Peek-a-boo with the Apptastic Quikr NXT to Sell anything Quicker!

quikr nxt

Sunday calls for something super sassy and nothing could quench your thirst for transactions  better than Quickr. Lets step ‘out of the box’ to explore a quintessential platform of buying and selling that strives to revamp the overall outlook of Indian classifieds. As authentic as the name calls for, I’m sure most of you would be already aware of one of the biggest esteemed Social Classifieds Networking Platform, Quikr that has been successfully serving a hassle-free ‘buy, sell, find’ experience over the past 6 years..


Firm in action from 8th January, 2015, Quikr has come forth with Quikr NXT, a cool messenger service to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers on an all the more broader front. Now you might be wondering why this add-on to the existing mailing and telepathy medium! Why give preference to chat over phone calls? Well, there are reasons that can actually cost a ‘fortune’… dig in to discover the downsides!

[checklist]Awesome-Threesome reasons why Chat is a Hit & Phone Call, a Miss![/checklist]

1. Tring! Tring!! Tring!!!… OMG! Lemme Breathe 😮

What could be more suffocating than those dozens of calls every 15 minutes that begin to snatch away your peace of mind soon after you post your first ad. And even worse it becomes, when the sky-rocketing phone bills take another toll on you. Why not go for a user-friendly interface like that of a chat box that could not only clear the air between you and your clients but encourage seamless transactions in a more time saving and cost-efficient way? That ways, intimidating questions from buyers on call are not gonna leave you bewildered while keeping every other customer on hold. Chat provides you that ample time to clarify each and everyone’s query.

A chat medium of communication helps in building a more friendly environment unlike during those tedious calls, where you’re likely to mess up while attending multiple clients at the same time. Don’t you feel, expressing yourself through writings, that too, in chats is way more easy than many a times on long strenuous calls, where you often fall short of words? Isn’t that ‘online’ status sheer bliss when you find your prospective business partner right in front of your screen to clear all your queries on mutual convenience without any time constraints? Well, I feel so! 🙂

2. Hey Phew! I don”t believe you!

Have had those trust issues with your previous clients or had your deals gone sour? Things didn’t turn out to be as they were told to you, hence you messed up! 🙁 Cut the crap with chats! When an online chat medium allows you to question your potential sellers regarding angle-specific pictures, intuitive videos or any other product details from analyzing point of view, there reliability comes into action.  🙂

Sharing such apprehensive information about the products and services through media file sharing can easily help buyers mitigate the risks involved. The best part is that when there is no restriction to the number of files to be shared, you get the sole access and right to reach your client seeking the minutest of details until you are completely satisfied.  This will in-turn aid in building a healthy relationship between buyers and sellers where they can count upon each other on all future deals too.

  3. Huh! I never said that…Duh! You did! 

Do you exactly remember what’s told to you in an hour long phone conversation? To be frank, I really don’t! 😛 And, when it comes to talking about transactions, what’s the guarantee, the other person wouldn’t back off his words later? Why count on calls when a full-fledged chat history with your conversation back-ups is there at your rescue! 😀

I see, even emails could do that for you, but you can’t really confront the person shooting out your grievances in an offline medium. Hence, yet again, chats are the only saviors I see that are sole witnesses of the gravity in both buyers’ and sellers’ words. Providing a real-time access, a chatting medium is deemed to benefit the best of both worlds of buyers’ and sellers’ provided they make the most of it.

All of the above reasons are non-invasively supported by the latest Quikr NXT service for users across mobile apps, mobile sites as well as desktop sites. Moreover, the cherry on the cake is the privacy parameter ensured by Quikr under which users can intentionally make their listing private to safeguard their phone numbers and email ids from those persistently unavoidable calls and mails.



Last, but not the least of course, The Style Symphony salutes for this new innovation. This ‘Chat’astic creation for buyers and sellers round the globe is deemed to make waves in the Indian online classifieds industry with a transaction experience that has no-strings-attached. 😀 Hats off to [highlight]Quikr NXT[/highlight]! Way to go! 😀


This post is exclusively written with reference to [highlight]Indiblogger Happy Hours[/highlight] in association with Quikr!