Barever Natural Hair Inhibitor Review !!!

barever natural hair inhibitor

[highlight]Wherever they are, they cause you shame; whichever way they go, they cause you pain and whenever they come back, they cause you panic.[/highlight] Yes! We are talking about unwanted hair— the greatest enemy of women and to some extent, of men too. Everyone, in today’s glossy world, wants a clean, fuss-free, hair-free and care-free skin and while achieving it, life becomes quite a mess. Foul smelling bleaches, skin burning hot waxes, cut and bruise caused by having blades and skin-irritating hair-remover creams— all these methods of unwanted hair removal are so fussy, uncanny and painful. We all simply hate them but sadly can’t do anything without them. Whatever our hair concerns are if ever there was a solution, it must be a futuristic one and that’s Barever— the newly launched natural hair inhibitor.

barever natural hair inhibitor

barever natural hair inhibitorAs a solution to all the above mentioned hair removal problems, Everteen has come up with a revolutionary product named Bareever, a natural hair inhibitor that makes you possess a soft, supple, smooth and wow hair-free skin in due course of time. Barever is made up of ingredients extracted out of natural elements and formulated scientifically to reduce your hair growth from the root level. It claims the thinning and weakening of hair follicles when penetrated into the skin right after your hair removal procedure.

How Barever works?

Barever goes hand-in-hand with all your hair removal systems be it your epilator, wax, hair-remover cream or shaving blade. This thick creamy formulation seeps into your skin through open-pores (caused by hair removal) and weakens hair roots and shafts duly in course of time. This effective formula is observed deeply into hair follicles and reduces hair growth by inhibiting it with its active hair damaging agents, resulting in thinner, weaker, lighter and finer hair day by day.

barever natural hair inhibitor
Friends for Today and Foes for Tomorrow

How to apply Barever?

After removing your hair from root level (with either waxing, epilating or hair-remover creams), apply a ‘pea’ size barever portion over treated area. Spread it evenly and massage over the area with your fingers gently till the cream gets absorbed into your skin. Apply it regularly for 5 days twice daily after your hair-removal session. And voila! Barever takes over the action!

barever natural hair inhibitor

Aftereffects of Barever!

After using Barever for last one month what I feel the most is being thankful to The Style Symphony without which I wouldn’t ever had come to know about such a miraculous product. Yes indeed, Barever is an innovative invention to the par about which most of the people (especially women) are even not aware about. For the last few years, unwanted facial and body hair has taken a toll on me due to aging and hormonal changes related to it. When I got this sample to use and review, I simply thought of giving it a miss as I had no idea about what kind of product it is and what its impact would be. And to my utter revelation, it turned out to be a miracle for my problem in mere less than a month. Only after the fourth day of application I found about 25% reduction in my unwanted hair. The hair growth is quite feeble, soft and light in texture and strength.

barever natural hair inhibitor

barever natural hair inhibitor

Pros of Barever! 👍

As I stated earlier, Barever has proven its functionality on me and this ‘not easily convinced’ middle aged woman is quite satisfied or rather say contented with its positive results.

The best thing about it is that it immediately soothes the irritated skin due to epilating or waxing thereby giving a calm and relaxing feeling.

Cons of Barever! 👎

This thick creamy formula is too oily and sticky so that it becomes quite sweaty to apply it in summers. Also, it gets messy while going out while applying Barever as it makes your skin greasy with a melting kind of feeling. Another unpleasant feature about Barever is its foul smell. You’d surely avoid applying Barever due to these reasons. But still, I would suggest you to give it a try on holidays or weekends as I’m confident enough to vouch for the results of Barever.

barever natural hair inhibitorCautions while applying Barever:-

  • Always perform a patch test for your skin sensitivity before usage.
  • Avoid using it near and around eyes.
  • For external use only
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after application as it may cause irritation to your eyes if touched by mistake.
  • Don’t use over damaged, hurt or peeled skin.

Priced at [highlight]INR 1,100/-[/highlight], currently available at [highlight]Rs. 875/-[/highlight] at almost all noted online shopping portals. It seems a bit expensive but seeing the effective results, I won’t mind buying it again and again.

🌟 TSS Star Rating: 4.8/5

So Symphonites, target unwanted hair— just Barever them wherever they are and dare to go bare! 🙂

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