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#ColgateMagicalStories, my not-so-little Adwik & his imaginary sea world

He is mere 2 and a half yet he says, “I’m a big boy!” My little nephew Adwik is quite grown up than other kids of his age, very expressive, emotive and intelligent too. He’s a talkative and superlative kid to the extent of blabbering and moving whole day long without even getting a slight sign of tiredness. Recently, when I visited my brother’s place after a long gap, I noticed surprisingly amazing growth and intellectual development in Adwik. 33 months old preschooler calls himself a big boy and refuses to be picked up in the lap, being caressed and kissed. So, I picked Adwik as the best protagonist to recite my #ColgateMagicalStories as he is the most intelligent among all the toddlers of my family.

‘The big boy’ Adwik behaves like a man, imitating his dad. His dad (my brother), a master mariner comes home after long voyages of around 4, 5 months. Adwik treats him like a hero and simply idolizes him. So, training the tiny tot for his daily chores has become quite easy for my sis-in-law. She simply throws the responsibility on my brother’s shoulders and Adwik follows him in a smooth manner. Brushing his teeth turned out to be such an easy-breezy task for Adwik’s parents. But still, there are hindrances. The taste of the toothpaste and boring brushing regimen are the most annoying factors for the superbly active kid.

So, when we received #ColgateMagicalStories pack, they indeed brought-forth positive changes in Adwik’s brushing routine. He became so excited for those cute sea-creatures who are now his play-time buddies, that he has learnt telling stories about his imaginary sea-world.

Adwik #ColgateMagicalStories

Pirates, mermaids, dolphins, crabs, starfish, sharks, coral-reef, underwater-treasures and what not; kids are always fascinated towards that unseen sea-world, especially if they are cute, colorful and eye-catching like those that come with #ColgateMagicalStories pack.

Adwik #ColgateMagicalStories

My Adwik’s most favorite sea-character is ‘Ariel, the little mermaid’. He even possesses a dancing doll clock of Ariel along with her other sea-pals.

Adwik #ColgateMagicalStories

Adwik #ColgateMagicalStories

Despite being a naughty and active kid, he listens to the fun-to-read fairytale adapted from Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid”. He silently listens to it when his mommy narrates the story at his bedtime from his favorite story book. He memorizes the entire story and even cutely stutters like — “There was a little mermaid called Ariel…. She floated in the water with fish and crab…. She had a green tale and red hair…. She wears pearls and a very little blue dress….”

Adwik keeps on stuttering and finally glides into a slumber of fantasy world. A whimsical world celebrated with colors, cool creatures, creativity and Colgate. Since, he is too young, just 2 and a half years old, I myself cut all the four #ColgateMagicalStories packs and assembled his favorite sea characters for him. And the magical effect could be seen on him when he brushed his teeth himself the very next day— of course, with his favorite Colgate.

Adwik #ColgateMagicalStories

Adwik adores the photo frame created with #ColgateMagicalStories sea characters

                         — Sangeeta Mishra

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