writing one after my Haiku ‘Catharsis’. You even did the job marvellously, but kept me waited till date. That beautiful story is still waiting to be published on ‘Tales of the Opal Moon’. So, technically you owe me two stories in a row! 🙂

      And not to mention here, I too am a selenophile, and your namesake ‘Dreamy Silvery Orb’ fascinates me too! The reason, most of my poem ooze either Moon or Night!

      Thank you so much for the enlightenment ! 🙂

  • Romantic poem 🙂 Moon & waves have a great connection.

  • What a deep, amorous invocation this is! Wonderfully penned, Sangeetaji… 🙂

  • waah bahut khoob badhiya basant par kavita

  • Aanand

    Lovely writing.. So nice words.
    I also write sometime and my blog is http://www.red-pixels.com
    Thanks you for posting this poem. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for dropping by reading Mr. Anand! Glad that you liked my words! I’ll visit your blog right away! 🙂

  • Yogita Amit Joshi

    Sangeeta Ji, I am awestruck with your style of writing.. You make words melodious and your poems are filled with symphony that touches the strings of heart and get engraved on soul.

    I never expressed but yes I m biggggg fan of your way of potraying words. You are precious and perfect❤

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Yogita! I always feel privileged for being read and appreciated by people like you who are sensitive and creative! This is your first proper comment on any of my posts on TSS, but I know that you were always there, reading and liking! Means a lot girl ! <3