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Online Consultation: Finding a solution for your physical problems!

online consultation

We live in an era where we are always rushing by the deadline. One of the biggest concerns of this timeline-bound generation is a lack of time for proper healthcare. Whether we fall sick or something may be bothering our health for a while, it is often ignored considering the entire hassle of physically consulting a doctor. Getting an appointment with a specialist can often be difficult, not to forget that they may not be available at all times. Fortunately, ... Read More »

Cheering runners at Mumbai Marathon SCMM powered by Jet Airways

Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon SCMM 15 January CST Mumbai Jet Airways Maitreni with John Abraham

They say, “All good things are worth the wait”… and I did wait so long to see my childhood dream get fulfilled. And the realm turned into real in front of my eyes! As a kid, I always used to watch the Mumbai Marathon every year and the most attractive thing that time was to see celebs running with the commoners. But later I realized that the greatest ethos of the marathon was the nil-desperandum spirit of Mumbai. Being a ... Read More »

Tips to Stay Healthy in an office job: An A to Z outlook

office health tips

Hectic! Isn’t it? I mean your work schedule! Waking up early in the morning, travelling to your workplace, sitting 9 to 5 on your desk, coping up with the stressful atmosphere, meeting up with your own expectations, dealing with peer pressure, handling colleagues’ mood swings and boss’s anger…. huff huff! What to do after a grueling day at work? Definitely, you are all drained out an exhausted and the comfort zone of your home turns out to be inferno if ... Read More »

How to stay away from stress at your office: Tips for workplace

stress binging workplace

Pick-Me-Ups at Work don’t pick you up when you are in Stress! Cups of hot tea several times a or coffee, day amidst your hectic executive hours, a still drink after a grueling day at work, a smoke whenever you can at your workplace, candy or chocolate in between those busy hours— temptations too tough to resist for the workaholics. Habits as natural as breathing need to change now! Stop and think before you reach for those cups to bust ... Read More »

Importance of Water: Sense your dog from suffering these summers!

dog care

Water water everywhere… nor any drop to drink Keep your dog hydrated… do not let it shrink!             If you aren’t aware of this, our dogs just akin to humans are composed of almost 80 percent water. The role of fresh water is extremely vital in order to keep their body running smoothly. Especially, water is a much need for dogs at all times whether be they indoors, or outdoors. As a role of parent for our pets, it’s highly ... Read More »

Catch-up on Lost Growth & Get the Sigh of Relief!

horlicks growth +

“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”— James Cash Penney Like James Cash Penney said it, the proper growth and development of a child depend upon many socio-familial factors, where nutrition plays the key role. Being a mother of two grown-up kids, I know about all the challenges and fears of a mother raising fussy toddlers. Those were the days when feeding my picky kids was the biggest power-struggle for me, where the ... Read More »

Thyrocare Arogyam Package: Take Thy Care


In this fast pacing world, what’s on stake at the most is our health. No matter how hard our efforts are, our health concerns are always being sidelined less or more. So, the motto to step ahead towards a healthy life should be ‘Prevention, Protection & Care’. Thyrocare, the name is enough when it comes to preventive healthcare labs. Recently, we, at The Style Symphony availed their services when we needed regular diagnostic testing of blood. As they say, ‘Prevention ... Read More »

Yoga Poses to Practice Everyday Part II


In our previous blog post about Yoga, we discussed some difficult yet effective yoga poses to maintain the equilibrium of body, mind and soul. But before we practice those tough yoga poses which need optimum flexibility, we require to practice some basic ones. Following are the next set of easy yoga asanas which you can yourself practice at home without the help of any experts! 🙂 1. PRASARITA PADOTTANASANA It helps in lengthening the spinal column and stretching the legs ... Read More »

Top 10 Yoga Poses to practice everyday!


They say, “Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements.” Yoga helps to maintain an adequate balance between the mind, body and soul. Yesterday, 21st June, being the International Yoga Day, we at, The Style Symphony thought of celebrating it in our distinct way. Following are the 10 unique yoga poses to boost your stamina and make you delve into a healthy lifestyle! 🙂 1. NATARAJASANA It helps in improving the balance of the body and concentration ... Read More »

7 Tips on how to fight with Bad Breath

bad breath

Summer is the time to socialize as undesirable as bad breath to stop you from attending the most happening dos. Embarrassed by bad breath? You need not go to a dentist but can fix it yourself at home. So, here’s The Style Symphony dishing out some quick fixes to cure bad breath in the comfort of your home without the help of experts! Bad breath or halitosis affects a lot of people and the way to combat this stinky issue ... Read More »

Fantastico ways to boost your body’s Detox system!

fantastico detoxification

Our lymph system is the Cinderella of the body. Ignored and abused, we generally leave our lymph to its own devices. Yet we neglect it at our peril. For just an unhappy lymphatic system spells an unhealthy body, a well-functioning lymph system makes the whole body look brighter and heathier. Skin appears clear and unblemished; eyes are bright and shiny; wounds heal quickly and easily, and colds are rare and easily overcome. Even cellulite finds it hard to get a ... Read More »

The SOS with the Impact of Sun!

sun girl

Yes, soon it’s gonna be that time of year again when there’s quite a ray of Vitamin-D laden sunshine, which is great for the complexion. But, it’s associated impact damages far exceeds the pleasures! Though the sun’s rays are filtered by the earth’s protective ozone layer, the harmful UV rays aren’t. The UV rays, namely UVA and UVB, are known for their harmful impact. While UVA rays were previously presumed innocent because these so-called ‘tanning rays’ don’t burn, they still ... Read More »

Impact of Tooth sensitivity and its Cures

impact of tooth sensitivity

Gone are the days when tooth sensitivity was considered to be the problem associated with kids and elderly people. But today, the scenario has been changed and people of all groups are found being suffering with the problem, blame it to the impact of our poor diet, improper snacking or unhealthy lifestyles. Tooth sensitivity is a complication that is beyond aching, decaying teeth due to cavity, plaque and tarter. Rather, it’s a condition where your teeth seem squeaky clean and ... Read More »

Disease Causing Deaths In India

health infographic

  ~ Health  Infographics ~ Read More »

The Transformation: A Journey from Fat to Fit!

the transfprmation from fat to fit

A fitness fanatic has rightly said, “Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you”. It’s not about the competition you have with fellow fighters but rather a fight with your inner self to attain a physical state that delves you towards a healthy lifestyle every passing minute striving to unleash the fit soul in you. In lieu of the very fitness funda, an innovative web series known as ‘The Transformation’ has been launched ... Read More »

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