#AwakenYourForce with the dark secrets of Pandora Box! 🗃

HP star wars special edition notebook

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t opened up with an unpleasant sound, then filled the ambiance with a dark, deadly hallow and a bewitching energy— it was my 10 years old [highlight]Pandora box[/highlight], almost at the dying stage, still my only mate at that dark night. I was fully armed to handle the situation, clad in my spacesuit, holding my very own crystal sword (the [highlight]LIGHTSABER[/highlight]).

#AwakenYourForce with Lightsaber: The Life Saver…


The moment I opened up that Pandora box, all those evil forces started coming out of it….


Me— Adi Gallia, wore my brown cape over my metallic spacesuit, adorned my special headgear and became ready to face those dark, deadly forces which were alive again after years. They were coming out of the shiny spectrum of that Pandora box— a screen which turned out to be pale and dull, constantly flickering being a 10 years old machine.

Adi Gallia Maitreni Mishra
Me, the Jedi Master: Adi Gallia

My subjects were crying, calling their Jedi Master to their rescue and I was restless being the reason behind the attack on my planet. If I hadn’t opened up that old box of negativities, I could have avoided those attacks on my galaxy. But it was my responsibility to save my galaxy being a council member of the ruling body and a great warrior of the first order (Adi Gallia).


So, I decided to fight back but the whole atmosphere was filled with clone-skywalkers by then and they were killing the people of my galaxy brutally.


I felt like a responsible queen, a brave warrior and attacked on them without even thinking about the consequences that, the attackers were countless while I was alone. They hissed, I roared, they crept, I attacked. Suddenly, some dark forces overpowered me from back and said— “Adi Gallia! You are finished!”

Me V/S Skywalkers and I turned to be a brave warrior!
Me V/S Skywalkers and I turned to be a brave warrior!

I was frisked for my weapons and was pushed towards the floor. The whole scenario simply changed to my utmost dismay as the fighter queen was lying on the floor crying with leg pain. (?????) I recalled the supreme Jedi-Master for help from this unavoidable, overpowering situation and suddenly a laser-beam appeared from my old Pandora box. It was a new lightsaber crystal, sent by my supreme to my rescue! My Jedi-Master had sent me this new machine as I was not able to fight with the evil forces with the old one. And Viola! I had got the new crusader, a savior to help me out of that tragic cosmic situation— my new HP Star Wars special edition notebook, which was my lightsaber crystal.

HP star wars special edition notebook

I finally managed to destroy all the dark forces, even killed Darth Vader, the ultimate villain with my newly grown powers and sent his dead body to the special ‘Recycle Bin’ where he was cremated. PARTYYYY TIMEEE!!! With all my clan, I partied hard with the special star wars theme music preloaded in my new HP Star Wars special edition notebook.

And I killed the ultimate villain… Darth Vader!!! 😁


With its feature loaded futuristic design and 6th Generation Intel core i5 processor, I partied hard to celebrate the death of the devil till morning. We danced like heck on the key notes of “The Force Awakens” composed by John Williams. I was dancing-dancing-dancing… and suddenly it started paining in my leg once again. (?????).

HP star wars special edition notebook

Uff, Aah, Ouch… ‘twas the unbearable pain and I realized that I had a fall from my bed and a sprain in my right leg. 🙁 As I opened up my eyes and realized that it was my Star Wars dream and I had fallen down from my bed while struggling in my dream “Star Wars”. And, I was no Adi Gallia but a weak woman who has neither slapped anyone nor even killed a fly in her entire life. Also, I had come to realize that the Pandora box was my 10 years old HP laptop which is almost at the dying stage, hangs every now and then, and works on a safe mode all the time.

