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“Half Girlfriend?” ❣️ Well, Feelings Need No Fancy Names!

Half Girlfriend movie 2017

This is a winning post on Blogadda for the meet n greet Half Girlfriend contest! LOVE —> AFFAIR —> COMMITMENTS —> RELATIONSHIPS Are the above phases only relatable to the couples called ‘Boyfriend—Girlfriend’? Well, not really! Every passionate phase in life is synonymous to just one name and that is as simple and as pure as FEELINGS. With the terminology of Half Girlfriend quite in rage right now in lieu of the upcoming Bollywood release based on Chetan Bhagat’s 2014 romantic novel, ... Read More »

The Story of A Suicide: The Void beneath the Complex Mind

The Story of A Suicide

This post won first prize in Indiblogger’s  Book Review/ Indichange contest sponsored by Nalandaway! They ended their lives and I wondered why? When I was a kid, I witnessed two women committing suicide under my vicinity. One of them, my neighbor’s wife, simply ended her life because of the embarrassment she felt out of her in-laws making fun of her. She was being blamed for wooing her husband and distracting him of his studies. Embarrassed, ashamed and distressed, the new ... Read More »

A Shakespearean Fool: An April Fool Five Sentence Fiction

~ FSF ~                                            ~ FSF ~                                               ~ FSF ~ My brother introduced him to me during his wedding, saying — “Didi, meet Joy, my friend and the greatest fool on this planet, a flop engineer and ... Read More »

Breathless: Five Sentence Fiction

five sentence fiction

“Take a deep breath, hold it for a while, release it slowly and let me examine you to find the cause of your spasmodic griping pain”— the doctor told to her. “Let my husband go out of your chamber, then only I could do this breathing exercise”— she replied to the doctor with an irritated gesture. The doctor smiled and asked her about her food habits, after sending her husband out of the room. “My husband and in-laws have made ... Read More »

Peppy Pixie & her Zica-licious Fantastico Fashion: Tata Tiago Car Review


“She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes;” 💃🏻 — Lord Byron Walking with grace and beauty, she entered into little Pixie’s life, like a fairy Godmother. Then our Pixie’s monotonous life turned into a peppy one like VIBGYOR, with fairy’s fantastico fashion tips. That day, the infuriated Pixie had to attend the gala dinner at the prince’s-charming palace and she ... Read More »

Love & Beyond: He made an Impact!

love and beyond

“Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy. Even love unreturned has its rainbow.” ― J.M. Barrie Love is the most transcendent feeling in this universe, ethereal than the air and sturdier than the rocks. And he proved it, that failing in love shouldn’t end up in falling in life. My father recited his story of true love and its impact on him, when I was a kid. Vinay was popular in my family as ‘Chota Kant’, the youngest son ... Read More »

FSF PART III: The Princess, Deathly Evil and the Incomplete Story!

FSF hallucinations

After all the love and support bestowed upon our FSF Part I & FSF Part II, I’m truly thankful to all my readers from the bottom of my heart for your valuable response on this fiction series. Please do read this third as well as concluding part of this FSF (Fifteen Sentence Fiction) and kindly do provide your comments and opinions on the same. 🙂 FSF (Five Sentence Fiction) ‘Twas partly love and partly fear, which made the princess dwell ... Read More »

FSF Part II: The Princess,the seductive charmer & the incomplete story!

Firstly I thank all my readers for your love and response on the Part I of my incomplete story (FSF). The way it grabbed attention of all the learned people on TSS makes me humbling. So, the part II of the story is quite influenced by the views shared by you all, in which, the righteous frog prince emerges victorious over all and was clearly proved the winner. Though the frog prince was the most talked about, yet the evil ... Read More »

The Three Princes & the Incomplete Story: Five Sentence Fiction

five sentence fiction fsf the style symphony

The king and the queen were worried about their princess’ future as she was way too immature and innocent than her age and had an inclination towards evil and dreadful. When she turned out to be marriageable, there came three princes in her life— a Prince Charming, a Frog Prince and a Seductive Charmer. The prince charming though didn’t love her but was the most eligible bachelor of the kingdom— rich, handsome, brave and suave, what the princess liked a ... Read More »

Love and Pebbles: Five Sentence Fiction

~ Five Sentence Fiction ~                                                               ~ Five Sentence Fiction ~ She had a keen eye for diamonds and he loved to shower them upon her to show his love. When he hurt her for the first time, he said ‘sorry’ with a solitaire, she smiled and forgave him. He was ... Read More »

FSF: The Black Coat, Bare Hands and the Modern-day Gift of Magi


A Five Sentence Fiction… On that scorching hot May morning, he was sweating abruptly in his black lawyer’s coat, so she wiped his face softly with her red glass bangles laden hands and said— “why don’t you buy an air conditioner for your chamber?” “No-no, I’ll rather buy gold bangles for you for which I’ve got Rs. 30,000/- as the fees for 3 criminal cases and I’ve to attend 3 back-to-back hearings in court today”, — he, though, smiled but ... Read More »

Melancholy: Between Tears & Smiles (Five Sentence Fiction)


Shraddha erupted into tears holding her new born baby in hands, thinking she was the greatest gift of God to her after those stressful struggles, tyrannical traumas and anguished agonies. Seeing her cry the nurse smiled and said, “Seems she wished a boy that’s why she’s unhappy giving birth to this girl.” Everyone, there, misunderstood her tears as she was crying recklessly seeing her dejection being rewarded as a daughter to answer back her gender bias surroundings and to prove ... Read More »

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