Catharsis: A Haiku Poem


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Catharsis, as explained by the eminent literati and authors, is the release of emotions through witnessing art. Shakespeare made people cathartic through his plays by showing the fall or end of his mighty heroes. His protagonist (especially in his tragedies like Macbeth, Othello, Hamlet and King Lear) possesses great qualities and grandeur. In spite of all his prowess and magnificence, he falls at the end like a cascading castle of cards. His descend happens because of his fault and his remorse at the climax makes us release and purify our emotions.

I feel, my share of catharsis comes from nature! I have tried to express my purgation in the form of a Haiku poem. Though the 5-7-5 syllable count restricts me to express, what’s the harm in trying something new? Hope my learned fellow bloggers and readers forgive me for the errors in my first attempt of writing this haiku poem.



~ Haiku ~                                                                                               ~ Haiku ~


Trees banish dead leaves

Mountains shed tears of disdain

The mighty seeps pain


Thorns don’t harm roses

Yet stand by them till harmed by

the ones, claiming love


Flowers, plucked, marred and

threaded, yet they readily

grace a martyr’s grave


Moth catches fire

yet lamp is not to be blamed

but it’s own desires


Partridge craves for moon

Singing songs of its nightmares

Burning with passion


Clouds pour the secret

Of the sad sky with a grin

Is crying a sin?


Though I dealt with pain

Yet the traces remained on

my heart and my soul


Sangeeta Mishra

  • Purba Chakraborty

    So much depth is there in this haiku poem. Couldn’t help reading it again. Sheer brilliance 🙂

    • Thank you so much Purba. Glad that you liked it. It always feels great when you liked my poetry. 🙂

  • Beautiful imagery and profound thought there.
    ‘First attempt,’ you say? This looks like the work of a pro, to me. 🙂

    Lovely lines!

    • Thank you so much Divya. Glad that you liked it. Means a lot. 🙂

  • Beautiful poem. Poignant in its significance. Especially, verses two and six. Those two verses are truth solemnly revealed.

    • Thanks a lot Ms. Garcia. Means a lot. Glad that you liked these verses. And a very warm welcome to TSS. 🙂

  • Elegance in sadness!

  • sunita

    Loved the torrent of pain and anguish that flowed in this poem…you have cleansed our souls with sheer brilliance of words

  • Wonderfully penned! The roses, the flowers and the moth one are just brilliant!

  • Rakesh Pandey

    Wow! You floored me! What a collection of haiku! Haiku is considered an arrow pointing towards a mountain top. It just starts the mind and makes the gears turning and form its own conclusions. Your haiku did exactly that. The flowers gracing the grave of martyr, thorns and moth… Each more brilliant than the last and forcing to read twice and retrospect!

    Awesome job, ma’am!

    • Thank you so much Rakeshji. It really means a lot when appreciation comes from you. Though I don’t think I deserve this much, still feels great. Glad that you liked this attempt.

      • Rakesh Pandey

        With your permission, I’m going to borrow them in a story I’m thinking of. It’s based on zen ideology, cha-no-yu and haiku, along with Bushido. Let’s hope I find suitable inspiration! They are simply lovely!

        • I feel honored if you find my words worth inspiration. Means a lot. 🙂
          I’ll eagerly wait for the story to read. 🙂

  • hurt and pain captured so well…beautiful..

  • Sad ones… well expressed.