Radiant by All Good Scents to Bring out the Radiance in You!

All Good Scents Radiant Review

“You shouldn’t have to have money, to have a luxury fragrance”— Lady Gaga said it right and All Good Scents have added significance to it. Radiant— an affordable Eu-De-Toilette, that is formulated to suit every pocket with a fragrance that smells Heaven, proves the scented facts all the more true.

All Good Scents Radiant

RADIANT: A scent with a sense!

Radiant is a perfume which is created for the diva in you who lives inside every girl-next-door. An EDT which combines all the three Heart, Top and Base notes is amalgamated with sheer bliss.

  1. Top Notes: Hawthorn, Powdery and Lipstick
  2. Heart Notes: Jasmine, Rose and Violet Blossom
  3. Base Notes: Vanilla, Oppoponax and White Musk

All Good Scents Radiant

The top note spells hawthorn, powdery and lipstick which is quite a provocative combination and excels over other Heart and Base notes. It lasts for almost about a couple of hours and is quite lingering. The heart note is though a bit subtle and understated and speaks up floral elegance of jasmine, rose and violet blossoms. These floral accents are my favorites and allow me to smell fresh for hours oozing out optimum radiance. Last but not the least, its base note comprises of spicy elements of vanilla, oppoponax and white musk. These aromatic base hints give Radiant a sustainability and Longevity of more than 7-8 hours and make the most of it.

All Good Scents Radiant

RADIANT: A scent with a difference!

Radiant is quite a value for money if you’re looking for an EDT which speaks your class to the par. It has subdued warmth about it, which is quite relaxing and soothing. Why Radiant is different from others is that All Good Scents combine all the goodness of fragrances into a quality perfume rather than spending much upon packaging, jar and labels. It’s all about great content portrayed with simplicity.

All Good Scents Radiant

RADIANT: A scent for your style sense and sensibility!

Wearing Radiant is about exploring your inner aura in a positive manner. It’s all about making remarkable impressions about you with your subtlety and understated style. Radiant is a bottle of sheer radiance that expresses a beautiful piece of you which exhales luxury that’s special but not expensive at all. Because, luxury doesn’t necessarily have to be pricey!

All Good Scents Radiant

Priced at Rs. 750/- for a bottle of 50 ml, this small yet ethereal piece of opulence is a proof that All Good Scents have brough in blossoms for you to be bloomed with your fragrant fragile femininity. 🙂

Overall Rating for Radiant: 4.5/5