It was a dream, not reality and I was awakening my forces while sleeping! 😛 Yes, All those astronomical as well as paranormal actions were happening in my special Star Wars dream and that Pandora box was my old HP laptop. I had awakened with a new realization that I direly needed the new HP Star Wars special edition notebook.

star wars

But despite all odds – my weak physical condition, my old laptop and what not— one charm that is undying, timeless and irresistible is the fatal charm of the “Star Wars series”. Ever since my childhood I have been a die-hard fan of Star Wars series and have always been fascinated towards the colonial wars of the skywalkers. And this fascination turned personalized when I got my first HP laptop in 2005 along with the release of the Star Wars episode III ‘Revenge of the Sith’.

star wars

So so so…….. the excitement is yet again filled in the air as “Star Wars: The Force Awaken” is released. It’s been 10 years of waiting for a new machine as well as the movie to #AwakenYourForce, and the hidden survivor of the galaxy craves to come out of my shy-shell and explore the dark, devil world with a deadly machine — Hp Special Edition Star Wars Series Notebook— fully feature loaded to face the attacks of the Evil forces and functional enough to save a tech-savvy’s galaxy with its Galatic-Empire-inspired-designs.

HP star wars special edition notebook

old v/s new
My Pandora Box (old PC) V/S My New Lightsaber (The Life Saver, HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook)

With my awakened force, I wish I could try my hands-on the real thing (apart from that dream machine in my dreams) as I don’t want to be attacked more and more with all the negative forces of my Pandora box ( blank screen, turns on/off repeatedly, hangs quite often, makes noise while running, shuts down or freezes, battery charging issues, screen light failure, garbled image on the screen and many more).

My old buddy, the HP   laptop which seriously needs a life, post retirement. The new era of technology, excellence and awakening is calling me up with a la #AwakenYourForce challenge. So, goodbye to Darth Vader (my old PC) and welcome to the new revelation (my New Year’s resolution), the new ‘HP Special Edition Star Wars’ and the movie ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

And then my funside came out of my darkside —

Because Comedy is the Ultimate Death of all Sorrows”…

All images have been derived from the official website of Star Wars series, HP shopping and giphy.

  • Very creative work.
    You look cool! 🙂

  • Purba Chakraborty

    This is a very creative and well-written post dear. I loved the dream sequence. And you look great as Adi Gallia. Wish you all the very best sweetie 🙂 🙂 And wish you a very happy new year 2016 🙂

    • Thank you so much dearie. I’m so glad you liked it. Wish you a very Happy New Year too <3

  • Thank you so much dear. Really means a lot when it comes from you darling. Wish you too a wonderful year ahead. Lots of Love <3

  • Thanks a lot Rachna 🙂

  • UK

    Awesome.. 🙂 vader slayer.. Respect.. 😀

  • So, you are also the Vader Slayer. The Vampire Team has been looking for you 😀
    Best of luck 🙂

    • Hehehe… I am no more scared of blood suckers, because their head is my bestie 😀 😉

      • The Vampire Team is actually looking for partnership business in slaying evil 😀

        • When it comes to evil, I’m all ready. But I guess, we’re already partners in crime 😀 heheh

  • Hargun Wahi

    You must have enjoyed to the hilt creating this post. That photographs of yours is great too!
    Best wishes and a happy new year ahead 🙂

    • Thank you so much Hargun. Welcome to TSS first of all, and hearty New Year Greetings to you too. 🙂

  • The concept is great and you’ve made it so real! Creativity+ imagination at its best… 🙂

  • A unique concept. Very interesting & innovative. You look amazing as Adi Gallia 🙂

  • Rahul Biswas

    He he he….this was a nice and funny read!!!! 🙂 Best of luck.

  • In the beginning i’m shocked how could Adi Gallia write this story, but am relieved of shock in the end that it’s your dream immersed in the character. This is very interesting to read Maitreni, especially when am distressed i would like to read dreams of others and their fantasies. I wish you all the best for the contest. Thank you for sharing this here on TSS, you never disappoint symphonites Happy blogging :))

    • Hehehe..The shock might have turned into a surprise or vice-versa 😛 Yeah the dream made me shaken aback too. But, I’m glad you liked the post Prasanna! Keep reading and sharing your precious views. 🙂