Two Days of Sagacity & Serendipity: BNLF #VOW2017, Dehradun with Indiblogger

BNLF #VOW2017 Dehradun Indiblogger

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I was waiting for 17th Nov. since last 3 months, from the day BNLF (Blog Now, Live Forever) was announced on Indiblogger’s social media channels. The dates were etched in my mind for several reasons, and self attainment was indeed the biggest of them all. Yes, it was worth a wait! Those 3 days ended with sheer euphoria! I got what I waited for! Bliss…!

Indiblogger bnlf


#BNLF and #V0W2017 has surely grabbed that special place in my heart as I discovered ‘a new me’ during those 3 days. Did so many things for the first time or after a long gap! Like, I traveled alone after 32 years! Last time, I traveled alone to ISM, (Indian School of Mines) Dhanbad to attend East Zone Youth Festival in 1985, representing my university (I was a college going teen then). Had undergone a ‘facial’ for the first time, all thanks to my daughter Maitreni who wanted me to look good (but I ended up with a swollen face with rashes all over). 😀 Missed a flight for the first time in my life despite being at the airport and a decent layover of 2 hours at Indira Gandhi T3 Delhi Airport!

I was missing all such silly mistakes, mischief , fun, spunk and spice in my life since long — all thanks to my overtly conscious personality, laden maturity and self-imposed responsibilities through years! Someone rightly complimented me sometimes back, “Are you, by any chance, 1000 years old?” 😀

Now coming back to BNLF! Those 3 days definitely had a momentous impact on my life which I would never forget. The experience, there at Dehradun had embarked indelible imprints on me. Witnessing and interacting with fellow bloggers was surely the cherry on the cake!. BNLF and Valley of Words 2017 was indeed the serendipity, we all bloggers were seeking for since last 2 years. Bloggers from different genres, people of various sensibilities were accumulated under one roof, protruding as warriors from different empires possessing a common sword— Words!

DAY1: Live Music Performance by Dehradun’s very own Bobby Cash at BNLF

DAY 2: Music Performance by various artists at BNLF, Dehradun!

Meeting with those awesome people in person, with whom I’ve always interacted and appreciated, was kind of a dream come true. I met many of my favorite writers and poets. We’d developed a strong virtual bond by reading and commenting on each other’s post and through social media, without even meeting in person before. It was a delight meeting with two of  the eminent bloggers, the wizard of words Mr. Rakesh Pandey from ‘Tales of the Opal Moon’ and enlightened thinker Mr. Ravish Mani from ‘The Way of Looking’, as I’ve been a great fan of their scribings.

With the raconteur, Mr. Rakesh Pandey

SEO King Mr. Kishore Kumar, Sports blogger Mr. Vikram Kamboj and Manpreet Kaur from ‘Finix Post’,were indeed a treat to meet with. I’ve got some awesome clicks with Manpreet, all thanks to her Indian Booktuber’s team. I’ve even shot by #Inditeam’s shutterbugs and loving my pictures on there fb page.

With the girl with effusive eyes and resplendent smile, Manpreet!
With Manpreet and Mr. Vikram Kamboj
BNLF #VOW2017 Dehradun Indiblogger
Happy to possess IB badges!

Last, but not the least, it was the #inditeam which made this BNLF experience consequential at par. Their congeniality, warmth and personal touch while dealing the situations, are the qualities I’ve always appreciated about them. Indiblogger is known for their phenomenal teamwork and integrity towards blogging, but I’ve seen their compassion and concern this time when I was not feeling well. I was offered all sorts of help and facilities to feel comfortable there. I’ve attended a couple of indimeets in past but this bnlf was indeed the best experience I’ve ever had. Waiting for the next one with bated breath!


BNLF #VOW2017 Dehradun Indiblogger
And I got a solo, clicked by Indi shutterbugs ! 🙂

Just 2 days and lots to explore! There are many facets of BNLF and Valley of Words that remained unexplained in this post! Book Launches, Exhibitions, Live music, Poetry recitation, food stalls and much more- wish I could amalgamate all in this ‘too personal’ post of mine, but I’m afraid it could have become too long and tedious to read! I attended a couple of book launches too, but what I enjoyed to the core was undoubtedly the live music show of Bobby Cash on Day 1. And not to mention, the star attraction of the event was the nerve gripping anchoring of the host Anoop who kept the jubilant spirit of Indiblogger alive. It was quite a fun watching people enjoying all the games and activities. Special thanks to Arjun, Saurabh, Nandita, and Mr. Renie Ravin for being on the toes throughout the event to make the it a huge success!

PS: The best experience of this trip was sharing those 2 days with my friend, (being a journalist, she was on a secret mission, so requested me not to reveal her name) who became the part and parcel of my life during the trip. Not only she had shared her room, food etc. with me, but also shot my best clicks, the way I was never clicked before. Thank you for making me look beautiful (which I’m certainly not).


Only Black for #BNLF

Those two days were indeed a dream come true for me! I would like to dedicate a Hindi verse (a Sher from my new Ghazal) to those memories engraved in my heart that are going to last forever…..

दो कदम साथ चल बिछड़ लिए, सपने ही थे,
किस कदर फेरें मुँह उनसे कि वो अपने ही थे …


Pic Courtesy: Indiblogger & Manpreet Kaur 


  • Rajeev Moothedath

    A very well written post with some lovely pics! Thanks for sharing!

  • Beautifully described, Sangeeta ji! Glad to know you had a wonderful time..and, I specifically loved those many ‘firsts’. Wish you to have more of such positively spunky moments! They bring ‘life’ to life.🙋☺☺

  • Thanks, Sangeeta Ji, for your kind appreciation. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you, but somehow, I felt we didn’t meet properly. Also we don’t have any picture together. I went to BNLF to meet people but don’t know what I did there.

    • Yes. This is the million dollar question he has raised now. That, what you guys did there? No pics? :/

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    Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  • Great to read. Thanks a lot for sharing BNLF event pic & video.

  • BNLF, Dehradun was indeed a beautiful experience. It was funny how I was trying to tell you who I am, and until I showed you my twitter pic, you had no clue who I was. I learned that day how important it is to keep your social media pictures updated. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Keep blogging!

  • very nice interesting informative post

  • Radhika Mundra

    I missed this year’s BNLF, but it’s as I I’ve seen it all through your words, Aunty. This was a pleasure to read.

    Do check out my latest if you find the time to. 🙂

  • Hi Sangeeta, Great to know that you took time out for yourself to live up the moments at the BNLF. The pictures are lovely and you look fabulous.

  • It was a fun-filled weekend to celebrate blogging – all that unites us. Today my BNLF memories got refreshed. Thank you, Sangeeta – you summed it up quite well!