ASUS Zenfone: My Perfect Valentine to express Unconditional Love!

ASUS Zenfone

Hola lovelies!

How many of you fall under the *exceptional* category of smart divas who’re “Single & L’ovin it”? 😉 Well, lemme tell you I’m smarter than you, mingled (with my smartphone) and then loving it! Courtesy to ASUS Zenfone; an adorable Valentine like never before! 😀

ASUS Zenfone

Well, well, well! If your mouths are mammoth open just to ask me for why the Heaven’s sake I don’t need a boyfriend, I’d still say when you own ASUS Zenfone, who cares to have one? Peek-a-boo with my reasons to go for the zealous zenfone this Valentine as my date in disguise!

1.  With its 13 Mega Pixel rear camera,
It keeps an eagle eye always on my surroundings
The greatest admirer of my beauty is my ASUS Zenfone,
Its 2 MP camera makes me the selfie queen. ^_^

Well, with the picture perfect Me and my all the more pretty phone like ASUS Zenfone 6, who damn needs a boyfriend! We are perfect to compliment each other with my Zenfone to always praise and pamper me like a princess. I can take innumerable selfies sporting varied looks and expressions and this Valentine of mine is not even tired of capturing me in the shutter of its eyes.

2. Its my tall, dark handsome with a robust body,
Subdues my looks whenever I look gaudy
Class apart I become with this arm candy
Now in my love book, my Zenfone is uber-trendy

With such classy looks that can meet up to your ‘IT’ standards, who would like to risk their Valentines with a date who’s no less than a nerd. I love socializing and ASUS Zenfone, my  ultimate arm candy is indeed my perfect partner in crime in all my social dos. So, Valentine Zenfone does apt justice to my social status which hardly a crap guy could do.

3. Boasting a big heart (#RAM) to match up with,
Comes with an expandable 64 GB external memory!
With a good storage— that’s it’s appetite!
What ever I serve, it indulges in; my ASUS Zenfone is no-fussy.

With a 1/2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory, my Zenfone 6 is capable enough to keep record of all my girly tits-n-bits. And, now I don’t need a guy with short-term memory loss anymore! :-p With the minutest of my details, ASUS Zenfone is my only confidante to bang upon during my not-so-funky days!

4. It’s par excellence Android operating system
O.S. v4.3 Jellybean upgradable to v4.4.2 Kitkat
Beauty with brains is my lovable ASUS Zenfone 6,
First glance of eye contact with him had me a heart attack

With a smartphone with an ‘out-of-the-world’ high-end operating system, my ASUS Zenfone 6 is that Beauty with Brains for me that can supersede all those dumb bull kinda boyfriends out there who’re just an “I-love-you-I-love-you-too-muahh-muahh waste of time”. :-p -_-

5. Whether be, the GSM network or HSPA,
My ASUS hunk supports the best of both worlds.
This dual sim banker flatters me so much
That being wooed by him, makes my heart swirl-n-twirl  😉

Now keeping it short and sweet, my ASUS Zenfone has definitely got a lot in store for me which my ‘poor’, ‘petty’ ‘pauper’. ‘piggy’ bf wouldn’t. 😀 Hence, I wanna shower my #UnconditionalLove upon my ASUS Zenfone which is no less than sheer bliss for me. Yes! my Zenfone is my that Valentine who makes my life oh-so-divine! <3

I’m in love with my Zenfone; my ultimate Valentine!
The hug of my palm, the kiss of my words,
it gets all my passion and pampering,
As for it I haven’t nor would I draw any line! 🙂

[highlight]This post is exclusively written with reference to Indiblogger Happy Hours in association with ASUS! [/highlight]