Indian journey the style symphony

The Complexity of Indian Complexion & India Shines

[highlight]She[/highlight] sobbed when despite delivering her best [highlight]she[/highlight] was entitled as the runner up in the fancy dress competition of the Montessori section. [highlight]She[/highlight] wept when [highlight]she[/highlight] was punished by her teacher in the primary class just because of a talkative group was caught, though [highlight]she[/highlight] was nowhere involved. [highlight]She[/highlight]...Read More
ravan dahan

RAVAN DAHAN: Let us kill the real demon inside us

Finally, the diurnal event of burning the demon, steeped into hoary mythology, symbolizing triumph of virtue over vice is over. Celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervor, this custom made me wonder as to whether Ravan can be considered a Demon in today's time? [caption id="attachment_5781" align="aligncenter" width="625"] PC:[/caption] Eyeing...Read More