Brillare Balancing Essentials Kit Review: The Science of MIXOLOGY

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Recently we have received this balancing essentials kit by Brillare India, the skincare hamper containing cleanser, toner and sun-protection moisturizer. This kit provides a complete solution to my skincare regimen as it cleanses, hydrates, and protects our skin from morning till evening. We are using all of these 3 products since last 1 month and there are certainly clear and positive results visible on our facial skin.

Recently, I received this balancing essential kit from @brillareindia a complete skin-care hamper containing cleanser, toner and sun-protection moisturizer. The trio has provided me a complete solution to my skin-care regimen in a mere 3-day use. With its cleansing, hydrating and protecting properties, my skin is happy-go-lucky from morning till evening. I’m using all the 3 products together and there are clear and positive results visible on my facial skin. Since these products are developed from natural ingredients, ‘paraben, preservatives and fragrance’ free, these are a bliss for the people with sensitive skin though suited to all skin-types. I’ve noticed a calm and soothing effect on my skin without any stickiness and blotchiness. All the 3 products, ‘Micellar Water Mist’, ‘Energy Water Mist’, ‘Sunscreen Radiance SPF 30’ are water based, thus super-light with oil-free texture, so get easily observed into skin without leaving any stains or residue over it. I am quite satisfied with the results with a squeaky-clean skin, i.e., completely hydrated and well-protected. 😇 #skincare #toner #moisturizer #beauty #bblogger #thestylesymphony #cosmetics #brillare #cleanser #parabenfree #naturalingredients #radiance #potd

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CLEANSE: Miscellar Water Mist

Miscellar Water Mist by Brillare acts as a cleanser and is surely an innovative product as its water based unlike other sticky, oily cleansing lotions, thereby suitable for all skin types. The best part about this cleanser is that it’s bliss for people with sensitive skin because it’s paraben-free. It cleanses your skin from deep within and opens up clogged pours and brings back squeaky clean fresh skin. It removes dead and dull skin too. Miscellar Water Mist works wonders as a makeup remover. You can carry this handy, unbreakable bottle anywhere because of it having leak-proof spray nozzle which is quite easy to apply and carry.

HYDRATE: Energy Water Mist

Energy Water Mist by Brillare is a happy change, a renovation, a step ahead of moisturizing. It’s a water-based formula that penetrates deep within skin-pores, enlivens dermis and epidermis and brings back the lost glow. It works as a skin-polishing serum, thereby suitable for all skin types. Natural and completely free from all chemicals especially paraben, Energy Water Mist is a light-weight non-sticky formula that gets absorbed by skin in a few seconds and leaves soft, supple, shiny and healthy skin.

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PROTECT: Sunscreen Radiance SPF 30

Last but certainly not the least, Sunscreen Radiance SPF 30 by Brillare, is a product that is a must-have for all who are looking for a result-oriented and effective SPF lotion. It bestows upon you the best results in terms of care, replenishment and protection. Its SPF count 30 is sufficient enough for Indian weathers. It’s a super-light oil-free textured lotion that gets easily absorbed into skin without leaving any stains or residue that other sunscreen lotions normally have. You can hover over whole day long without even getting noticed of wearing any sunscreen cream or lotion. Also, I’ve noticed its soothing effect on my skin. No stickiness, no blotches, not even any burning sensation or any traces— I loved its cooling effect on my skin the most.

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This balancing essential kit by Brillare skin sciences containing these 3 cleansing, hydrating and protecting products are part of Brillare’s unique and innovative skin science called mixology that caters specific products for each skin types.

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MIXOLOGY: the new Methodology in Beauty by Brillaire Skin Sciences

Mixology, a mix of nature’s bliss and technology; that’s what Brillare has created with perfection using quality natural ingredients using their high-end technology. Mixology brings in state-of-the-art skin-care regimen, especially formulated for every single skin-type while facials offer similar remedies for all. Mixology bestows upon our skin, custom-made solution for each and every person which facials fail to offer with their generalized approach towards different skin-types. So, mixology is indeed able enough to endow us with better results than facials. Mixology very well understands nature’s creation, our skin and proves that we are not clones but humans possessing unique personalities as well as skin. So, it’s a fact that Mixology proves to be better than facials in all respects!

Brillare Balancing Essentials Kit Review

One session of Mixology is sufficient enough to address multiple and single skin concerns. Mixology is an innovative science that caters to the needs of people having different skin properties. It’s a science told in the most artistic way. As we know, our skin is like our fingerprint;- unique, one-of-a-kind and absolutely different from others. So, to take optimum care of it, what we need is a specific treatment, especially formulated to suit our skin that is, all the more special. With #Mixology, Brillare brings in brilliance to our skin care regimen, that is, adequate enough to handle the problems occured on that specific skin type. Mixology is the amalgamation of science and creative arts which results in the development of state-of-the-art skin care products suitable to everyone’s preferences according to their skin-types. And those innvoative ingredients used in that specific product through Mixology works wonders even at a single use. Yes! It’s a FACT that skin shows positive changes after the first ever use of mixology! So, we need Brillare’s MIXOLOGY! 🙂


  • Nice review, Maitreni. Haven’t tried the brand though, but, will remember next time… 🙂

  • Well reviewed, Maitreni. What fascinated me is the clarity of pictures and logo of TSS on the product bottles. It appears that the product comes with the logo. Does TSS logo on products photoshopped or real?