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4 Must-Have Apps that your phone craves for!

wordpress app

“The technology keeps moving forward, which makes it easier for the artists to tell their stories and paint the pictures they want.”— George Lucas said it right! In today’s fast pacing arena, the world has gone Apptastic with the ever-promising technology. And it is we, the humans who have to master the art of making the most out of technology. Here’s to let you have a peek-a-boo with the four fantastic apps that we get through without. 🙂 GOOGLE DRIVE ... Read More »

#famestarsLIVE, Delhi: Your ticket to stardom


Life is a race and everyone is striving hard to sail on the boat of fame. Gone are the days when achieving recognition was a rigorous affair. Today, Liv Your Fame has made your ticket to glory such easy that it’s just an app away. Yes, install, pick genre, beam, interact and that’s it to nail it! 😀 The #fame app completed 1 million downloads in just about three months from it’s launch in the digital medium. The ever-growing #fame app ... Read More »

Who says I’m a bad cook? I know my Food Fixes!

Tiny Owl logo

My food tales are indeed those horror stories where a health conscious ‘lady of the house’ imposes her diktats upon her family to eat right and everyone refuses. And there arises the chaotic situation where the clash of opinions turn into a tug of war and my family ends upon tagging me with the bad cook title. Despite being a smart homemaker, I’m entitled as a bad cook and this tag of mine is the by-product of my being over-smart ... Read More »

nexGTv: Live TV Shows,Movies,Videos & more for Unlimited Entertainment

nexGTv logo

Did you feel watching T.V. was just a home entertainment affair? Have you been fighting all day long with your siblings to watch your favorite T.V. channel? Or, still struggling with your remote? Worry not, for now you can access almost every bit of that unlimited entertainment right at your finger tip! It’s time to install the nexGTv app on your smartphone. It is a video streaming app that enables you to watch live TV on the move. Nearing a ... Read More »

How life becomes worthwhile with UC Cricket!

In his theory of evolution, Charles Darwin has proved that “in the struggle for a man’s existence, one who survives is the fittest of them all.” Every household has those survival issues and the person who rules in the family is the one who is the smartest and strongest of them all. In my family too, there was a struggle for existence when it used to come to win over the idiot-box! When I was a kid, there was a ... Read More »

Picpal App to pamper the selfie obsessed in you!


Hola selfie-o-holic Symphonites! In today’s ‘App’tastic era selfies have become hot cup cakes when it comes to fashionistas’ ‘flaunt’ factor. Any and everybody around, has been crazy all the way for the love of selfies. Today, we’re here to let you have a peek-a-boo with an App called Picpal that has pepped up the whole concept of selfies. We’re sure, you must be loving to be part of a groupfie with your ‘wow’some gang with heights of fun and frolic ... Read More »

My Airtel App: Bharti Airtel revamps the Mobile Arena

My Airtel App

A brand new version of the ‘my airtel’ app has been launched by Bharti Airtel especially for its Indian subscribers in order to let them manage their mobiles fixed line as well as DTH services. Conceptualized to follow an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the ‘My Airtel’ application permits customers to discover, access, and self-manage Airtel services in a very convenient way across mobile, fixed line and DTH platforms. Basic Info regarding ‘My Airtel’ App You can download this ‘my airtel’ app ... Read More »

Myntra App: Cupid’s new Love Mantra because #ItsPersonal


Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind. Nor hath love’s mind of any judgement taste; Wings and no eyes figure unheedy haste. And therefore is love said to be a child Because in choice he is so oft beguiled…. Shakespeare said it right in A Midsummer Night’s Dream! Cupid is considered blind as he knows no logic, no realism. Neither he differentiates among people nor he articulates emotions. That’s why ... Read More »

Peek-a-boo with the Apptastic Quikr NXT to Sell anything Quicker!

quikr nxt

Sunday calls for something super sassy and nothing could quench your thirst for transactions  better than Quickr. Lets step ‘out of the box’ to explore a quintessential platform of buying and selling that strives to revamp the overall outlook of Indian classifieds. As authentic as the name calls for, I’m sure most of you would be already aware of one of the biggest esteemed Social Classifieds Networking Platform, Quikr that has been successfully serving a hassle-free ‘buy, sell, find’ experience ... Read More »

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