Silver Jubilee Birthday Celebrations with FlowerAura

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

Birthdays are always special, be it your first or the ones for which we get scared of being old. We become finer, wiser, better and certainly older with each of our birthdays. But, exceptional are those with which we enter into a remarkable era of life. On [highlight]1st of August, 2016[/highlight], my daughter Maitreni celebrated the 25th spring of her life, so this silver jubilee birthday of hers was indeed momentous for our family. And let me disclose the ‘cherry-on-the-cake’ of that gala occasion— it was none other than FlowerAura, the synonym of celebration, when words are not enough. 1st Aug, 2016 was indeed a notable day for me and my family on which FlowerAura added dollops of delight.

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

About FlowerAura:

FlowerAura is an online flower store that delivers best quality – fresh cut beautiful flowers at genuine prices all over India, handpicked by expert florists in your cities. Apart from flowers, they strive to make the occasion all the more special by delivering cakes, gifts, chocolates, teddy bears, sweets and much more to surprise your loved ones. Bringing a smile on your face and being your messenger with perfection is their motto. FlowerAura is always there for us on our special occasions when ‘Words are not enough’! 🙂

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

6 PM: 31st July, 2016 — We all were secretly planning to amaze Maitreni with frisky birthday wishes and a surprise midnight party. Just to make her dumbfound and astonished, we planned an outdoor décor in the garden area of our house so that she couldn’t guess what’s cooking outside. And the idea worked out just because she kept herself locked in her room that day, reason being she was upset on her birthday eve.

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

[highlight]11:30 PM: 31st July, 2016[/highlight]— Suddenly, it started drizzling and all the décor got spoilt. Rain-god was reluctant to this surprise thing. Somehow my husband managed to arrange a passable birthday décor in our portico.

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

[highlight]11:55 PM: 31st July, 2016[/highlight]— All of us were assembling at the door of Maitreni’s room keeping all the phone switched off so that no one could disturb us. But suddenly her phone started ringing. Annoyed, she murmured— “Who wants to be the first one to wish me? That too, before time! Spoilt sport!” She picked the call and came out of her room in her night dress. It was a call from FlowerAura. The delivery boy was standing at our gate, all scared, wet and shivering! Our pet dog Bambi was barking like a beast with an ’attack’ mode thinking him a thief or something! Completely drenched, he handed over the surprise gifts sent all the way from FlowerAura head-office.

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

[highlight]12:00 AM: 1st August, 2016[/highlight]— The clock struck 12 and we started wishing her with music and lights at the gate only.


flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

It was one of the most memorable days of my life as my princess turned 25 and was entering into a new era of adulthood, maturity and responsibility. Really? Is it? I don’t think so! 😛 She’s still like a kid from heart, anyone could make out as she was giggling and jumping with joy seeing a huge teddy bear from FlowerAura.

And my sweet tooth Anindhya was drooling over the delectable coffee cake! All this fun was happening under umbrellas and the all-soaked, shivering delivering boy was the ultimate prey to the sudden and unexpected gushes of Rain-god. We thanked him, and I even felt disconsolation for his poor condition but he smiled and revealed the last surprise of the D-day. It was a beautiful exotica bouquet with vibrant yellow and pink lilies filled with brightness and vivacity. A complimentary gift sent by local office of FlowerAura which was indeed the sweetest gesture! ^_^

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

Delicious cake, beautiful flowers and a huge cuddler teddy bear— Maitreni couldn’t have asked for more for that day, as she was already showered with blessings and good wishes by family and friends at midnight 12.

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

It started raining cats and dogs by the time we got ready to cut the cake. And the worst part? The power outraged due to heavy rains left us bang upon mere dimmed inverter lights. Photo clicks got spoilt due to droplets on the camera lens. Even my husband, my nephew and my maid were completely drenched during capturing those priceless moments. Thanks to that outdoor party plan.

But despite all that hurly-burly chaos, my princess was smiling! 🙂 The fashionista was posing for the camera in her exquisite green party gown with her new buddy— the cutest teddy! 🐻

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

Anindhya was busy stealing the choco-chips from the coffee cake and Naughty Naivaidyam was adamant to paint Maitreni’s face with cake’s icing. Finally, he managed to destroy her makeup and the moment was indeed priceless.

