Catch-up on Lost Growth & Get the Sigh of Relief!

horlicks growth +

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”— James Cash Penney

Like James Cash Penney said it, the proper growth and development of a child depend upon many socio-familial factors, where nutrition plays the key role. Being a mother of two grown-up kids, I know about all the challenges and fears of a mother raising fussy toddlers. Those were the days when feeding my picky kids was the biggest power-struggle for me, where the dining table was the battle field, my daughters and me were the soldiers. That ‘tug-of-war’ used to end up in vomiting, and the defeated soldier (me) was left mopping the floor (because house maids refused it); sobbing and blaming their father, the silent spectator.

More or less, this is the story of every household, where mothers have the responsibility to cope with their kids’ growth while handling their dining-dramas.

Proper growth: The prime concern

It’s indeed vital for our kids to maintain balance in terms of mental as well as physical growth. Indian mothers, often become conservative and think the old school way when it comes to their kids’ health. No matter how educated and modern we are, we still feel our kid should be the tallest, cutest, chubbiest and smartest of them all. This leads us to over-feed our kids resulting in obesity and imbalanced nutrition in them.

I, too, was stuck in such social scenario and always wanted my babies to be the tallest and the cutest (actually and ironically the fattest) once. If they lost even a half pound weight, it caused me a social stigma. Then gradually, I discovered that my kids had turned obese which was alarming. I revamped my mindset and started thinking the other way round. I completely altered their diet plan. Carbohydrates and fatty foods were replaced with fresh fruits and veggies. And I checked on the problem!

However, two things remained the same during those fat-to-fit days— growth and Horlicks.

  1. My daughters were always the tallest and the smartest amongst the other kids of their age-group.
  2. I never compromised on their milk powered with Horlicks, a food-supplement considered best for the growth of kids.

The old school habit I had learnt from my mother to empower the milk with Horlicks had always been my savior during those dining dilemmas, foody tug-of-wars, fussy and picky feeding sessions. Even today, the girls are the same fussy eaters. So, I repeat the year’s old routine of forcing them to drink a glass full of milk loaded with horlicks every morning and evening. And then, I breathe out with a sigh of relief. I have initiated the same old habit of mine in my sis-in-law, a new and inexperienced mom, who has a hectic work schedule. She hardly gets time to run after her 2 years old son. She also gets the same ‘Horlicks-sigh-of-relief’. Because it’s the growth that matters! Time has changed and the new generation of moms and their toddlers luckily have the more developed and upgraded version of health supplement ‘Horlicks Growth+’.

horlicks growth +

Only a mom can tell you what’s that feeling is when your kid is well-grown, well-fed, and well-developed physically, mentally and psychologically. Seeing your happy and healthy child is the most overwhelming feeling a parent could get. It feels you proud of your most desired achievement.

After all—

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”— Napoleon Hill

Sangeeta Mishra

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Jab mei chhota tha tab mei bhi Horlicks peeya karta tha.

    • Hehe…. Sabhi chote bacche Horlicks peete hain, kabi na kabhi. 🙂