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My Chip ‘n’ Dale & the mystery behind the stolen Terra Chips!

terra chips the style symphony

It was a slightly cold morning of 14th November and my Chip ‘n’ dale, (my nephews) were demanding for a kids’ party as it was International Children’s day. I call my two naughty nephews with the names of various cartoon characters, sometimes ‘Tom and Jerry’ and at times, Chip ‘n’ Dale. Though they fight with each other most of the time, yet it’s difficult to keep them apart. So, to please them, I planned a theme kids’ party for my ... Read More »

Sugarfree Khajoor: Savor the new version of Bihar Delicacy

sugar-free khajoor

Life is an amalgam of all the tastes—sour, salty, bitter, spicy. But the taste which rules our taste-buds, is indeed no other than the sweet one. A foodie is incomplete without savoring the ‘queen of all Rasas’— ‘The Madhurya Rasa’—‘The sweet flavour’. A meal is considered inadequate if it lacks a desert or sweet-dish. It’s the one taste which rules almost all kinds of cuisines and we cannot ignore that hidden sweet-tooth inside our mouths, no matter what kind of ... Read More »

Let’s put that McCain-ian Smile on her Face 😊

McCain Smiles

“We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”— Mother Teresa. 😊 This simple innocent, smile adds that poetic touch when life turns prosaic. Adding smiles to my life is not a difficult task for me as my small world consists of nothing but sheer grin. I very well know how to bring forth those priceless expressions on the faces of my kids. But when I seek the same smile on that face which is around me, ... Read More »

Who says I’m a bad cook? I know my Food Fixes!

Tiny Owl logo

My food tales are indeed those horror stories where a health conscious ‘lady of the house’ imposes her diktats upon her family to eat right and everyone refuses. And there arises the chaotic situation where the clash of opinions turn into a tug of war and my family ends upon tagging me with the bad cook title. Despite being a smart homemaker, I’m entitled as a bad cook and this tag of mine is the by-product of my being over-smart ... Read More »

A balanced honey diet: sweeter, healthier alternative to a crash diet

dabur honey diet

Busy, busy, busy… being busy is an effortless process that comes when you are ambitious by default. And who is not ambitious in modern times? Well, being an ambitious person, I’m a captive of my busy schedule which some or the other way leads me towards an unhealthy life where I’ve no choice but to bang upon a crash diet. Who doesn’t want to stay fit, and if I cannot (courtesy to my busy schedule) at least I could fake ... Read More »

Recipes Granny cooked for me: All-time drool-worthy!

kebab recipes

Gone are the days when I used to make paper boats to travel the seven seas of rain ponds and drool over those yummy recipes (especially, those onion pakodas) cooked by my Granny. Time passed by and as we grew up, my Granny improvised her cooking skills and graduated into a self-proclaimed chef. All what she wanted was that her grand children should remember her recipes for their lifetime. Though her onion pakodas and aaloo bhajias were quite yummy, she ... Read More »

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