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Wish You A Happy New Year 2017: A Poetic Tribute to My Readers

happy new year 2017 the style symphony

The sun rises and then sets A lamp lightens up and fades, Moments arise and then die Falls edify to give life a try. A year begins and then ends But life sustains it’s existence. Old Blossoms shed, but birds still chirp new songs Fresh breeze survives over all fouls and wrongs. Let the light of life glisten over dark, And our souls shine with a luminous spark. Here arrives Janus, the god of all new beginnings, It’s time to ... Read More »

I Am Poetry

I am poetry, the unstoppable expression Capriciously I flow, with my vivid emotions. Indoctrinated, but always limitless Though carved out of time yet timeless! With set limits of rhythm, rhymes and syllable count My words are clustered around an ornate wall mount. My sagacity is seized in line lengths Cocooned in a nutshell, I am subdued strength. I want to be poetry, cherished, but not trashed Flawless and flowing, but with you I never clashed. Poised, beautiful, yes! I am ... Read More »

Our Pricey Politicians— A Clerihew Poems Collection

clerihew poem the style symphony

Today, I came across a trending hashtag on twitter #BandBajaoNetasKi which was about making fun of our politicians, or roasting them. It brought a smile on my face. Sometimes back, I learnt about a similar genre of English poetry named Clerihew Poem, which is written in the very same manner. “A Clerihew is a playful, four-line biographical poem which talks about a famous personality poking fun at him/her. The first line ends with the name of the person, and the second ... Read More »

Masks on Mask

masks on mask

This poem is written for #IndiSpire Edition 133 prompt ‘Mask’. Holding it in my hand, the whole night, I hid myself in the masquerade and posed right! Trying to hide my face, I held it tight, The mask was quite apt for that party night! Different people — known or unknown, Smiling, exhibiting etiquettes, mature and all grown! Hidden visages behind glossy, shiny synthetic faces, Concealed blemishes, camouflaged flaws sans any traces! I tried to pretend decorous with poise and ... Read More »

Happy Birthday to my not-so-grown-up baby Anindhya

happy birthday Anindhya haiku

Yesterday, 19th August, was the 17th birthday of my younger daughter Anindhya. Through this Haiku poem, I am extending my heartfelt birthday wishes to her. The prettiest lass Who possesses a bright mind, and is deemed to shine. The bluestocking belle Flourishes by leaps and bounds, yet remains fragile. Her dauntless spirit, Which aims to touch skies, but she stays docile. Happy birthday to Anindhya, afar censure, with the cutest smile. When she was born, I felt contented as a ... Read More »


happy birthday Maitreni

It seems unbelievable that she happened 25 years back in my life. It seems that the day she was born passed just a blink back. Memories…. Happy 25th Mother’s day to me as I wish you a silver jubilee Happy Birthday 🙂 The silver jubilee of an era of utmost endearment, Started the day she was born and I got my contentment. The saga of me, a girl being turned into a lady, Who was immature and was not motherhood ready. ... Read More »

Seasons of Love

seasons of love

Here’s sharing the 5th poem of my poetic fiction series with my very own graphics and soundcloud song in my voice after; Hallucinations: Because it all began with a bet Betrayal & Love’s no more That one rendezvous Rhapsody of Romance; A New Love Story When the sudden storm gushes her fascinating face, He blows in her tingling eyes to shoo away the trace. Of the mire and mist in the weather’s twist Love blindfolds them in the nature’s own ... Read More »

Rhapsody of Romance: A New Love Story 💑

love story romance

Love is like a seed which can sprout even on the rocks! This is the story of a girl who is betrayed and heartbroken and doesn’t believe in the recurrence of love, but the beauty of romance knocks the doors of her heart and she again wants to believe in love, though it’s not love, but sheer, aesthetic romance! I have written my style of poetic fiction after so long with my own graphics and soundcloud song in my voice. ... Read More »

The Day Will Come!

daughters day

I thought it was the doom’s day and I was lying on my death bed. But, when I open my eyes, I saw the doctor smiling and saying in distorted voice— “You are the bravest woman I have ever seen !” I tried to smile, but couldn’t. He was calling me a brave woman, a woman who was weak, underweight and anemic, who was not even able to ask “why me?”. My doctor said— “while the whole world cries before ... Read More »

Ushering the Moon🌛

girl and moon

Today is International Women’s day and being a woman, that too, a mother of two grown-up girls, I wish to express my feelings and concern for all the daughters of India who are trying hard to make their mark in this man’s world. Every girl is an achiever in her special way, but it hurts when she is being stopped in her way to achieve. I wish all the young women and both my daughters the moon of their share. ... Read More »

A Wailing Soul: Humanity Weeps in Haryana

haryana murthal violence

The entire country is at shock, not only for what has happened in Haryana but also for the people denying the facts shamelessly. I mourn for the ignored ‘gang-rape victims’ of Murthal and for the people to whom humanity never existed. It’s disgusting that people of the entire state are trying to submerge the issue under the rumors of mere political outrage. 🙁 For a state having the dubious distinction for the worst gender ratio amidst all the Indian states; ... Read More »

My Inspiration, my Mother & her Impact on my life!

Team The Style Symphony

Everyone needs an inspiration whose impact changes their life from ordinary to extraordinaire. In my life, there are many people to whom I owe my life. Teachers, friends, parents, relatives, siblings, all of them influence me less or more, but the person whose impact is the most on my life is definitely my Mom who has shaped me from rugged to fine and from rotten to ripe. All the mothers in this world create an impact on their kids, but ... Read More »

Bliss on the Beach

beach bliss

Life is all about rise and falls, ups and downs, grin and tears! But all’s the bad is transient like those waves of sea touching your feet and going beyond your reach. All what we need is that audacity to stand out strong against all odds. Gusting waves of the wind and sea Denounced in the zone of catastrophe Fish caressing her feet in glory Ah! Oops, they lash her story Those trembling feet of mud and mist This galore ... Read More »



End is always saddening but it always leaves behind an enriching experience and hope for a new beginning. The year has come to an end but I am not left empty handed, I’m not sad as loads of wisdom is what I have obtained. Some questions are tough to be asked than answered Some dreams are meant to be shattered Some prayers are offered, listened But remain unanswered. Clouds— deadly and dark, do suffocate sometimes, But it never rains, The ... Read More »

That one Rendezvous… 👫

love couple

She was so lost, was so damn distressed, Yes, she was determined to never get impressed So very confused with so much of fuss She leaded that hopeless life with excessive rust And one fine day, they asked her to meet him On a family consent, she was ready to greet him She gazed, he smiled and was sent to glory, With this new prince, began her Cinderella story When he first set her out in his car, Not just ... Read More »