Bedtime Rituals for my Hush Baby and her Angelic Sleep!

pampers bedtime rituals

They say, “Sleep like a baby”, but it’s really disheartening when even babies have to face restless days and sleepless nights. No matter how more or less demanding the babies are but for that peaceful tight sleep they ask for your concern that is no less than a legacy. Here I want to share my bedtime rituals which were though very generic, but useful for my fussy baby.

She was quite demanding so making her sleep quietly was quite a tedious task for me. Every second day I had to try new tricks to console her and convince her that it’s the time to sleep as she was more interested in play rather than sleep. Here are those precious bedtime rituals which I used to follow to make my task simpler.

BEDTIME RITUALS 1: A comfortable cradle 

Cuddling and pampering her for hours is what I used to do tirelessly. She used to smile, giggle and laugh, but no signs of sleep in her eyes. While I was so tired by that time that it was kind of torture for me holding her in my arms. That cute, little cradle was that blessing in disguise for me. My little angel was smart enough but was too small to understand that it’s the age-old tried and tested trick of mothers to befool their infants. Rocking that cradle was a bit simpler task rather than holding her in my arms for hours. And of course, one of the best bedtime rituals that is fool-proof.

bedtime rituals

BEDTIME RITUALS 2: My special lullabies

She was a music lover well before she was even born as music flew in her blood and genes. And guess what? She didn’t even sleep for a single day or night without my special lullaby. Those old Bollywood lullabies with classic touch always appealed her. So, rather than singing that common ‘loris’ I used to opt “Dhire se aaja re akhiyan mein” from the 1951 movie Albela. Signs of peace and tranquility were seen on her face the moment I used to start the song.

 BEDTIME RITUALS 3: Cuddle her & leave her among cuddlies

My baby was the most precious creation of God meant especially for me. She was, and of course is, the cutest doll I ever wanted to leave for a second without cuddling. But, my little wonder has so many tantrums that had tied me with responsibilities resulting in time constraints. Despite my willingness, I had to leave her on the cot at her sleeping time so I used to leave her with her favorite toys— with all her dolls and soft toys for that cuddly feel and warmth (though not human but akin to that).

bedtime rituals

BEDTIME RITUALS 4: The softest of night dress

No less than a cozy and comfy night-dress was needed for my baby for her goodnight sleep, as I wanted her to be 100 per cent while she was asleep. So while buying a night dress for her, my way to check the cloth was to touch it to my cheeks. If it was softer than my cheeks, I was sure enough that it was the best one for my baby to ensure her a sound good night sleep.

bedtime rituals

BEDTIME RITUALS 5: Those perfectly dry diapers

She was a happy baby indeed, excessively active, always smiling and the reason of smile to the whole family but her bedtime was quite unhappy for her as well as for me. Courtesy to those voluminous diapers that were though, good in absorption but my baby used to cry while turning sides.

bedtime rituals

The day I discovered Pampers Dry Pants my life became simpler as my baby neither had to carry those oodles of weight nor she felt wet while the world outside was dry. Her angelic sleep ensured me that she was as comfortable and dry, as I was while putting those Pampers Dry Pants and setting those bedtime rituals.

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