Boat School to Light up little Lives of Banaras!

boat school banaras

Falling under the largest zone of illiterate adults currently India has population of about 287 million people i.e., 37% of the globe being underprivileged. This provoked Tata Capital to come up with their intriguing story in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Varanasi is recognized as the religious, traditional and cultural hub of India. Vibrant and chaotic, it dates back to one of the most ancient oldest cities in the world. Mass people have been congregating to the river Ganga in order to wash a lifetime of sins away in the sacred waters.

However, gradual negligence over the years has not only made the sacred waters of the Ganga exhausted but made it known for being the most polluted.

Likewise, they’re those river banks of Varanasi which observe a lot of children getting engaged into numerous trades and aimlessly wasting their precious time. This restricts their inclination towards knowledge gaining to a large extent. However, even in the oldest city in the world certain individuals do exist with a contemporary style of thoughts.

Hence, an NGO, Guria under the leadership of Ajeet Singh began with a novel as well as an innovative ‘boat school’ in order to help those underprivileged children. It’s indeed been a stepping stone in the world of learning where the children used to spend two hours after their regular  school day in studying, playing or revising without any peer pressures or tensions.

Apart from all those initiatives by the boat school that have been creating quite a stimulating environment for the children, it has plenty of potential, with even further scope for enhancement. What is actually needed by this boat school is that magical transformation!

This transformation begins rightly with restoration and redecoration of the interiors to bestow them with an optimum learning environment with the provision of necessary books, CDs, stationery, educational toys, computer and even a painting kit.

If this solution emerges progressing enough in the small town of Banaras, then similar efforts could be brought into action across the entire nation ensuring a future for India that is far better than the current scenario. Children are then deemed to get their right to education that they deserve.

Thus, with a firm vision and determination to support the cause, The Style Symphony calls out all your symphonites out there to help us create  awareness by spreading the word across in favour of this social cause. Do not forget to join hands in their noble campaign at

Have a glance at the whole story and do not hesitate in donating your precious share towards the unique Varanasi boat school which can aid this harbor of learning to achieve a magical transformation. This journey of doing right will certainly ensure the most ideal learning environment for the children.

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