#Dare2Drape with Triveni Ethnics: The Dual Drape Challenge 6

Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

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For this week’s #dare2drape challenge, I have explored a new way of wearing sarees. Yes sarees! A couple of sarees together as one outfit! This drape comprises of 2 different sarees in altogether different textures and fabrics, but having similar hues, so that together they could create the impact of one color-coordinated silhouette. For this dual drape challenge, I have used a turquoise blue plain Kathan silk saree along with another linen saree from Triveni Ethnics that has a checkered border and pallu in the shades of turquoise and navy. This border and pallu compliment the turq plain saree and its black and grey skirt gives the whole look a nice contrast. The first saree is draped in a normal ulta palla drape and the second one is draped over it like a seedha palla drape.

Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

Step 1: Drape the plain saree in regular ulta palla (nivi style) over any blouse of your choice. I’ve worn a spaghetti top instead of a normal blouse.

Step 2: Pin the pallu up on the shoulders like airhostess or the uniform drape.

Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

Step 3: Pleat the second saree’s 1/3rd part in similar size pleats like the 1st one.

Step 4: Tuck the pleated part right beside that of the 1st saree in opposite side (like seedha palla).

Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

Step 5: Drape the rest of the part from back to the front of the right shoulder.

Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

Step 6: Pleat the pallu and pin it on the right shoulder like that of a seedha palla. Leave it hanging loose in front and you’re ready to go!

Maitreni Mishra dual drape TriveniMaitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

Since this drape requires 2 sarees together to be worn, so it might add volumes to your waistline. So, be sure to pick lightweight sarees for this, preferably georgettes and chiffons. Aslo, embroidered, embellished and heavy zari bordered sarees should be avoided for this drape.

Maitreni Mishra dual drape Triveni

#OOTD Details

Turquoise blue silk saree: Family heirloom

Checkered linen saree: Triveni Ethnics

Spaghetti Top: Globus

 Watch: Swatch

Ring: The TH Boxes

Earrings: Local street shop

Bangles: Colaba Causeway

Pumps: Mast & Harbor 

#ootd triveni ethnics

  • thank u Vidya 🙂

  • Lovely way of draping the saree. You look very graceful.But I must say this 2 sari drape can be tried only in winters😁Your gorgeous hair makes the pics look outstanding

    • Thank you so much Dramrita… so glad you liked the style! 🙂 Well, I second you, it felt so hot while carrying both 😛 I too recommend it for winters!

  • Hargun Wahi

    Great innovation with the sarees! The combination of these both looks lovely..the checks break the monotony.
    lovely pictures !

  • You have done it so very well and neatly…looks beautiful on you…im gujrati culture during the wedding the bride wears two sarees 🙂

    • Thank you Shweta.. oh that’s glad to hear about traits in your culture. 🙂

  • Love to see your styles 🙂 Very creatively draped this one.

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  • sunita

    Elegant and beautiful..

  • Purba Chakraborty

    Wow! You’ve carried this look so elegantly. I would definitely like to try it.
    Thanks for sharing dear. And you look so beautiful <3

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Nice saree. what has made me surprised again is your long hair, how do you bear the load of your hair?

    • Thank you Jyotirmoy! Well my hair is hereditary and I have maintained it ever since childhood. I love long hair. 🙂