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I Didn’t listen To You Maa

[caption id="attachment_7120" align="aligncenter" width="605"] PC: cdn.shutterstock.com[/caption] I gazed into her seasoned eyes, She said, “A quick glance should suffice. But never-ever do this to anyone, Co’z your quietude isn’t meant to be gone. All you are deemed to behold down, So that you can ignore all frowns.” But I didn’t...Read More
raja ravi verma painting

She, The Beautiful

She draped the cloak of darkly sky Embellished with sequins of her sigh She honed the art of looking good Snubbed dissonance as much she could All she dolled up to sheathe her soul And she looked so beautiful. She wrapped a cashmere of memories Warps from caskets, wefts from...Read More
raja ravi verma painting

I Am Poetry

  I am poetry, the unstoppable expression Capriciously I flow, with my vivid emotions.    Indoctrinated, but always limitless Though carved out of time yet timeless!    With set limits of rhythm, rhymes and syllable count My words are clustered around an ornate wall mount.    My sagacity is seized...Read More
masks on mask

Masks on Mask

This poem is written for #IndiSpire Edition 133 prompt '[highlight]Mask[/highlight]'. [caption id="attachment_5582" align="aligncenter" width="444"] PC: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com[/caption]   Holding it in my hand, the whole night, I hid myself in the masquerade and posed right! Trying to hide my face, I held it tight, The mask was quite apt for that...Read More
seasons of love

Seasons of Love

Here's sharing the 5th poem of my poetic fiction series with my very own graphics and soundcloud song in my voice after; Hallucinations: Because it all began with a bet Betrayal & Love's no more That one rendezvous Rhapsody of Romance; A New Love Story When the sudden storm gushes...Read More