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The Style Symphony’s association with Blogmint is only a few months old but nevertheless merrier beyond words can say. A while back we were invited to join this bloggers network through email before which we weren’t ever sure enough Blogmint would take us to new heights and give our painstaking work a new meaning.  And yes… it did! 😀 For all of our fellow bloggers, aspiring ones and bloggers in the making, if you aren’t aware of what wonders Blogmint is up to, here’s a peek-a-boo to this every-growing and rising blog network.

The Style Symphony Blogmint

The Style Symphony Blogmint

What is Blogmint?

India’s very first automated platform, Blogmint build brand verses bloggers relationship. Through Blogmint, big brands can reach out to interested influencers and vice-versa to promote their products and services on their blog. Be it brand awareness or a new product launch, Blogmint is one effective area that can be utilized to the core for engagement between brands and their perspective bloggers for targeted audience. Monetizing through influencer marketing was never this fun than it is with Blogmint. And it’s not just about brand benefits but a mutual affair.

What is Blogmint

How does it work?

Well, through their optimum active hours on Blogmint, the bloggers can not only get recognition for their creativity but generate ample income through their blogging vlogging. The procedure to begin with is quite simple with an all the more easy sign up. Complete your Blogmint profile by linking your blog and all social mediachannels and you’re good to go! You can now discover campaigns and then apply for your choicest ones with your quote out of the many genres listed. On thorough inspection of your blog and work, the particular brand accepts or rejects your application if you fit their bill or not.

On successful approval, they either accept your quote or bid by putting up what they feel appropriate according to your blog and previous works. After a mutually consented figure, you can then go on and submit your draft to the brand for which normally a 72 hours period is given since the time of approval. In the midst, you can even get in touch with the brand through inbox facility in case of any queries. After the final moderation is over, you can successfully publish the blog with the help of some easy guidelines listed by Blogmint.

Bests About Blogmint!

One of the best things attributed with this procedure is that the brands rate your submission on a star rating of 5 and even provide their personal feedback on your blog which is a kind of testimonial for the blogger. This analysis and rate card would be really helpful for your associations with potential brands in future. You can check no. of visitors with the growth reach and response of your blog posts done for various campaigns in the analytics provided by Blogmint. And, what’s the cherry on the cake? Blogmint’s amazingly interactive team connects with you in lieu of a seamless payment mode and procedure. All you need to submit is your Bank details and Pan Card no. and Blogmint would do the transactions as quickly as possible. Isn’t it wow? 🙂

And now comes the Blog score which for The Style Symphony is a matter of pride and our flaunt factor too! 😀 On the basis of your blog’s overall performance, Blogmint rates bloggers on a scale of 100 which is also quite an attracting factor for brands. So the more your score, the merrier your brand’s inclination towards your blog! 😉 Here’s our score that we achieved in a short span of time through our hard work and engagements and of course which for even more to keep us on the move all the way on the go! :’)

Blogmint Score

So Symphonites, if you do feel your blog has what it takes to make a distinct mark among the marketing maniacs, go and register on Blogmint if you haven’t already and feel the difference just like we did.

The Style Symphony Blogmint

Join the Blogmint Bandwagon and get set Blogging Vlogging! :*

  • Kiran

    Wonderful article, thank you very much!

    “After the final moderation is over, you can successfully publish the
    blog with the help of some easy guidelines listed by Blogmint.”

    When you publish, where does the blog get published? Here on style symphony or blogmint?

    And what are the guidelines?

    Looking forward to learning more!

    • Hi thank you so much Kiran. 🙂 Well, the blog gets published at The Style Symphony. But, Blogmint provides certain HTML code which needs to be embedded by us while publishing it here so that Blogmint could analyze the visitor stats on that particular blog. Hope that’s clear… If not, feel free to raise your further queries. I would be happy to help anytime. Cheers!

  • Blogmint appears to be more rewarding.
    But I think membership is not free there like

    Anyhow thanks for sharing the info…

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by 🙂 There is no registration fee for Blogmint. I joined absolutely free of cost. Cheers!

  • Blogmint seems to be quite interesting. Thanks for the detailed info. Look forward to join it soon.

    • Thank you so much Fayaz. Glad to know it interests. Trust me you would love it too! 🙂

  • That’s a nice review of Blogmint Maitreni. I have written some posts for Blogmint, think there is some scope for improvement in terms of getting feedback from the brands on the posts.

    • Thanks a lot Somali. Glad to know you’re already connected with Blogmint. 🙂
      Well, yes the feedback could be a lil more intuitive and the approval time taken should be fastened.

  • Yes, Blogmint is very good platform and, I’ve worked with them, too. They are very much helpful to bloggers. Thanks for presenting such a nice review, Maitreni… 🙂

  • Indeed it is a good platform for bloggers.

  • Didn’t know about it. Seems to be a good platform for monetizing. Thanks Dear for sharing. 🙂

    And I wanna see video not its pic 😛

    • Thanks a lot Ravish. You should sign up too. Trust me, it’s gonna be really benefiting. 🙂 And yes, that video was too long covering a whole bloggers event. These snaps are taken from those exclusive places where we were featured. :-p

  • I like the concept of Blogmint. With a blog score of 86, I have never been accepted for any campaigns – may be I am not that good 🙂 My only hope now is with the contests 😀
    Congrats on making it big there 🙂

    • Thank you so much Teny. Even I love the Blogmint concept. You have an awesome blogscore buddy. Keep applying for newer campaigns. I’m sure some might fit the bill. Well, even participated in their contest for the first time in Myntra 😛