Crocs: From Clogs to Class


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Crocs footwear— casual, comfortable, funky, wearable, lightweight yet de-classy, distasteful, boring and bumptious— gone are the days when fashion fanatics neither could live without crocs nor could they live in them for long. Reason, their being design deprived! Crocs were then available only as clogs— the most wearer-friendly, comfy shoes that were light as air but tight on style quotient. Crocs clogs, the vivacious shoes that turned out to be monotonous at the end now are graduated into hap shoes that offer us a vivid array of designs and styles.


The new era of Crocs! 

The fashion scenario has been changed as crocs has come up with a multitudinous range of footwear styles that include pumps, peep-toes, boots, ballerinas, sneakers, slippers, loafers, etc in various heel sizes such as flats, wedges, block heels, stilettos, etc.

crocs pink

Wear Crocs everywhere!

The new generation of crocs is no more restricted to only clogs. They offer a pair of shoes for every place and every occasion. The only rain and relax-wear pairs are now turned into formals to casuals: dailywear to occasion wear pairs of shoes. Adequate cushioning and ample comfort is the key factor of the all new crocs apart from the style quotient.


Why to wear your Crocs every day?

  • The most comfortable shoe in the market
  • Made up of the most easy-to-maintain material
  • Water and moisture resistant material makes them fit for all seasons
  • Air vents keep your feet odor-free and fresh
  • Anti-skid and non-slippery soles give you great grip over your fast movements
  • The softest and lightest shoes ever found
  • Bacteria resistant material makes them apt for long-hour/ whole day usage
  • Italian design, myriad color pallet and varied options make them the first choice for the fashionista in you
  • Sterilized and skin-friendly material makes them perfect for people with foot problems like flat-foot, sores, corns, mucus, cracked heels, etc.

So Symphonites, if you still think crocs clogs are passé, think again and splurge in a pair that is sassy yet classy! Buy Crocs here!