Why Children Need Their Personal Space? A Poetic Fiction

Adwik Habios car bed

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Children are nature’s greatest gift to us, but it hurts when they lose their connection with nature. A touch of turf beneath their feet and a shade of the vast and vivid sky above their head, are those vital elements our kids are missing today. And the saddest part is that we can’t do anything to fill this void in our children’s life. So, the best way to compensate the loss is to befit their lives with a personal space they need. Like adults, kids too need the corner of their own where they can flourish their dreams into reality.

Children’s heart, mind and brain need to be given ample flight to explore the best of their creativity and productivity. And that can only be possible when they are given the adequate space they deserve. Space in terms of both— place and privacy! No matter the corner, privacy or space given to our kids is small or big, it values the most in their upbringing. We, the ‘grown ups’ need to understand now that our future (our children) is required to be nurtured in the most natural way and that is, our ‘children being given the spaces of their share’. 🙂

Adwik car space
Adwik in his racing car!

Now this is my poetic fiction expressing how vital space for kids is! 🙂

There lived a toddler prince in a Cabana, beautifully designed
Though his family loved him a lot, he had to live confined

Wherever did he go, people followed him out of love
Their chatter, noise and togetherness was chaos & above

His world was enclosed with walls, creativity was hampered
That lil potent bud refused to bloom despite being too pampered.

One day, an angel came to his rescue shaped as a racing car
Then rode the little boy towards a dreamland, quite afar

The moment arrived, toddler broke all shackles courageously
He entered into the realm of possibilities & creativity, so confidently

He threw colors on the mundane walls and his corner turned into a rainbow
The twitters, stammers, babbles, all became symphonies in a single flow

The boy found his place as he flew to the immense space
His loved ones discerned their forlorn child and regained their lost grace

With his boundless wings, he explored the infinite sky
His wishes flourished in his newly grown SPACE for his dreams to fly

Riding the racing car of opportunities, he explored his unabashed dreams
“An actor or a doctor, a pianist or an astronaut, I’ll be what I want”— he screamed.

The untrodden dimensions were crossed by the kiddo in the car… Va Va Vroom…
He plunged into the sea of knowledge, then touched the sky of success with it’s Zoom…

While coming back from the ride, his car collided co’z he ignored the traffic signal red
Suddenly, he opened his eyes and realized ’twas a dream, while lying on his car bed 😉

Sangeeta Mishra

  • Atulmaharaj

    Wonderfully written. “His world was enclosed with walls, creativity was hampered” was my pick of the lines. Children should be allowed to do what they want.

  • Trayee

    Very nicely written…loved it.