Boroplus Antiseptic Cream & Total Results Body Lotion Review

boroplus cosmetics hamper

Spring is come with refreshing breeze of change! Though we all love everything about spring, those new leaves, fresh flowers, fragrance in the air, but what bothers us much is the change in our skin tone—Dry flakes, chapped lips, irritating red patches that resemble those dry leaves that are the by-product of spring. Boroplus healthy skin range is indeed a blessing in disguise to fight the signs of dryness during deadly season changes.

boroplus cosmetics hamper

Kudos to the house of Himani for leading the market of antiseptic creams and lotions for over 100 years, and excelling in the natural cosmetic industry unparalleled. While reviewing Boroplus healthy skin antiseptic cream and total results body lotion, I didn’t face that regular fear of mine which I usually do when I try some new brands. The age-old trust Himani has built over the market of natural cosmetics is in itself enough to bring that confidence over Boroplus antiseptic cream and Total results body lotion.

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Boroplus Antiseptic Cream:

Used as the most trusted natural product since years, Boroplus antiseptic cream claims to contain natural ingredients like the extracts of nimbu, chandan, tulsi and kapoor kachari, etc.These natural herbs, at the end, are beneficial to the skin and have therapeutic properties for minor skin ailments like cuts, burns, bruises, chapped lips, excessive dryness, scratches, rashes and irritation.

boroplus antiseptic cream

Pros of Boroplus antiseptic cream:

A tube of Boroplus antiseptic cream is a handy first-aid kit in itself. You can always carry it in your handbag as an instant cure for those sudden mishaps. It nourishes your skin well, wards off dryness, and protects against sudden season attacks.

Cons of Boroplus antiseptic cream:

This thick creamy white ointment is excessively oily and could lead you in sudden breakouts. It’s so rich in texture that it takes longer than normal time to blend in your skin and leaves sticky and tacky skin sometimes. So, it’s neither appropriate for oily skin nor it’s suitable for outdoor uses.

Overall impact:

Although I have tried it in my childhood, trying it again after years was indeed a nice experience for me. Its soothing effect as well as nice herbal fragrance is awesome. Since my skin is normal, it blended into my skin pretty well though took a little longer. Being a herbal formula, Boroplus antiseptic cream assures me that I’m protected, hydrated, and well ensured that there is somewhere a trustworthy brand name like Himani that I can bang upon.

Priced at Rs. 85/- for an 80 ml tube is quite an economic deal to splurge in, so my [highlight]overall rating is 4/5[/highlight].

Boroplus Total Results Moisturizing Lotion

While spring brings in dryness, it sometimes becomes quite sticky and sweaty too. For those less dry wind days, no one would like to apply an extremely oily cream like Boroplus antiseptic cream for that matter. Himani has brought in an altogether new product called Boroplus Total results moisturizing cream. As per the claims of the brand, this new moisturizer fights 8 signs of dryness with skin-friendly ingredients like milk cream and almonds.

Pros of Boroplus Total results moisturizing cream:

As Himani claims, I like its moisture content as it hydrated me from beneath. My skin felt soft and fragrant for our after use. The soft, mild floral fragrance lingers for hours, but not over powering at all.

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Cons of Boroplus Total results moisturizing cream:

Despite being so critical, it was difficult for me to find any demerits of this Boroplus Total Repair moisturizing lotion. What I could say against it is merely its pop-opening cap packaging which sometimes opens up while kept in my handbag and leads to leakage. A press-pump dispenser would be a better choice!

boroplus body lotion

Overall impact of Boroplus Total results moisturizing cream:

According to me, this nourishing moisturizing lotion works wonders on my normal skin. It does fab job in winters as well as in any other weather when your skin tends to get more dry than normal and needs hydration to the core.

Priced at Rs. 30/- for a small and handy pack of 35 ml, it’s quite an economic moisturizing lotion which serves at its best. My [highlight]overall rating:- 4.5/5[/highlight].