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‘The Taming of the Shrewd’ Tresses: Hair Care with Brillare Sciences!

hair care Brillare Sciences

Their crowning glory is my pride but keeps me super engaged too. As a mother of two beautiful girls who possess long, lovely and healthy hair, half of my spare time indulges in their hair care regimen and the rest vanishes away in the search of right hair care products. My quest for good hair products ended with a brand which listen your concerns rather than imposing their dictates upon you. I was searching for some good hair products since ... Read More »

Brillare Balancing Essentials Kit Review: The Science of MIXOLOGY

brillare skincare products

Recently we have received this balancing essentials kit by Brillare India, the skincare hamper containing cleanser, toner and sun-protection moisturizer. This kit provides a complete solution to my skincare regimen as it cleanses, hydrates, and protects our skin from morning till evening. We are using all of these 3 products since last 1 month and there are certainly clear and positive results visible on our facial skin. Recently, I received this balancing essential kit from @brillareindia a complete skin-care hamper ... Read More »

VLCC DNA Slim: A DNA based Weight-Loss Program for Smart Weight Watchers


Suffering from stubborn fat or reluctant to lose weight? Don’t feel guilty of yourself simply blame it to your DNA. Yes! Your DNA— Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, the cell that makes you unique on this planet. This results in your body reacting differently than others despite living in the same atmosphere and habitat. Your DNA is the reason behind your putting on weight differently than others, who reside in the same climatic condition and have similar food. That’s why some people ... Read More »

12 Things Only Epilator Users Will Know: Beauty Insights

braun epilator

Braun lets you in on the secret  things only seasoned epilator  users know… We dare you to make the switch and see for yourself. Warning,  side effects  include  experiencing non-stop beautifully smooth, silky skin that you won’t be able to keep your hands off! 01. It’s addictive. Yes, really. It unveils baby soft, smooth skin like you haven’t  experienced since pre-puberty – all at the press of a button. And once you start, you’ll find yourself  scheduling regular dates in ... Read More »

Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review & #14DayChallenge

pantene long hair

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel; let down your hair, So that I may climb the golden stair” Rapunzel allowed her prince-charming to pull her hair, but she had to lose her mane at the end of the tale. No girl, today is that daring who risks her crowning glory for damages, pulls and falls. Even if I’m called Rapunzel and claim that my long and strong mane is absolutely problem-free, yet I face the enemy— the hair fall at times! Despite having quite ... Read More »

Navratri Special: Flaunt a flawless back these festivals

navratri back tattoo

Longing to have that smooth, sculpted back before the festivities hit town? Come Navratri, and it’s time to don your sensual backless ‘cholis’ and strappy sizzlers to show off your oh-so-cool tattoos! But before you bare that back, make sure it has head-turning shine and smoothness. Here are few secrets we share at The Style Symphony to make you shine this Navratri! 🙂 Go the natural way! Your back is probably the most neglected part of your body because other ... Read More »

5 Tips to Perfect your Makeup Routine If you have Dry Skin


Dry skin is a bummer. No kidding. It lands us in such irritable situations that there were times when we were tempted to dump a litre of some facial oil directly on our faces. And yes, those times when we wistfully looked at those well-hydrated skins of other girls and felt unreasonably jealous. And then when it comes to makeup, gah, due to the skin being as dry as a barren land, it looks all cakey and really ugly, but ... Read More »

Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Pack Review

Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Pack Review

Gone are the days when I was a kid and used to love hearing bedtime stories from my Granny. The princesses of those fairytales were extremely beautiful and my Granny mentioned them having ‘peaches and cream complexion’.  When I used to ask her what’s peaches and cream complexion, she smiled and said, “Like mine”. Yes, my Granny had exceptionally beautiful and supple complexion that she used to glow like gold. Hers was a creamy complexion with a peachish and rosy ... Read More »

Get your glow the very natural way: Face packs for instant fairness

fairness face packs

A neat canvas always portrays a great work of art. Likewise, a clean, spotless, glowing skin that is a bit fairer is always the first choice of any girl who has been longing for an excellent base for that perfect makeup. Who doesn’t want that flawless and fair skin which radiates aura? We at The Style Symphony have come up with some great fairness beauty tips to woo your skin with homemade remedies sans preservatives. Also, we’ll talk about our ... Read More »

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub Review

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Scrub

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful, so I am no exception! Like all other girls I, too, want flawless complexion to exhibit my ever glowing aura. But I am fed up of those frequent break-outs that occur on my forehead due to my combination skin and oily T-zone. Every day when I go to my office, my morning starts with trying to conceal those tiny bumps on my forehead and those stubborn blackheads on both sides of nose. Then, I ... Read More »

6 Makeup and Beauty myths busted

beauty myths busted

Do you believe makeup damages the skin? Convinced your hair grows back thicker when you shave it? We, at The Style Symphony separate facts from fiction and bust some common beauty myths. MYTH 1: It’s not necessary to wear sunscreen in winter. BUSTED: Just because the heat doesn’t feel harsh on your skin during winter, it doesn’t mean your skin is safe from damage. Harmful UV-A and B rays can penetrate through clouds and even windowpanes, which means that not ... Read More »

Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Kiss Review

Maybelline baby lips

Come summers with dry west winds resulting in chapped lips. The scorching heat is here and it’s time to pamper and moisten the damage of your lip skin caused by dry weather! And who doesn’t wish for those soft, supple and luscious lips? Nothing could do justice to your pucker pouts than the talk-of-the-town from none other than Maybelline New York. Maybelline Baby Lips is that innovative product which has brought a revolution in the care and beautification of your ... Read More »

Bblunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream Review

Bblunt Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream

Being blessed with healthy, long, shiny black hair, I feel myself on top of the world when my hair is appreciated. But, as every rose comes with thorns, long hair has its drawbacks too and the biggest one being the care. Due to the length, my hair gets tangled easily. It really gets difficult to detangle them after a hair wash no matter they are wet or semi-dry, so the role of a nourishing and impactful conditioning cream is really ... Read More »

Treating Dark Skin with Skin Tightening Procedures


Have you ever heard that you can’t use certain skincare procedures to tighten dark skin? Well, that’s absolutely true. If your skin is dark, you are automatically a bad candidate for some forms of skin tightening treatments. However, that doesn’t mean that your only option is surgery. There are plenty of less invasive types of skin tightening that work fine on dark skin. All you have to do is understand what to look out for. Try to Avoid Having Any ... Read More »

Fuschia Anti-ageing Night Cream: A Genuine Review from a Real User

Fuschia Arabian Jasmine Anti-ageing Night Cream

Blessed with flawless skin in your 40’s? — Seems like talking blasphemy in this millennium where you are surrounded by radioactive rays and polluted air. But if someone still proclaims having that, one must be really privileged. No matter how good care of our skin we take, we always remain dissatisfied with the results. Today, I’m not only going to review a new anti-wrinkle skin cream, but also sharing my skincare regimen and my experience with the products I use. ... Read More »

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