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9 Personal Finance Tips I learnt from my Dad to Plan my Present and Future

fiance tips from dad

One day during 1980s, my Dad arrived home with a beautiful painting. He kept it in the small living room of our home with great fanfare. Mom laughed and asked, what on earth was he planning to do with it? The entire painting consumed the maximum space of the room. “Well, someday we will shift to our bigger home” he said, “and this was the ‘future’ investment. My Dad was a great example of how to strike a perfect balance ... Read More »

My Little Girl Turned into a Saree Clad Lady and I Cried Again

graduation ceremony Anindhya Notre Dame Academy

17th December 2016 — for me it was a day to be cherished forever. My clumsy little baby Anindhya turned into a graceful lady, as I wrapped the first saree of her life around her. Finally, she has  graduated from the prestigious institution Notre Dame Academy and I’m left with thousands of emotions, feelings, memories and experiences. Exactly 8 years back, Maitreni graduated from the same school and on that day, I made her wear a white saree (though it ... Read More »

3 Simple Steps to investing in Luxury Dubai Properties

AYKON City DAMAC properties Dubai

Dubai Real estate market got a huge popularity w.r.t. return and hence most of the expats has already started investing in Dubai to get good return out of their investments. Damac Properties is one of the leading real estate company in Dubai. They construct and offer luxury residential and commercial properties for sale in Dubai, UAE and other Gulf countries. The famous projects by DAMAC include:  – Akoya Oxygen  – Akoya Imagine  – Aykon City The real estate market is ... Read More »

RAVAN DAHAN: Let us kill the real demon inside us

ravan dahan

Finally, the diurnal event of burning the demon, steeped into hoary mythology, symbolizing triumph of virtue over vice is over. Celebrated with traditional gaiety and fervor, this custom made me wonder as to whether Ravan can be considered a Demon in today’s time? Eyeing over other’s wife, abducting  her deceitfully and forcibly, in a fit of raze while blinded with anger was considered his sin, despite being admired and respected as an erudite and a master of arts and crafts. Absconding ... Read More »

Yaadon Ki Baraat with Yaaron Ki Baraat: Journey down the memory lane

Yaaron Ki Baraat

We were Montessori friends! From our broken milk teeth as toddlers to that first pimple in the teenage; from the first trophy in the spelling contest to that hiding of our report cards from parents for those falling grades, we shared all those priceless moments together. We shared all those moments together, sweet or sour, happiness or sorrow. Those were the moments stolen from my true and worth cherishing friendship with my childhood friend Priyanka. We hardly meet today being ... Read More »

Anindhya’s Special Birthday Bash with Myfloralkart! 🎂

Anindhya birthday

19th August is one of the most special days of my life. It’s the birthday of my little one, Anindhya and like every year, this was made remarkable too by a close-knit family party. It was Anindhya’s 17th birthday, and she wanted it to be private yet memorable. A week before her day, she expressed her desire with me that this one might be her last birthday with family as she will move towards another city next year for higher ... Read More »

Happy Birthday to my not-so-grown-up baby Anindhya

happy birthday Anindhya haiku

Yesterday, 19th August, was the 17th birthday of my younger daughter Anindhya. Through this Haiku poem, I am extending my heartfelt birthday wishes to her. The prettiest lass Who possesses a bright mind, and is deemed to shine. The bluestocking belle Flourishes by leaps and bounds, yet remains fragile. Her dauntless spirit, Which aims to touch skies, but she stays docile. Happy birthday to Anindhya, afar censure, with the cutest smile. When she was born, I felt contented as a ... Read More »

Help the Cyclist without arms to raise funds for participating in Asian Para-Cycling Championship 2017

athlete Jagwinder Singh

migme is raising funds on its social entertainment platform for Super Singh This is the story of an athlete who didn’t let any obstacle get in the way of his dream! He left no stone unturned to cross all impediments and emerge as a winner. He was born without hands, but, his fascination for cycling started when he saw his sister cycling in front of him as a child. Despite his family warning him not to cycle, he still went ... Read More »

#ColgateMagicalStories, my not-so-little Adwik & his imaginary sea world

Adwik #ColgateMagicalStories

He is mere 2 and a half yet he says, “I’m a big boy!” My little nephew Adwik is quite grown up than other kids of his age, very expressive, emotive and intelligent too. He’s a talkative and superlative kid to the extent of blabbering and moving whole day long without even getting a slight sign of tiredness. Recently, when I visited my brother’s place after a long gap, I noticed surprisingly amazing growth and intellectual development in Adwik. 33 ... Read More »

Press Release – GST in India


FACT hails passing of GST Bill by Indian Parliament – ready to launch GST ready ERP Software for Indian Companies FACT Solutions India hailed the passing of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) Bill by Rajya Sabha (Upper House of Parliament) as the most progressive and far reaching tax reform measure ever undertaken by the Govt of India. “The impact will be unprecedented and will transform India into a single unified marketplace”, says Mr. Arvind Agarwalla, Founder & CEO of ... Read More »

Silver Jubilee Birthday Celebrations with FlowerAura

flower aura happy birthday maitreni mishra

Birthdays are always special, be it your first or the ones for which we get scared of being old. We become finer, wiser, better and certainly older with each of our birthdays. But, exceptional are those with which we enter into a remarkable era of life. On 1st of August, 2016, my daughter Maitreni celebrated the 25th spring of her life, so this silver jubilee birthday of hers was indeed momentous for our family. And let me disclose the ‘cherry-on-the-cake’ ... Read More »


happy birthday Maitreni

It seems unbelievable that she happened 25 years back in my life. It seems that the day she was born passed just a blink back. Memories…. Happy 25th Mother’s day to me as I wish you a silver jubilee Happy Birthday 🙂 The silver jubilee of an era of utmost endearment, Started the day she was born and I got my contentment. The saga of me, a girl being turned into a lady, Who was immature and was not motherhood ready. ... Read More »

YES BANK announces Financial Results : PRESS RELEASE

yes bank logo

Key Profit & Loss (P&L) Statement Highlights Net Profit of INR 8 Crores in Q1FY17; y-o-y growth of 32.8% Total Net Income of INR 2,217.1 Crores in Q1FY17 y-o-y growth of 1% Net Interest Income of INR 1,316.6 Crores for Q1FY17; y-o-y growth of 2% on back of growth in Advances & CASA. NIM expanded to 3.4% in Q1FY17 from 3.3% a year ago RoA stands at 7%, RoE at 20.7% for Q1FY17 Book Value at INR2 per share as ... Read More »

Deceit: छल


Deceit, deception, fraud, falsehood — there are numerous synonyms of that bad, we hate a lot. But sometimes, even the most virtuous person has to play deceptive when life turns out to be a mayhem. In the battle of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna played deceptive tricks several times to safeguard the truth. He even forced Yudhishthir to speak a half truth half lie— “Ashvathama hato, naro wa kunjaro wa.” He misguided Guru Dronacharya about his son Ashvathama’s death. Though an elephant, ... Read More »

Fathers Day turns into a Fun Sunday!

fathers day

So much hullabaloo about fathers day! :-O Why the whole world celebrates Fathers Day for just one day? While fathers stand with us like stalwarts throughout the year providing us with all the support and help we need, still we promise to love them back for a single day in the name of fathers day. But when it came to me to celebrate fathers day today, I did it in a fun way, because I believe to respect and love ... Read More »