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishraflower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

Thank you FlowerAura for making my princess’s silver jubilee birthday super special! 😀


  • My heartiest belated greetings to Maitreni upon reaching the 25th milestone of life. Wish you lots of happiness and joy in the coming years.

    • Thank you so much Mr. Pasha, from Maitreni and me. Your wishes mean a lot. 🙂

  • Hii Maitreni
    Wishing you belated happy birthday and what a wonderful way to celebrate wow…wonderful pics and superb gifts … again wishing you a very happy and blessed year ahead 🙂

    • Thank you so much Mr. Bhavik, from Matreni and me. Glad that you liked the post and pics. Your wishes are indeed special 🙂

  • I love to gift fresh flowers and such cute gifts…very happy that Flower Aura made it so special for you 🙂 Have a wonderful year ahead 🙂

  • Thanks a bunch dear! I am sure Flower Aura would make your bday too extremely special <3

  • Yay it did! Thank you my dear <3

  • Sneh

    Congratulations on the Silver Jubilee!!! Seems you had a great time!! Cool pics!!

  • That was a grand celebration! Nothing could be better than a family celebration and, the flowers from Flower Aura made it all the more special… 🙂

    • Indeed a grand celebration dear. And the flowers truly did the trick! Thank you Mani <3

  • This is awesome to get a surprise at 12am, this will be a sweet memory in your diary Maitreni :)) All thanks to the FlowerAura. God bless you.

    • Indeed a special surprise Prasanna. Thank u so much! 🙂

  • Indrani

    Happy birthday Maitreni…. sorry it is so late!
    Loved the pics of your celebrations! Gorgeous dress, even more gorgeous you! 🙂

  • sunita

    We believe in our customs and traditions that if the heaven opens up, the occasion is auspicious and blessed…and I am sure the silver jubilee bash was indeed blessed by the Gods for a happy, prosperous and healthy life filled with lovely blogging tales!
    The floweraura was undoubtedly the icing on the cake and the pics of the cake, the flowers and the brown teddy with those awesome eyes are a treat! Great celebratory post Sangeetha ji!

    • Very well said ma’am. Couldn’t agree more with you! Thank you so much :’)

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    its really very good to know about the services of Floweraura, its very helpful for he people like me.
    nice pics of bday celebration.
    loved the gown of Maitreni Ji.
    good to read about your efforts and celebration, may god bless all of you and keep you unite with strong mental bonding.

    • thank u so much for your compliments & wishes Jyotirmoy! Means a lot when it comes from u 🙂

  • Belated Birthday Wishes Maitreni, You look fabulous girl.

    xoxo Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche!

  • Amit Agarwal

    Belated birthday wishes to Maitreni…God bless her!
    Glad to know about Floweraura..we use Firns and Petals:)

    • Thank u so much for your blessings Sir 🙂
      We have also used Ferns N Petals, but FlowerAura is equally good when it comes to punctuality & quality 😀

  • Anjali Sengar

    What an awesome surprise.. Kaash mujhe bhi milta.. he he he

  • MS Mahwar

    Lovely pics and flowers 🙂

  • FlowerAura added sparkle to the birthday celebrations. So thoughtful and wonderful.

  • Great celebration of your silver jubilee birthday, Maitreni made special with the timely delivery of flowers, cake and teddy right at midnight.

  • Lovely experience that brings smile on everyone’s face.:)

    Sriram & Krithiga

  • Awesome pics. Greetings 🙂
    Beautiful post, Nice to read about FlowerAura.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    aww…this is so so sweet!
    Loved reading about the birthday party. God bless you all.
    Beautiful pictures 🙂 <3

  • Saru

    What a day for her! She will treasure this forever. FlowerAura made it special for her. I would use and recommend their services to my friends and family back home.

    Wish I was there. Hope I will get a piece of cake when I visit you guys.

    • Indeed a memorable day! 🙂 Thank u so much and yes your share of cake is all there for u <3

  • U K

    FlowerAura makes every occasion extra special and I am glad it brought a smile on my princess’s face.😃