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Elite Matrimony Review: How My Friend Plans to Tie the Knot in a Classy Way!

Elite Matrimony

Being part of a matrimonial search for a close friend of mine, I thought I should share the experience with you. In India the search for a life partner is as interesting as the wedding itself. I was involved in a matrimonial search for a friend and therefore share my experiences and a complaint (is the price high?). She signed up with Elite Matrimony where she paid about one lakh rupees. Like you I too thought it was high, until ... Read More »

Brillare Balancing Essentials Kit Review: The Science of MIXOLOGY

brillare skincare products

Recently we have received this balancing essentials kit by Brillare India, the skincare hamper containing cleanser, toner and sun-protection moisturizer. This kit provides a complete solution to my skincare regimen as it cleanses, hydrates, and protects our skin from morning till evening. We are using all of these 3 products since last 1 month and there are certainly clear and positive results visible on our facial skin. Recently, I received this balancing essential kit from @brillareindia a complete skin-care hamper ... Read More »

My Sartorial Affair with #TigorStyleback: Tata Tigor Car Review

Tata Tigor Car Review #tigorStyleback the style symphony

Style is an inseparable part of a woman’s life. It reflects in her attitude and personality! That’s why she incorporates style in all her walks of life, be it, her home, workplace, outfit, food or any other aspect. Call her a fashionista, she will smile, but if you call her a style-icon she’ll make you smile. So when it comes to revamping her lifestyle, her car comes the first which adds to her flaunt factor. And what could be better ... Read More »

VLCC DNA Slim: A DNA based Weight-Loss Program for Smart Weight Watchers


Suffering from stubborn fat or reluctant to lose weight? Don’t feel guilty of yourself simply blame it to your DNA. Yes! Your DNA— Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid, the cell that makes you unique on this planet. This results in your body reacting differently than others despite living in the same atmosphere and habitat. Your DNA is the reason behind your putting on weight differently than others, who reside in the same climatic condition and have similar food. That’s why some people ... Read More »

My Chip ‘n’ Dale & the mystery behind the stolen Terra Chips!

terra chips the style symphony

It was a slightly cold morning of 14th November and my Chip ‘n’ dale, (my nephews) were demanding for a kids’ party as it was International Children’s day. I call my two naughty nephews with the names of various cartoon characters, sometimes ‘Tom and Jerry’ and at times, Chip ‘n’ Dale. Though they fight with each other most of the time, yet it’s difficult to keep them apart. So, to please them, I planned a theme kids’ party for my ... Read More »

Vivo V5: The Perfect Setting to Click the Perfect Selfies

vivo v5 selfie phone the style symphony

Christmas is round the corner and festivities have started knocking our doors with gaiety in galore. It’s time to fulfill your wish-lists, pamper yourself and enjoy like never before. What else better you can do than to invest in quality gadgets to suit your needs and add to the festive fervor. Vivo V5 is such Smartphone for all the selfie lovers out there who love to click selfies without even compromising on picture quality that too, with competitive specifications and ... Read More »

Handmade Costume Dolls: Craftsmanship meets Art

rajasthani dolls jaipur 9to9 shopee handmade unbreakable

Who says only kids play with dolls? 😉 We, at The Style Symphony believe that dolls are the expressions of a woman’s intrinsic desire to look and feel beautiful, being loved and adored. We have done a post on Russian Matryoshka dolls in the past, and today, we bring across India’s very own art of ‘costume dolls’. These handmade dolls are quite rare to find these days and are the revival of the dying art that represents the diversity of India. The ... Read More »

9to9 shopee: Buy quality products at pocket-friendly online shop

9to9 shopee lucknowi chikankari kurti

To all our shopaholic Symphonites out there, today we are going to exclusively cover an emerging startup brand, 9to9 shopee; that is deemed to make a mark in the e-commerce marketplace. You would actually be stumped to see what they have in store for you all in the era of online shopping. Tagline: SHOPPING KA NAYA TREND Brand Claim: WE VALUE YOUR BUDGET  About 9to9 shopee:           Started in 2015, 9to9 shopee is a one-stop shop e-gift store that aims ... Read More »

Tata Hexa Car Review & my #HexaExperience with the Beast!

#hexaexperience tata hexa hyderabad

Just like the Tata Tiago (named Tata Zica then) launch in Goa, I was one among the 60 lucky bloggers from all over India this time too, who was invited by Indiblogger to witness the launch of the Hexa, Tata Motors’ upcoming SUV. All of us were provided accommodation in the Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad where our agenda was brimming with a heap of exciting activities distributed over the 2 days. #HexaExperience All the blogger teams flagged off from the hotel ... Read More »

Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo Review & #14DayChallenge

pantene long hair

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel; let down your hair, So that I may climb the golden stair” Rapunzel allowed her prince-charming to pull her hair, but she had to lose her mane at the end of the tale. No girl, today is that daring who risks her crowning glory for damages, pulls and falls. Even if I’m called Rapunzel and claim that my long and strong mane is absolutely problem-free, yet I face the enemy— the hair fall at times! Despite having quite ... Read More »

PronGo Bags by PLUSS: A new way to carry your vaccines and medicines

PronGo bags by PLUSS

My sister had to undergo a fatal surgery while she visited a remote place. She didn’€™t have time to be shifted to a well-equipped hospital in a nearby city. She had been operated with fewer facilities, thanks to the medical help provided by a noted hospital which urgently sent all the necessary medicines, vaccines and blood bags for emergency transfusion. But sadly, many of them got corrupted due to extreme hot temperature and humid atmosphere. Though the hospital took all ... Read More »

Canara Bank HSBC OBC ULIP: Plan the uncertain

canara HSBC OBC ulip Plan

Life is uncertain. No matter how much we systemize, synchronize and arrange it, we should always be prepared to welcome unwanted, unwilling. “Uncertainty doesn’t make life worth living, quite, but it does make striving and gambling worth attempting”— rightly said by Walter Kirn. But, a wise person always substitutes ‘striving and gambling’ as ‘saving and planning’. Being rational species, we always save our last bite for the next meal unlike animals. An animal overeat its food and throws the left-over ... Read More »

70th Independence Day Celebrations with Coolpad Mega Phone!

Independence Day Celebrations with Coolpad Mega Phone

On this 15th August, we commemorated our 70th Independence Day, and it’s indeed the proudest moment for we, the Indians. I celebrated the day to the core with optimum zeal and fervor for many reasons. The first and foremost being it’s a remarkable day, as we have completed 7 decades of being free of all fears. But the second reason is also the similar, yet personal as, I have set myself free of all fears when it comes to my ... Read More »

Thyrocare Arogyam Package: Take Thy Care


In this fast pacing world, what’s on stake at the most is our health. No matter how hard our efforts are, our health concerns are always being sidelined less or more. So, the motto to step ahead towards a healthy life should be ‘Prevention, Protection & Care’. Thyrocare, the name is enough when it comes to preventive healthcare labs. Recently, we, at The Style Symphony availed their services when we needed regular diagnostic testing of blood. As they say, ‘Prevention ... Read More »

Redi-Steady-GO to the Datsunation!

datsun redi-GO

I crash drove my car and they said “Stop it! You can’t drive it as women are bad drivers.” While learning driving, I almost destroyed ‘mere dad ki maruti’, when I was 18 and even later did the same with my husband’s car. Though I had almost learnt driving, yet everyone blamed me for those irksome accidents, which happened just because I was not able to maneuver my Maruti 800 in narrow lanes. Reason? The turning radius of the car! ... Read More »

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