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Dream Wedding now turns Delightful with No-Strings-Attached anymore!

Tata Capital wedding loan #OneWeddingWish

As they rightly say, “Every girl has that perfect plan of what her wedding would be like“! Yes! All of us have those big dreams about our D-day so that it turns out to be as memorable as it can and could be etched forever in everyone’s heart. And like every other girl-next-door, I think no different. I remember when I used to share my wishes about a dream wedding with my mom during childhood, how she used to giggle ... Read More »

Buying your dream car before turning 25 isn’t a Holy grail anymore!

SIP the style symphony maitreni mishra with dream car

“Wish I could buy my dream car before I turn 25”— many youngsters, today, have more or less similar dreams. Be it, the car of your choice or house or world tour, you always want to fulfill your dreams within a time-frame and mindset, as some dreams lose their charm if you cross the time limit. So, it’s better to save and invest regularly before it’s too late. But, is it enough to invest in haste? Certainly, not! If you’re ... Read More »

9 Personal Finance Tips I learnt from my Dad to Plan my Present and Future

fiance tips from dad

One day during 1980s, my Dad arrived home with a beautiful painting. He kept it in the small living room of our home with great fanfare. Mom laughed and asked, what on earth was he planning to do with it? The entire painting consumed the maximum space of the room. “Well, someday we will shift to our bigger home” he said, “and this was the ‘future’ investment. My Dad was a great example of how to strike a perfect balance ... Read More »

SEREIN, the Luxury Township at the lush Malabar Hill of Thane

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe!”— and that nursery rhyme came true when I visited the hanging gardens and Kamla Nehru Park of Malabar Hills years back and entered into the ‘Boot-Shoe House’. I was not an old woman then, but wanted a similar house for me, amidst the very same greenery when I’d grow old. ‘A middle-class person residing in Malabar Hills’— would sound a shaggy-dog story for many but Serein has made it possible ... Read More »

Canara Bank HSBC OBC ULIP: Plan the uncertain

canara HSBC OBC ulip Plan

Life is uncertain. No matter how much we systemize, synchronize and arrange it, we should always be prepared to welcome unwanted, unwilling. “Uncertainty doesn’t make life worth living, quite, but it does make striving and gambling worth attempting”— rightly said by Walter Kirn. But, a wise person always substitutes ‘striving and gambling’ as ‘saving and planning’. Being rational species, we always save our last bite for the next meal unlike animals. An animal overeat its food and throws the left-over ... Read More »

Help the Cyclist without arms to raise funds for participating in Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2017

athlete Jagwinder Singh

migme is raising funds on its social entertainment platform for Super Singh This is the story of an athlete who didn’t let any obstacle get in the way of his dream! He left no stone unturned to cross all impediments and emerge as a winner. He was born without hands, but, his fascination for cycling started when he saw his sister cycling in front of him as a child. Despite his family warning him not to cycle, he still went ... Read More »

Press Release – GST in India


FACT hails passing of GST Bill by Indian Parliament – ready to launch GST ready ERP Software for Indian Companies FACT Solutions India hailed the passing of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Bill by Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) as the most progressive and far reaching tax reform measure ever undertaken by the Govt of India. “The impact will be unprecedented and will transform India into a single unified marketplace”, says Mr. Arvind Agarwalla, Founder & CEO of ... Read More »

YES BANK announces Financial Results : PRESS RELEASE

yes bank logo

Key Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement Highlights Net Profit of INR 8 Crores in Q1FY17; y-o-y growth of 32.8% Total Net Income of INR 2,217.1 Crores in Q1FY17 y-o-y growth of 1% Net Interest Income of INR 1,316.6 Crores for Q1FY17; y-o-y growth of 2% on back of growth in Advances & CASA. NIM expanded to 3.4% in Q1FY17 from 3.3% a year ago RoA stands at 7%, RoE at 20.7% for Q1FY17 Book Value at INR2 per share as ... Read More »

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