Canara Bank HSBC OBC ULIP: Plan the uncertain

canara HSBC OBC ulip Plan

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Life is uncertain. No matter how much we systemize, synchronize and arrange it, we should always be prepared to welcome unwanted, unwilling. “Uncertainty doesn’t make life worth living, quite, but it does make striving and gambling worth attempting”— rightly said by Walter Kirn. But, a wise person always substitutes ‘striving and gambling’ as ‘saving and planning’. Being rational species, we always save our last bite for the next meal unlike animals. An animal overeat its food and throws the left-over but we, the human, eat only what is required and try to save meals even for our generations to come. Though I am exaggerating the facts but it’s indeed true. A good homemaker, like me, always saves food for the unexpected guests, money for the unwanted situations and courage for the unavoidable mishaps of life that leads me to plan the future and ensure the lives of my family and especially of my kids.

I have always been in search of a good investment plan to secure my kid’s future. In fact, we have opted for many in the past. Some of them are investment or saving plans. And like other caring parents, we have even ensured their future by picking up some life-insurance plans too. But the problem is to manage all of them alone. Too many plans, investment, savings, insurance and only a set of parents to manage them! Sometimes, we miss out the deadlines, and sometimes we even forget to upgrade and reissue them. So I was always looking for a suitable plan for my daughters, which amalgamates the benefit of both— investment as well as insurance.

Recently, I’d come to know about the HSBC OBC ULIP plan by Canara bank.

canara HSBC OBC ulip Plan

Canara bank HSBC OBC ULIP Plan

It’s an about-to-be-launched future plan by Canara bank that has double benefits. It works in a dual way as it is a part-investment and part-protection plan. It is quite helpful for the people like me who are looking for a plan that assures benefit options suited to their needs. We all dream big when it comes to our kids, for their education, wedding and all other endeavors of life. We always strive to put the best of our efforts to secure their future with money, health, happiness and all other goodness of life. Canara bank HSBC OBC ULIP Plan helps us in achieving all these.

Canara bank HSBC OBC is a financial plan that provides life insurance coverage too in adverse situations. It’s a value-for-money plan that endows us with the choice of opting protection suited to us. But the cherry on the cake is its being the most user-friendly ULIP plan ever, where the consumer’s benefits and ease are streamlined. We can be insured directly, without any glitch and hindrance, such as;-

  1. No middle man is required.
  2. It’s available right at our finger tips (online).
  3. We can choose our very own (customized) plan according to our preferences.

It’s indeed essential that we should live our lives to the fullest and enjoy it to the core. As people say, “We shouldn’t sacrifice our present happiness for the uncertain future.” Still, we make plans to protect our future, take precautions, save, try to earn big– all for the sake of our family’s future. That is the motto of Canara bank HSBC OBC ULIP Plan.