#dare2drape challenge: The Apsara Drape

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#dare2drape is a unique blogging concept by the noted ethnic wear brand Triveni Sarees, who called fashion bloggers and fashionistas to accept the challenge of draping a saree in innovative manners. We, at The Style Symphony accepted this challenge and dared to drape a saree in 7 unique ways in 7 weeks. It’s our fifth week of accepting the challenge and we have posted 5 experimental styles of wearing a saree till date on Triveni Ethnics. We are delighted to show those unusual draping styles of adorning the sensuous Indian attire, here on TSS. Our this week’s drape is the Apsara drape! πŸ™‚

The Style Symphony apsara

This drape dates back to the mythological era of India. In manuscripts and scriptures, the descriptions of the dress worn by Apasaras were quite similar to this. We have found apsaras wearing flowing skirts like lehengas along with a piece of cloth twisted and tied on the bust called Kanchuki (the ancient name of a bustier). And the third piece of that attire was a flowing sheer dupatta carried on the arms.

The Style Symphony apsara

I have tried a similar look with a pure chiffon saree, a tissue brocade lehenga, a pure silk blouse and a tissue-dupatta, used as a bustier (all in the same shade). The lehenga is worn as a petticoat and the chiffon saree is pleated twice and tucked at both the sides of the naval leaving room for the lehenga to peep from the centre, and the pallu is being carried on my arm for the feel of a dupatta. We have tied the tissue dupatta over the blouse to create the ancient bustier look. And don’t miss the floral accessories to add the real charm to this Apsara look.

The Style Symphony apsara

So Symphonites, if you too #dare2drape your saree like those apsaras, follow these simple steps and look like one with your already existing wardrobe. All what you need is a sensuous saree and a sizzling lenhenga for that seductive look.

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